For those who don’t know what show they’re talking about it’s a short show, based on a true story, about a two young siblings who were racially harassed and assaulted and how they had to overcome it. From what I remember the brother was beaten and both were covered with with white powder by a group of white kids.

Now the fact that this one here saw the show and instead of, maybe just maybe, experiencing sympathy or empathy or some point of understanding on racial relations and dynamics, they want to complain about how the show is trying to make them suffer from white guilt and it’s reverse racism.

How do you sit there and watch this show on a black child’s experience with coming to terms with racism in such an ugly way and say to take that you’re tired of reverse racism?

This is why I don’t care about white guilt people feel. Don’t make shit about you when you could’ve actually learned from it. And don’t talk to me about reverse racism when you’ve just displayed your lack of basic empathy.

Not honoring white allies of the past for Black History Month, which was initially created to show what have Black Americans contributed to the U.S., is reverse racism.

So I when I learned about U.S History, I read Thomas Paine’s material before we even touched on Frederick Douglass. And for a while, I was unaware that there were even black abolitionists.

So no.