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Hey I'm kind of new to the fandom and before I get in too deep I was wondering if there are any issues anyone has with the author (Uncle Rick) cause all the past book fandoms a I've been in/in has some kind of author drama. Cassandra Clare is getting sued for plagiarism, some fans aren't too fond of JK Rowling for adding in details (Dumbledore being gay) years after the books were finished to make it seem more supportive of minority etc etc. I just don't wanna deal with anymore drama.

as far as i’m aware, the only drama most of us have with rick is the fact that he won’t let his characters be and move on to something new: he knows the pjo formula and universe work, so he keeps churning out stories that fit that, keeps using annabeth and percy cameos in new series to reel us in, and a lot of us have a love hate relationship with him because of that. obviously we love the characters and want to read more about them, but only if it’s written in a quality way (which HoO was, arguably, not).

he is friends with cassandra clare, unfortunately, but he himself hasn’t done anything super problematic - not that i’ve caught, anyway.

oh, some people have found his depiction of samirah, a muslim girl, in magnus chase to be an issue. as a non-muslim i don’t feel comfortable really articulating why, but i remember seeing some posts about that when the book first came out.

and he did once tweet that he wouldn’t write first person from a girl’s pov because he wasn’t one.

and !!spoilers!! the way nico was outed and then dealt with that outing didn’t sit right with some people (myself included).

but overall he tries really hard to make his casts diverse and he seems to keep his mouth shut on all issues that don’t directly relate to his books, so he hasn’t gotten himself in too much trouble. i will always give rick brownie points for trying to diversify his cast, even if he doesn’t always hit the mark.