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people rping real people bc they "want to make sure their stories live on beyond their grave." ESPECIALLY HAMILTON RPERS. like hunnie..... racist slave owners. most of the rpers are white too.

get salty. you know people don’t have any fucking sense. my least favorite thing right now is people rping as youtubers. like, they’re real people, i don’t care if you’re just using “their online persona” stop. don’t do it. do not pass go do not collect $200.

Art Theft

Okay, let me say this as plainly and simple as possible.

Melodie is my character. Even if she is a fan character, I spent a lot of time on her, on her design, on her back story, on her personality. I do not want people RPing as her. I do not want people claiming her as their own. And I do not want people reposting ANY OF MY ART. 

I have seen people claiming Melodie as their own and to be frank it pisses me off. I do not like seeing her (OR ANY OF MY ART) reposted and used. She is not a toy for you to pick up and play with. She is my own character that I take a HUGE amount of pride in. 

The fact that you feel the need to STEAL my OC instead of making your own is pathetic. I have spent years of my life getting to the point where I can feel confident in my art to post it. 

If you think for ONE SECOND I am going to sit on my ass and let people steal my work you are wrong. I will not be POLITE, I will be as frank and rude as I need to get my point across.

You lost the right to politeness and my respect the MOMENT you stole my art. 

  • If you don’t feel like RPing with certain other people, that’s okay.
  • If it takes you a while to reply, that’s okay.
  • If it takes you a long time to finish drafts, that’s okay.
  • If you drop a thread because it’s uncomfortable, that’s okay.
  • If you don’t want to RP for a while, that’s okay.
  • If you’re too busy to RP, that’s okay.
  • If you don’t like to RP a certain ship, that’s okay.
  • If you only interact with mutuals, that’s okay.
  • If you need put your social/emotional needs before RP, that’s okay.

RPing should be a hobby. Not a chore.

Y’shenn’s looking for y’friends

Hello! Some of you might recognize me or my FFXIV character, Y’shenn Tia. However, I don’t really have many FFXIV friends, in-game or out-of-game. I’ve made posts looking for contacts before, but they didn’t always work out (admittedly, this was partly due to failure to follow-up on my part). Anyways, I’m looking for more contacts for Y’shenn and just more friends in general now that I have some more free time on my hands.

With Stormblood coming up, I do want to develop more of a story for my character, but it’s a bit lonely doing it by yourself haha. I’m also hoping this will get me interested in FFXIV again, since I haven’t been playing it much recently, having exhausted most of the content.

So if you ever wanted to meet Y’shenn, now’s a good chance! Read on for more information on how to get in touch! Thank you for your interest!

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A Message I Really Think Needs to be Heard

I want to take a minute to talk about a serious issue in the RPing community.  It’s an issue that many I don’t think even realize exists. Abusive online relationships. They do happen in the rping community and there are several signs to show when someone might be one you want to look out for. It is a personal issue close to my heart as I know several people who have dealt with it, myself included.

So to try to help those in the future and to keep people wary of those types of people I have made a list of warning signs that you may see in those people who often turn out to be abusive.

First thing is first, not all abuse is physical. So that doesn’t mean that abuse can’t happen in an online setting. There is also emotional abuse and it can be just as damaging to an individual. It is often a form of cyberbullying and it is something that I think needs to be addressed.

So I have compiled a list of warning signs, things that these people often do that you should look out for.

          1.      Telling you that you can only RP with them, or only with their character. Or generally telling you not to RP with someone.

This would be a sign of them being too possessive. Not willing to let you do what you want with your account. Generally RPing is supposed to be fun and about what you want. If you want to have only one of each character or only a few RP partners, that is up to you. But you should never let someone tell you who to RP with or who you can’t RP with. It is not up to them and don’t let them think it is.

          2.      Getting mad or upset with you for not answering them right away or getting upset that you are replying to others and not them.

It’s your character and your account. That is something you should always remember. If your character wants to focus on one or two people. That’s okay. Nobody should make you feel bad for not being able to reply to them at the time for any reason. Whether it is being busy with life or just not feeling up to replying to those threads. Most people will understand and usually don’t pressure you. It’s a bad sign if someone does.

