Welcome to Kannao 1draw!

Official English 1draw/60min prompt account for Kanji and Naoto pairing.


General Stuff:

♥ We will do our best to keep themes updated once every 2 weeks, on Saturdays
♥ Our 60min time is 22h00-23h00 (10pm - 11pm) EST
♥ Our DM is open for theme suggestions!
♥ Your illustrations/written links will be reblogged once the time is over
♥ Late and multiple submissions are welcome


♥ Rules are simple and same with common JP 1dro prompts.
♥ Kanji and Naoto ONLY
♥ Simple sketch or finished illustrations are welcome
♥ We recommend adding signature/twitter handle on your illustrations
♥ Date on your illustrations are optional


♥ No word limit
♥ Stay with the theme
♥ You need to provide us a link of your written submissions
♥ Like artworks, it’ll be Rreblogged in our account
♥ We don’t require fully polished short stories, just anything that is easy to read


We are mainly in twitter >> https://twitter.com/kannao_1draw
Theme announcements are mainly posted there and we will RT your works using #kannao_1draw tag.We are currently open on date/day submission changes. We would like to make it convenient to participants where they can have more time to work on their submissions.

random_colors.pack by LUVSOURCERS. this pack contains +1200 photos os random for your edits. [folders: black , blue , brown , cherry , green , grey , orange , pink , purple , red , withe , yellow]

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ok so basically i first met him when i was on a trip with my family to colombia. amazing trip but anyway his dad owned the hotel we were staying at and then we discovered the kid went to our school!!!!!!!!!!!! 

yea he looked ok at first but then he started acting all rude n stuff and he kept teelling my little brother that he got 200 euros worth of pocket money a week and turns out it was true bc my little brother asked the dad

anyway i tried to repress memories of him but somertimes id see him at school

basically on the last day of school this year i had like 20000 books in my locker n so i was like. who wants these ull need them l8r bc i couldnt bring all of them back in my backpack ofc. so thi s little brat TAKES my books and stuffs them in his locker  and goes “"thx ill sell them on aamzon thatll make me about like 5 euros” and i was like fuck u give me my books back BUT he WOULDNT . so then i really started raging so i got a teacher to make this little brat give me my books back .nice 

ANYWAY hes such a fucking spoiled brat and i HATE him. also just look at his face he looks like a dick 2

Holiday season is upon us, so I thought it would be fun to do something nice. Besides, who said you can only play secret santa in real life?

H O W  T H I S  W O R K S 

  • you will be assigned a url by december 1st, and throughout the month of december you’ll be sending that person nice messages
  • you will be receiving messages as well from your secret santa
  • on christmas day (december 25th) if you want you can reveal yourself to the person you were assigned to. you can also make something for them (gifset / edit / moodboard / playlist / fanfiction etc) if you like.


  • the messages should be sent anonymously and you should put something like “your secret santa” at the end of each message
  • they can be jokes, trivia about you, questions, inspiring quotes, movie/book/tv recommendations, christmas puns. basically anything nice
  • you don’t have to send messages every day but do it at least 2-3 times a week

T O  E N T E R

  • reblog this post before november 24th (likes are for bookmarks only) 
  • send me an ‘i want a secret santa’ so that i could pair you up with another blog
  • enable your anon asks (if not already) and keep them on till christmas
  • this is totally optional but you can follow me for updates
  • if you change your url or decide you do not want to participate after reblogging the post, please send me a message.

you will receive a message with the url of your secret santa between 23rd-30th of november

please, do not cheat.  the point of the whole event is to spread positivity and love, so it won’t be fair if you only receive and not give something back. if you have any questions, you can always hit me up

Good luck and enjoy your secret santa month!

For the first time ever, mod applications are open at WWWagon!

In an effort to rec more fics and vary the types of recs you see here, we’ll be selecting two to three people to help out with official rec posts. We’re looking for:

  • Users who can work with a PSD file* to make official fic rec posts;
  • Users who are active on tumblr and AO3 and will post recs a minimal of once a week;
  • Users who will make use of the tags system and use the appropriate tags when making fic rec posts.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying, please fill out the form on our Apply page and submit it at the blog’s Submit page.

Applications will be open until May 23rd 2015.

*Official rec posts consist of a PSD with a background image + 3 text layers. All you need to do is know how to open PSD files and change the text layers. :D