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BBC Sport on Twitter
“What a picture, what a legend. Five-year-old Bradley Lowery led England out at Wembley today. Read all about it... https://t.co/XsBUVcNgRX”

Louis liked this tweet today and it’s a beautiful story focusing on generosity and giving back by helping a terminally ill child have a good day.  

‘Terminally ill five-year-old Bradley Lowery led out the England team at Wembley for Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Lithuania.

The young Sunderland fan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013, and developed a new tumour in February.’

You know what would be better than asking Louis for a fan pic? Pretending I’m not a girl with a fan blog dedicated to him that cries endlessly about his everything and say something like “Oh yeah I heard that new song you have out. Your voice is amazing dude. Congrats on the deserved success!”

louis questionnaire

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Favorite Look: (Louis in that almost sheer black t-shirt, tight jeans and those shoes. God help me)

Favorite Tweet: This one from yesterday. He’s always so astonished at his own talent. It’s precious. 

Favorite Interview: This one. He was so cheeky and they were all so handsome that day.

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Favorite Hair Style: I like it long. 

Favorite Family Member: This little nugget.

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Favorite 1D Bromance: Niall and Louis. 

Favorite Celebrity and Louis: Norman forever and ever amen. 

Favorite Tattoo: Chest because reasons.

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Instagram Post: This one because I’m a sucker for my baby with his baby. 

Favorite Music Video: Night changes. Louis driving a hot car in a suit and a trench coat with that giant quiff? Good lord help me. 

Favorite Song Written by Louis: No Control

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Favorite Lad and Dad Moment: The sweetest. 

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Now Answer:

Name: K

Age: Older than Louis

Where you live: East Coast of the US

Have you ever seen Louis live in concert or met him? God I wish. 

What’s your favorite thing about Louis? He’s strong mentally and emotionally. I think he likes to party and have fun, but he works really hard and loves fiercely and that is how I operate as well. So he feels like a kindred spirit. 

What’s your favorite line/lyric of Louis’ on a 1D album? “I’m sorry if I said I need you. But I don’t care, I’m not scared of love.”

What is the song that reminds you the most of Louis? Make you feel my love by Adele. I wrote that song into a Louis story (he sings along to it as he’s dancing with my OFC) and it seems like a good love ballad he’d like. 

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Louis? Weirdly enough, Begin Again reminds me of him. I always think that Louis will end up a record executive and something about Mark Ruffalo’s character feels like how Louis would create music. 

How long have you been a Louie? Since I became a fan about 2 and a half years ago. 

Where were you when Just Hold On came out? I was at work and had to go into the wellness room to have a little freak out. 

What are you expecting from Louis’ first unconfirmed, unreleased, but totally still happening solo album? I’m not sure. I didn’t think he’d do EDM as his first solo single, but I think he is just experimenting and finding his voice now. I’ll be happy to listen to anything he creates really. 

What are your tags for Louis on tumblr? my main louis tag is ‘#louis but I also tag him with #so proud of you louis, #I love him an awful lot and #that’s my baby

Who is your favorite Louis blog? I like anyone who isn’t an intense l*arrie that is also Louis fan. (The tinhats are too much for me.)

If Louis could read this right now, what would you say? I’m so, so, so proud of you. You’ve not let fame take away your spirit, and I can’t wait to hear more of your music. I love you an awful lot. 

-Louis and Steve performing Just Hold On at Ultra.

I had to bring down the quality of the video to 480 from 4K to able to post it, which makes me sad, cause it’s such a good quality video! :( but i hope you guys enjoy it anyways. he did amazing! So so proud of him! :) Thank you to my cousin for recording it for me!!! <3