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Heyy i don't know if you've read niall's quote about gay rights and his cousin being gay but something about it made me really uncomfortable and I was wondering if that was just me being crazy? It sounds kind of like when white people go "I'm not racist I've got black friends" idk I can't quite put my finger on it and I was wondering what you thought about it? If you decide to answer thank you!! Have a nice day😊

I did see it! I thought it was sweet and it didn’t bother me personally, but if it makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason, it’s ok to feel that way! Discomfort does NOT make you crazy.  Don’t pressure yourself to agree with everything the boys say or praise them for mediocrity. You’re allowed to have higher expectations. 

Here are some reasons it didn’t bother me, though, if you wanted a different perspective: 

1. usually when people respond with the “I’m not racist because I have a black friend” thing, it’s because they’re being called out on a racist behavior and instead of taking that feedback, they’re using their friends as an excuse to dismiss this feedback. It’s a defensive response to criticism.  In this case, Niall wasn’t responding to criticism. He wasn’t being called out on homophobia and  deflecting with “I can’t be homophobic because I have gay friends.” He was asked what he thought about gay rights and responded that yes he thought they were important, of course, it’s a no-brainer. To me, the inclusion of his friends and cousin read like he was making the issue personal rather than just political, like he was concerned that without that personal element, people might take his response as inauthentic, or assume he was trying to get credit for saying the RightTM or Politically CorrectTM thing rather than genuinely caring. 

2. I also think Niall is Not Straight. So that likely colored my perception, as I was reading this response as one coming from a closeted LGBTQ person rather than coming from a straight ally. For me, that changes it significantly. 

3. It would be different if this was the first time Niall addressed LGBTQ rights, but it’s not. He wore those rainbow socks recently in Brazil in response to gay marriage being legalized (I think this was what happened? I couldn’t find the post on it so if anyone knows better than I do let me know), and he posted the rainbow shamrock for Irelan’d marriage equality vote. He’s been vocal before, so it seems relevant for him to indicate that these are things he thinks about BECAUSE THEY AFFECT HIS FRIENDS, not just because they’re political issues you can get cultural capital for supporting publicly on IG or whatever. 

Hope that makes sense!