making Pavlova pt.3

The assembly point:

I’ve got some fresh blackberries, strawberries and mangoes

as per usual, i hand-whipped the cream :)

smeared on the whopped cream all on top of the meringue based

messily places all of the fruits on top!

hehehehe we just attack the pavlova without even bothering to cut it and serving them on plates.


making Pavlova pt.1

since i am getting 3 packet fulls of fresh giant strawberries tomorrow, i decided to make Pavlova. so i got my ingredients out and gonna make some meringue base first :)

i get my usuals ready; egg white, caster sugar,vanilla extract, some cornstarch and some vinegar.

i know its torture to whisk by hand but i like it that way. i like to feel my egg whites stiffen up ;)

put it on the baking paper and shape it all pretty in a circle. better yet, make the edge slightly higher, so that the middle can holds the whipped cream and berries better!

in about 75-80 minutes of slowwww baking, the meringue should be all done!
i can almost imagine it, the crispy outside and the marshmallow texture inside *nyum*