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Hello! I don't know what your opinion on Nick Grimshaw is, but he said "i know one of my friends, who're a couple and they go to karaoke together and just those two, it's really cute, they just go and sing songs to each other" on the Breakfast Show this morning and I'm not saying he was talking about Louis and Harry, but he was talking about Louis and Harry. Have a good day!


Snowing by kamandre

Friends, it’s time!
Two weeks from now my band will be releasing our third album, “ARMS,” with a kick ass show at a kick ass venue!
Only thing that would make it even more badass is if you could join us!

We put a ton of work into this album, and are super excited to be playing along side some really awesome people!

Even if you can’t make it, help me spread the word!

Shiro and Keith Character Theories

Directly inspired by this post

Thanks for this, @heero-yuy!

It’s a wonderful post, but these are pretty long personal HC/musings/theories (for RP and writing) so I decided to separate. ;v;  

Bonus the third Question.

So. Shiro. His favorite subject is HISTORY, he fears REGRET, his lion can TELEPORT, he is LOYAL, and he is a WOLF!  + He wants to lead in space.

What else we know: He is calm, thoughtful, strong, brave, wise, a born leader, die-hard friend– and that he finds his purpose. (official sources from instagram blurbs and the voltron.com site)

History seemed like an outlier for me, but then I started thinking about it and yes.

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