Hello :)

So this could go terribly wrong or great, because i’m going to try and upload my first post from my iPad! 
These are Rosie’s nails done by me (Rebecca) I’ve seen quite a lot of people talk about triangle nail art, so I thought i’d give it a go! I used Rimmel London STRONGER base coat, All About Nails poppy red (from tescos), Miss Sporty Black and Miss Sporty Disco Tech as the top coat. Step 1: Apply base coat. Step 2: Use the poppy red by Tesco’s. Step 3: Wait until it’s completely dry before you stick on the tape because else wise you’ll end up pulling off the varnish, and make sure the tape is properly stuck on else wise the varnish could go underneath causing it to bleed. Step 4: Paint in the black triangle, then slowly peel off the tape.  Step 5: Apply the top coat and then show them off! So hopefully this isn’t to much of a fail, if you do end up doing this design you can tag us on twitter and/or  instagram: rrbeautyxo   and maybe follow us to! ;)  Rebecca ♡