Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go,
Will I catch up to love? I could never tell, I know,
Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I,
Feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousel

Why did you steal my cotton candy heart?
You threw it in this damn coin slot,
And now I’m stuck, I’m stuck,
Riding, riding, riding

cosplayer | photographer 


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Holy crap? My bro, mom, and I are working on my resume and apparently in the span of 2011-2013

I have made 23 costumes, and 5 commissions for parts of friends costumes

this doesnt include 2 unfinished cosplays, or 4 of them that were put together (ie dave, gangster loki, etc) and I count Armin and Levi as one since it’s basically the same outfit

dang son