Rroma You Should Know: Alina Serban

Romanian Rromani actress and playwright. In 2011, she premiered her self-authored, one-woman show I, Undersigned Alina Serban, Declare on the subject of Rromani culture and her own experiences and hardships growing up as a Rromni in Romania. She is a graduate of London’s Royal College for Dramatic Art.

Rroma You Should Know: Bronislawa “Papusza” Wajs

One of the most famous Rromani poets in history, Wajs was a Polska Rromni who taught herself to read and write by trading chickens for lessons in the villages her kumpania passed through. She took to songwriting, then poetry, as an outlet during her unhappy marriage. Eventually she became a prolific poet on the subject of Rromani culture and Rromani persecution during the Porajmos. Though she was controversial among the Rroma of her time due to her association with gadje, and a Baro Shero initially declared her marime (”unclean“ or “un-Rroma”), Wajs poetry and character have since been reevaluated by the Rroma community in a generally more positive light.