[Translation] [ROCK AND READ Ameblo] RR52 Coverage Report No. 3 (Tora / Alice Nine)

Happy Valentine!

Guys, did you receive any chocolate?

Girls, did you give chocolate to that special person?

Somehow today is the happiest day in a year, right!

Well then, today we’re giving you a report of Alice Nine’s Tora’s coverage in [ROCK AND READ 052] that will be on sale February 26th.

As a matter of fact, the last time Tora showed in this magazine was around five and half years ago.

Comparing the way he is now and the way he was back then, there is a gap of popularity and skills, and we got to talk about the complications that led toward that

But now, when speaking about Alice Nine, the people around them, whoever it is, will write that they are a stout rock band!

With that said, to express this rock band feeling

We did the simplest photoshoot that we could do.

It’s a minimalistic space with only a sofa placed in it.

Tora-san looks so picturesque by just sitting on the sofa.

I’m so jealous of him.

I bet he received a lot of chocolates today.

But Tora-san is not done yet with just that coolness.

I wonder if you can see it?

On his jersey, his jersey.

Furthermore, if you look closely, the design on his chest is a tiger!

Or rather, I might say that it’s kind of unfair that he is so good-looking even like this (lol).

In the interview, picking up the same theme, we have also explored the factors that had made Alice Nine the strong band that they are now.

Tora-san’s rock band spirit is bursting!

Stay tuned for it!


* My translation, credits if used, prone to mistakes.