[5/25/17] // Sideling Hill, Maryland

Hello! Today, on our way to our destination, we stopped briefly at a rest stop near Sideling Hill, a mountain ridge where the mountain was cut through to make way for the road.

The view was pretty nice, and the geological formations in the sides of the mountain are interesting to look at. May-may’s bright fur also makes a good contrast with the gray skies - today was quite rainy.

[5/18/17] // Washington, DC

Hello, friends! This is May-may.

May-may is a re-homed Furby from that huge lot rescued by furbyfawn a little while back.

He has traveled all the way across the country from Alaska to Virginia, and now he’s starting his very own blog! (With a little help from his new friend.)

May-may wants to travel to many places and see the sights this world has to offer. This blog will document his travels.

Please give him a warm welcome and look forward to his adventures in the future!

Muscle up: it’s the Corvette Z06 C7.R

Road-going, track-ready Z06 ‘Vette lands: 650bhp V8, sticky tyres, big brakes and much yellow

Meet the even-more-range-topping version of the range-topping Corvette Z06. This, fans of lairy, affordable muscle, is the Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition.

Essentially, it’s a tarted up Z06 ‘Vette with the Z07 performance pack as standard, built in honour of the Corvettes that Chevy fields in the world’s race scenes. If you’ve ever heard a racing Corvette, you’ll know the essential rightness of that V8. [x]

anonymous asked:

Do u have any headcanons for Allen/tyki/road :3

anon who r u ily for making me write about the ships i l o v e

Anyway, I do have some, but it’s mostly modern AU? I can’t really imagine them working out in the current canon. So this is gonna be very vague, haha!

  • both Road and Tyki are super overprotective of Allen
  • as in, somebody makes a Mean Comment about him and that’s enough for the two to glare at him like “fight me”
  • that somebody laughs because “wow a tiny girl and a pretty boy are gonna fight me i’m so scared”
  • let’s just say they never made a Mean Comment ever again
  • Allen hates Road and Tyki’s overprotectiveness because he can take care of himself thank you very much
  • Allen being real sweet towards Road and real bitchy towards Tyki
  • actually, Allen acting all lovey-dovey with Road but sassing Tyki every chance he gets (altho let’s face it, it’s probably deserved)
  • Allen is the ultimate voice of reason
  • (the #1 rule is that he always picks where to go on dates)
  • (because all Road suggests is amusement parks)
  • (and Tyki creepy abandoned buildings because “it’s so romantic u people have no idea what’s what”)
  • Allen loves cuddling more than anything, but he never knows who to go cuddle with at night, so in the end they decide it would be all 3 of them sleeping in one bed, always, foreve r
  • Road makes the best pastries ever and Allen loves her for it
  • actually, usually he tries to help her but the keyword is “try”… because as soon as they get started Tyki enters the kitchen and… food fights… ensue…
  • Road knows how to play poker and would crush the other two, but watching them cheat and bicker and flirt is so much more amusing
  • Tyki is the kind of person who always needs to pick the music and what they’re gonna watch, and Allen is the one who smothers him with a pillow

pls anyone just give me more allen/tyki/road thank