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non-bifairy  asked:

cirtrine??? :o

sure ! citrines are super bubbley and kind, and they (literally and figuratively) radiate warmth and love. they are quartz, but aren’t the best fighters because of their big hearts, so their quartz type were ultimately discontinued, and the remaining citrines became guards for higher class gems ! there isnt one citrine in existence that wont love you with all their heart

It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!
based on @l-sula-l ‘s (and my personal favorite) design!

THE ONE, THE ONLY, THAT STARTED IT ALL: RAINBOW QUARTZ!!!  I remember watching Sula drawing her, and how fun that stream was, and Sula herself is so amazing! Really, Sula you’re so great, and fun, and really, I love you! You make the best pearl impressions! let pearl say fuck 2k16 And I absolutely adore your drawings! 

Original drawing that started the fusion mermaid brigade is  ✨ here! ✨ and with this one, the brigade is full! I I’m so excited I could just shatter!