In time for Monday: Red Pants and Bee Aprons!

As a reminder I will be at sherlock-seattle this January, selling lots of stuff in the dealer’s room. (I cut out the pieces to 17 aprons this weekend!) However, I might not have time to make everything for every fandom, so if there’s something you’ve got your heart set on or a custom order (A Red Pants Purse? A Bee Tea Cozy? A Mycroft Pillowcase?) you’d like to not have to pay shipping on, please send me an ask ASAP or contact me through my store so I can make sure I have it for you in Seattle!

NASA Looking to Mine Water on the Moon and Mars

Following a series of reconnaissance missions that found hydrogen and then water on the Moon, NASA is laying the groundwork for a lunar rover that would scout for subsurface volatiles and extract them for processing.

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