– On June 2009, 「アリス九號」was changed to「Alice Nine」right. The meaning of doing it was?

Tora: We felt like our breadth had narrowed and decided to change it to English because the impression derived from the words is larger ne. At that time, it was especially because we strongly wanted to expand our breadth.

Snippets of Tora on ROCK&READ 052

Tora: When we first started, we were a band that was nothing but shining ne (lol). ‘These people are not doing this (playing music) seriously aren’t they!’ - I think we were a band that looked like that. Of course, Hiroto decided right from the start to make a living by (playing in the) band when he joined, it’s not like the rest of us were fooling around yo. We were a band that formed after thinking of doing this seriously but we suddenly joined our current company and even though we didn’t have much songs, we ended up becoming busy all of a sudden, did a live without (much) songs…… At the start, we were busy because of magazine photoshoots (lol). We were having photoshoots everyday, in the end it was photoshoots, photoshoots even before the tour and we couldn’t even insert the tour rehearsal. There was no time for rehearsals so to speak. And we were like, when are we gonna write songs!?

Scan gotten from FAIX