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We tell parents they can only bring kids if they can handle an hour of yoga… I have to say I was pretty impressed by this little one. @azgoatyoga #GOAT #goatyoga #goatwhisperer #animals #yoga #kids

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Rowan, my 2 year old son. People call him handsome all the time so I thought he might fit in here.

I’m unsure of his breed, so If you want to help me guess his breed he was listed at the shelter as a shepherd/akita mix. He is 70 lbs, loving and friendly temperament but he will growl and bark at “scary” looking people. Slight curled tail, black spots on tongue, pretty wrinkly thick guy. I suspect he is a shepherd/husky x chow/lab mix.


isabaelle-lightwood  asked:

So something weird happened yesterday. I binge-read through this entire blog (but that's not the weird part, just something that contributed). Where I live, we don't have crows, but there was a small bird, one of those that is everywhere but no one knows what they are actually called. So, it was just kind of hopping around, right near me, and I thought, "Hey, why not, lets recite one of my trashy poems that I wrote for english and see what happens, right? It's not a crow, but close enough." 1/2

2/2 It flew away after, and I just went around my day as I normally do. Then, when I got home, I found this really weird rusty quarter just sitting in the driveway? No clue how it got there, but I’ve decided to keep it close. For reasons. Basically, do other birds appreciate poetry as much as crows?    

Nothing appreciates poetry as much as the crows. But small drab indescribable everywherebirds appreciate it a substantial amount, nonetheless.