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I have noticed that none of the Harrie Larries I follow did anything but a bare minimum reblog about the charity single. Except for several implying that because Louis' vocals sounded good, it was probably due to the sound engineer. It's so petty and shitty.

I’ve seen on my dash people praising Louis’s voice all day. To be honest, I don’t know if they are mostly Louies Larries or Harrie Larries. I don’t keep close track, I admit, because Larrie politics makes me tired and crabby.

In my heart I believe Harry and Louis work together. They don’t deserve a fandom that pits them against each other. Their managements are baffling / shitty sometimes, but that’s not on them, sister, and they don’t deserve hate.

We got stalkers tailing their every move, digging through their trash, for Pete’s sakes, to find information that is potentially devastating. Let’s not add to the terrible things for them.

People can blog & reblog what they want. The “unfollow” button is there if you don’t want to read it. Just remember, everyone has a bad day now and then. Forgive, be understanding, be nice. People’s lives are harder than we imagine, and we’re all doing this for free, for fun. Let’s be family for each other.

Now let’s talk about Louis’s and Liam’s parts.

I heard the song, and I thought the engineering was really good, at least, on first listen.

All the singers sounded like their best selves, the nuances in their voices captured but the rough patches smoothed. They recorded on 18 June and the single was released 21 June, so there wasn’t that much time to do much engineering. They were auto-tuned… but there is no studio recording that isn’t, these days.

I was listening to this podcast:


Desmond Child is a songwriter who’s worked with Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Cher, KISS, Alice Cooper, Zedd. He’s also gay.

He said that it takes a great singer, a singer who is a great actor, to draw you into their story for the 3 minutes of their song. For that moment, you are living the emotional experience of that song, the emotional truth of their story.

He has a lot more to say about archetypes, androgyny, role playing, closeting, and being gay in the industry, that I found fascinating.

(A short transcript:

If a three-minute song seems short for telling a story, then what are four or five words? Seems inadequate, right?

I’m trying to work on a write-up of Lucozade. I don’t follow Zayn closely, but this song seems to mean a lot for Zayn fans. Zayn’s delivery of his story seems to match the message of the song– hazy, slurred, going in and out of passion, in and out of focus, the pain subdued and then reignited.

Louis and Liam, on the other hand, are singers who enunciate their words (thank God– I needed lyrics for Lucozade). Their articulations are, by now, second-nature to One Direction fans. We easily identify their voices because we’ve unconsciously memorized their vocal habits, the sound coming from their mouths and throats. We love them. They sound like family.

Yet they’re growing older, and learning, at last, how to use their voices fully. To hear their full potential is glorious, just like listening to Harry’s full album and realizing THAT was in him (I still can’t believe it).

Liam’s words, “I’m on your side,” was sung with beauty, sympathy, and strength. We know what kind of person Liam is: loyal, hard-working, with huge talent and a heart to match. He’s doing great in the charts. This song was a tiny promo for him; I’ve loved his solo appearances, and he totally smashed the Capital FM summertime ball (Niall too). But the truth of his story is: we know he’s on our side. His vocals feel honest because we know him, we’ve seen him do charity work, we know he feels sympathy and love. And he did sound fantastic, his voice deeper and smoother, yet always sounding like Liam.

Louis’s part, “I will lay me down,” also sounded exactly like Louis, but deeper, bigger, as if he opened his chest and the sound came from the deepest bellows. His voice sounded notably bigger and deeper than it did on Just Hold On (which was admittedly in a higher part of his range– a high part of any male singer’s range, tbh). He still has the telltale Louis-hitch at the end of the word “down”– something many people caught. Louis’s voice always has that quality of feeling both personal, and empathetic, communal. It’s very painful & intense, yet reassuring at the same time. I think he has been doing voice training, and I haven’t seen him smoking as much (but he was smoking in the papped Donny photos). Yes, it was great engineering, but also yes, his voice has undergone a nice improvement.

As for the charity, I saw many reposts for it.

Last– the boys are doing their solo careers, and it’s not realistic to expect equal enthusiasm from the fandom for everything they’re involved in. I didn’t say “fair”; I said “realistic.” They know this, they expect this, or they should. They’re not going to get uniform support from the fandom, they’re not going to get the same support they got as One Direction. Every aspect of fandom has changed– the number of fans, the number of blogs, Twitter accounts, fan fiction being written and read, art, charity drives. Hiatus lowers enthusiasm. That’s the truth.

But that’s okay. Life can’t stay static. Art doesn’t stay static, or it gets stale. That means successes and failures. They’re in an industry where one failure can mean a fade into oblivion, but they are persistent people, and also experienced professionals. Harry’s tour sold very well– not at 1D levels, but he wasn’t expected to. If Louis or Liam or Niall tour, they will also sell well, but again, not at 1D levels. That’s what they’ve chosen. Industry already pits them against each other. Let’s be better.