I’m super bored so...

Drag race/drag related questions!

  1. Who are your top 5 queens and why?
  2. Favourite season?
  3. What queens do you think are the funniest?
  4. Queen with the best fashion?
  5. Favourite queen who hasn’t been on drag race?
  6. Favourite Puerto Rican queen?
  7. What queens do you hope to see on season 8?
  8. Dream All Stars 2 cast?
  9. Alaska or Jinkx?
  10. Rolaskatox or The Heathers?
  11. Trixie or Katya?
  12. Raven or Jujubee?
  13. Old untucked or new untucked?
  14. Favourite snatch game?
  15. Most underrated queen/s?
  16. A queen you hate but everyone loves?
  17. A queen you love but everyone hates?
  18. Season 5 or season 6?
  19. Favourite winner?
  20. What queen would you most like to be best friends with?
  21. Queen with the best makeup?
  22. Queen that was most robbed?