Long delayed post of my RPK-74M build. Started off as an unissued parts kit which I sent off to be assembled. It is not in the standard configuration of a normal RPK-74M. 

Don’t mind the Magpul AFG; got it today for my Shrike just to see how it feels. Figured I’d see how it fits onto the railed Vepr 12 handguard. I’ll do a proper post on the build details and parts soon. (GRH)

Custom Vepr

What started off as a Vepr 5.45x39mm, this example was converted into an RPK-74M. This would be the easiest way to build one since actual RPK-74 receivers from NoDakSpud are rather difficult to find. I would have gone this route had I not found a NDS receiver for my build. Normally I don’t link to active auctions, but I trust the guy who’s selling it. TX-Zen is a Com-Bloc weapons and optics guru. (GRH)