funny story

ok so when i was in primary school (6th grade to be exact), the end of the school year was approaching and our teacher (who i despised and still do to this day) suggested that the entire class would get notebooks, and each student would write a small simple letter in each students notebook, and then we would get the notebook back on the last day of school, and read through all the letters people wrote us. the teacher said that she wouldn’t read through the letters we wrote to people, so i literally took that as a chance to say the meanest things to people and i cursed so much (i thought it was cool). i literally wrote stuff like “hope u don’t get possessed during summer!” “fuck u” and so on. so, a few days after that, the teacher calls me and asks me to follow her, outside of the classroom. i had no idea what was going on. as we walk, i realize that we were walking towards the principals office. that’s when i go “oh shit.” when we enter, there’s literally photocopied versions of the letters i wrote to people. we sat in that office for HOURS and they were just yelling at me and i was just awkwardly standing there, waiting for a miracle to happen. afterwards, they send me to this room and i stay there for a couple of hours, literally sweating because of how nervous i was, while they were talking to my older brother. i was then suspended.. and i never got to read the letters people wrote me.