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A Rant, An Opinion.

this is probably so random and most of y'all will probably think i am annoying for saying these things but the way people are making 13 reasons why a meme or even posting inappropriate jokes about it is literally confirming that hannah baker’s views on society exists in real life. it’s sad seeing other people make jokes about it when it tackles about sexual assault, bullying, mental illness, suicide and a lot of serious issues that most of us experience in real life. 13 reasons why wants y'all to stop joking about mental illness and suicide and by making tons of shitty & inappropriate memes about the show/book clearly shows that y'all are missing the whole point and lesson of the show & the book. ps. i was refering to the jokes/memes about “welcome to your tape”

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I’m so sorry! That was so invasive and awful of me. I didn’t need to know why you were kicked out I’m sorry I asked. 

You can help yourself to like anything in my room I don’t need anything in there so I’ll just stay out here. Unless you need to talk or anything, not that you’d want to. You clearly don’t want to talk that was dumb to say I’m sorry. 

Goodnight Connor I hope you sleep well. 



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Hello! Do you love Fire Emblem? Are you a new fan or a longtime fan? Do you love domestic modern AUs? Well then, do we have just the roleplay group for you!

Fire Emblem Lyceum is a college-based roleplay group inviting Fire Emblem characters from old and new! We are a very relaxed group, trying to promote wholesome Fire Emblem fun!

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RP Questions For The Mun
  • 1. What are your thoughts on call out posts?
  • 2. How long have you been rping?
  • 3. If you’ve been rping on Tumblr since 2012 or the years before that, is it different than what it once was?
  • 4. Which one of your muses is the most active?
  • 5. Which one of your muses was short-lived?
  • 6. What is one muse you don’t see yourself ever stop rping as?
  • 7. Which fandom do you want to rp in or crossover to with your muse?
  • 8. If there is one thing you can change about the role play community on Tumblr, what would it be?
  • 9. Have you ever done something you regret?
  • 10. How did you or what got you into rping?
  • 11. How long can you see yourself rping on Tumblr or on any other websites?
  • 12. How many blogs do you currently have? And how do you manage to keep up with them if you have more than one rp blog?
  • 13. Be honest. What’s your opinion on the role play community on Tumblr? 
SPN s.12 finale

1. I’m 100% sure Cas will be back. Trust me, I cried at his death and had a small breakdown, but Misha is already on contract for season 13 and today Misha tweeted “Cass [or Cas] does have a future” so Misha and Cas will both be back.
2. Additional Reasoning: Cas did deserve better. I think because his death was so shitty and poorly executed that he will be back. He made a promise to the Jack baby Gollum thing that he would raise it, and when the baby used Cas to torch the demon (saving Cas’s life) a few episodes back, the demon was working for Lucifer. So the baby chose Cas over lucifer, he could have just let Cas and the boys die but he fought for them in the womb. My personal guess is that Jack will bring Cas back, as Misha is already on contract for season 13. I think if Cas were permanently dead, they would have had to give him more of a scene, they had just killed Crowley moments before so his death wasn’t even dramatic compared to Crowley. So I think he’ll be back.

Also Rowena’s death was sketchy. She wasn’t in it, all it showed was a burned body and red hair.

Which brings me to Crowley. Marks name is signed up for season 13. I think he will come back one way or another possibly, maybe by Rowena. But I’m not as confident as I am about Cas, BC Crowley actually had a good death scene.

Hello, everyone !! I know these written promos are getting around faster, so here I am, your friend Renata with another blog & a new obsession !! THIS IS A ROLE PLAY BLOG FOR FEMALE!SUMMONER FROM BELOVED MOBILE GAME FIRE EMBLEM HEROES

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warning: this blog contains nsfw material, death and anxiety mention, please be cautious of this. everything will be tagged. 

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Hello hello! Elsa here (or Reyson as some of you know me as) with a new Fire Emblem multimuse! Featuring a female Kiran, Robin, customized Corrin and King Michalis! Some of you may recognize Robin and Corrin, as I’ve decided to move them here! If you’re interested in interacting, please give this a reblog and I’ll check you out!

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‘ just once I would like to be the DIRECTION someone else is going in ——— I don’t need to be the WATER in the well, I don’t need to be the WELL. but i’d like to not be the ground anymore ——— I’d like to not be the thing people DIG THEIR HANDS IN. ‘  // as penned by sierra, est 3.31.2017