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A Rant, An Opinion.

this is probably so random and most of y'all will probably think i am annoying for saying these things but the way people are making 13 reasons why a meme or even posting inappropriate jokes about it is literally confirming that hannah baker’s views on society exists in real life. it’s sad seeing other people make jokes about it when it tackles about sexual assault, bullying, mental illness, suicide and a lot of serious issues that most of us experience in real life. 13 reasons why wants y'all to stop joking about mental illness and suicide and by making tons of shitty & inappropriate memes about the show/book clearly shows that y'all are missing the whole point and lesson of the show & the book. ps. i was refering to the jokes/memes about “welcome to your tape”

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Carry on My Wayward son 🎶

There’ll be peace when you are done 🎶

Lay your weary head to rest 🎶

Don’t you cry no more 🎶

Narrator : But they did , in fact , cry some more .

justin prentice is getting tons of hate for playing the role bryce walker because people can’t differentiate the actor from the character it plays, this is so upsetting.


I’m so sorry! That was so invasive and awful of me. I didn’t need to know why you were kicked out I’m sorry I asked. 

You can help yourself to like anything in my room I don’t need anything in there so I’ll just stay out here. Unless you need to talk or anything, not that you’d want to. You clearly don’t want to talk that was dumb to say I’m sorry. 

Goodnight Connor I hope you sleep well. 



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Credit to whoever made this little gem I absolutely love it

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Ginny what is your ideal man?

((okay so at this point this ask session has been completely made up of memes so i think ginny will be offline now, but if you guys want me to continue recreating vines i can do that??))

Hello! Do you love Fire Emblem? Are you a new fan or a longtime fan? Do you love domestic modern AUs? Well then, do we have just the roleplay group for you!

Fire Emblem Lyceum is a college-based roleplay group inviting Fire Emblem characters from old and new! We are a very relaxed group, trying to promote wholesome Fire Emblem fun!

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RP Questions For The Mun
  • 1. What are your thoughts on call out posts?
  • 2. How long have you been rping?
  • 3. If you’ve been rping on Tumblr since 2012 or the years before that, is it different than what it once was?
  • 4. Which one of your muses is the most active?
  • 5. Which one of your muses was short-lived?
  • 6. What is one muse you don’t see yourself ever stop rping as?
  • 7. Which fandom do you want to rp in or crossover to with your muse?
  • 8. If there is one thing you can change about the role play community on Tumblr, what would it be?
  • 9. Have you ever done something you regret?
  • 10. How did you or what got you into rping?
  • 11. How long can you see yourself rping on Tumblr or on any other websites?
  • 12. How many blogs do you currently have? And how do you manage to keep up with them if you have more than one rp blog?
  • 13. Be honest. What’s your opinion on the role play community on Tumblr? 

(pronouns and gendered language can of course be modified to your needs!)

“we’ve made an unwinnable game.”
“augh, shit! augh, dammit! augh, crap!”
“you say that like you think it’s going to end soon.”
“hahaha, i’m so screwed…”
“you know what, (name)? here you go. on the house.”
“i coulda done something worse but i decided not to.”
“this is gonna be temporarily scary, but it might work out.”
“are you gonna win?”
“what does he have, gentlemen? i have no fucking clue.”
“honestly i don’t give a shit if he has it or not, i just want to point more fingers.”
“that’s filth. that’s real dirty.”
“oh, i got an achievement!”
“yeah, this is rough… this is a rough one.”
“that’s sweet, man. you’re a real champ!”
“other people wanna play, too!”
“other people wanna play, too! like (name).”
“editor, make sure you fade in that soft jazz right about now.”
“you’re not doing anybody any favours, here.”
“i wonder what the longest game of uno ever played is. i wonder if we could enter the guinness world records.”
“i wonder if we could enter the guinness world records.”
“gimme those back!”
“nope, don’t wanna deploy that…”

“that’s alright. i’ll just sit on my hoard, like a dragon.”
“uh, while i appreciate the sentiment, (name)… no good deed goes unpunished.”
“you feel like hurtin’? cause i can hurt.”
“you’re hoarding ___! there’s like a thousand of them!”
“should we pause this and pick it up tomorrow?”
“stop what you’re doin’, cause i’m about to ruin your night.”
“i’m trying to think but nothing’s happening.”
“we should skype (name) in, so he can’t get away from the misery.”
“i lick every one i pick up.”
“aw, i was gonna play (video game) tonight…”
“hang on, gotta text (name)… ‘i am trapped in uno. it’ll be a while.’
“what a dumb reason to be stuck at work!”
“when i was about twelve, i didn’t think i’d be doing this when i was (age).”
“everybody wants to leave, but nobody wants to lose!”
“…let’s stop.”


     you can be the KING, 
               but watch the QUEEN CONQUER

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