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Sandra and the misty sea.
December, 2015.

Back when I first met Sandra, we made a little photoshoot near the Barceloneta beach. We had a beautiful view of the misty sea, a rather uncommon view of the sunny Barcelona. I shoot some portraits of her with my Mamiya M645 and she did the same with her Mamiya RB67. It was funny to compare the weight and characteristics of our sister cameras :)

When I developed and scanned the roll, I found that all the photos had a very strange dotted pattern all over them. I still don’t know if something went wrong in the development or if the rolls that I used were faulty (I bought a bunch of Rollei rolls at the same time and this pattern happened with all of them, even using different chemicals). At the time, I was so depressed with life and photography that I didn’t wanted to share or do anything with them.

Now, I’ve realized that in film photography, there may be mistakes like this, but it’s all part of the process, and I’ve learned to accept them in a different way, as a part of an experimental work. I don’t seek perfection, in fact, one thing that I love about film photography is that it’s not perfect. It’s a completelly manual process, and accidents can happen. And they can give you some unexpected results, ones more pleasant than others. That’s part of the magic of chemical photography.

Gracefully Ageing Lilies

Lilies accept their fading away naturally. It’s a process that we all go through - blooming and flourishing, then maturing, wilting and eventually dying. Each stage has its glory. There is beauty in childhood, in youth, but also in maturity and old age. Different aspects of it, but still the same quality of beauty. Lilies don’t seem to hold tight to the image of themselves several weeks earlier. They allow to be appreciated in their changing, yet elegant charm. They are not shocked by the confrontation of the image of reality with the memory of yesteryears, as they don’t clutch to them greedily. They don’t stop you from publishing their photographs. They are happy to be appreciated the way they are.

Taken with Rolleicord V K3C on Rollei RPX 100 film.


My Top 5 photos, for Gray-Card

1. Nikon F5 // Agfa APX 100 (somewhere in Russia)
2. Nikon F60 // Kodak Porta 160VC (Samara, Russa)
3. Olympus SP35 // Rollei RPX 100 (Moscow, Russia)
4. Nikon F60 // Kodak Gold 100 (Cappadocia, Turkey)
5. Nikon F5 // Fujifilm Velva Pro 100 (Moscow, Russia)

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