rq game

Each house as: a board game
  • Gryffindor: Blockhead – can be played up to 20 people, but still epic final duels, dramatic tension escalates thoroughly
  • Hufflepuff: Time’s Up! – team strategy, Answers Not Quite As Expected™, hilarity ensues
  • Ravenclaw: Mastermind – quiet game, simple but endless, the scienz of duduction pretty much
  • Slytherin: Conspiracy – Bluff™, *slams hands upon table before revealing awfully high sum of money*, persuade your ennemies into pestering one another and sneak up to victory
RQ Name Game

1.) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D E - Maven
F G H I J - Evangelo
K L M N O - Farley
P Q R S T - Kilorn
U V W X - Cal
Y Z -Mare

2.) Your LAST letter of your LAST

A B C D E F G - wants to
H I J K L M N - loves to
O P Q R S T - likes to
U V W X Y Z - hates to

3.) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B C - kill people
D E F - catch fish
G H I - fight
J K L - dance
M N O - eat
P Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U - sleep
V W X - watch the dawn
Y Z - bitch

3.) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - with Mare
E F G H I - with Maven
J K L M - with Cal
N O P Q - with Farley
R S T U - with Evangeline
V W X - with Kilorn
Y - with Gisa
Z - with Elara

how accurate is yours?

If Kilorn Warren and Gale Hawthorne met
  • Kilorn: Yo
  • Gale: Sup
  • Kilorn: Did you get friendzoned?
  • Gale: Yup
  • Kilorn: Did you see your girl get kissed by that new guy?
  • Gale: Another yup.
  • Kilorn: Did you-
  • Gale: Let's just say we are kind of the same character except that you are more harsh than me and we are in different books. Wanna get a drink?
  • Kilorn: Yea why not.
hi there 😊📖

im Noelle and im a mess using tumblr (ive been here for years but i still dont know how to use it properly lol) and i need more readers mutuals so if you like these books/series please feel free to follow me or like/reglog this and i’ll follow you so we can fangirl together and make my dash pretty

  1. beautiful disaster
  2. hush hush
  3. the lunar chronicles
  4. red queen
  5. acotar
  6. lux saga
  7. the selection
  8. shadowhunters
  9. throne of glass
  10. divergent
  11. the hunger games
  12. harry potter
  13. etc

they are some of my faves, also i appreciate recommendations *wink wink*

If Mare and Katniss met
  • Mare: Omg my life is so hard,like I have to lead a rebellion, have to kill a stalker/murderous king, and deal with my heart being broken.
  • Katniss: Same here.
  • Mare: OMG KATNISS EVERDEEN YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL! Oh sorry my inner fangirl got the best of me
  • Katniss: No problem, happens to all of us.