          3.      Being told on a regular basis through messages and in public posts that nobody cares and that everyone in the end always leaves or something along those lines

It is often a sign of someone trying to guilt people into staying or doing things with them. Often times it doesn’t matter if that person receives lots of love or has a lot of threads. They will still make it known that they are feeling upset and that nobody cares. They want people to feel guilty if they think about leaving and it is usually a bad sign. Though some people may make a post like that every once in a while. If you are seeing it often or being constantly reminded personally then be cautious. It is a tactic to guilt people into staying.

          4.      Being threatened or told that if you leave or don’t/do something that they will delete, harm themselves, or something similar.

Another tactic to guilt you into staying. They want you to think that you leaving or doing something they don’t like will harm them, sometimes in physical ways and it is a way to manipulate you into doing what they want. Most of the time they are not being serious and it is a sign that they themselves need help.  Help that you will not be able to provide to them no matter how much you may want to.

          5.      Telling you that you are not any good or that you stopped being good after doing something they told you not to.

They want you to think that you are not good enough to find other RP partners. Bringing you down and making you feel miserable because they are is a tactic often used by these types of people. If you don’t think you are any good then you won’t go seeking other partners for fear that they will think that as well. This is an especially damaging tactic and can cause you to feel worthless and unwanted even after a person is gone.

          6.      Getting yelled at, being attacked, or them being mean for what appears to be no real reason, then a while later apologizing. This will likely happen over and over again.

Most of the time there might not be a real reason for it. Something as simple as you talking to someone they don’t like or you not sending them enough memes or replying. They end up being mean and outright yelling at times. Then they apologize and you might think that you should give them another chance, maybe they changed, and maybe it won’t happen again. But it usually does. Many times and if it continuously happens, there is a point where you need to ask yourself is it really worth it. Because in the end, it is not anything you have done wrong and you don’t need to let yourself be attacked just because they apologize after. One of the biggest signs of abuse.

          7.      Getting annoyed with you for RPing the way you do. (whether it is because you RP with a lot of people or only a few)

If they get mad at you for you RPing how you want to, it is usually a good sign that you should steer clear of them. People like this will try to give you the idea that you are wrong and that you shouldn’t do that. In the end you RP how you want and there is no wrong way to do it. Whether you want to stick to only a few threads or you want 200 and like plotting for more. It’s about what you like. And those that enjoy RPing with you, will be patient and stick with you no matter how you want to do it.

          8.      Being attacked or called names for RPing with other people, and/or attacking your RP partners for RPing with you.

If someone outright attacks you are starts calling you names simply because you RP with others. That is a clear sign that you should avoid that person. This is supposed to be fun and there is no need to be rude to you or others for how you RP. It is especially a red flag if they also attack your RP partners. That means they are being far too possessive and avoiding and blocking would probably be the best idea in that instance.

          9.      (An, its gone too far sign) They make you overly anxious every time you see them or feeling as if you are going to panic if they message you.

If it has gotten so bad that their very presence makes you a big ball of stress or have an anxiety attack, dropping them would be the best option. Nobody should make you feel stressed and anxious when on. If the idea of them messaging you, because you are afraid of what it might say, gives you extreme anxiety. That is the time to drop, block, and do not interact or look for them in any way. It is not okay for someone to cause this.


In general, RPing is supposed to be about fun, you enjoying RPing as your muse and doing what you like to do. It is never going to be okay for others to make you think you are doing it wrong. In the end, there is no wrong way to RP. So don’t let anyone make you think that there is. If someone doesn’t like the way you RP then it is best for them to find someone else. And you should never feel bad if you think you need to drop a RP partner because they are causing you anxiety or anything of the sort. If a RP partner is causing you stress, avoid them. Stress is bad enough in real life, there is no need for people to add to it in RP.

The people that do this, honestly, might not even realize they are being abusive to someone. Maybe they have had their own issues in life and it has molded them into the way they are, but in the end, they need help, but not from you. And there is no way you are going to be able to help them. In the end, they need to realize it themselves and seek help.

These kinds of situations can have long lasting effects on the person who has dealt with it, lingering anxiety or depression, being self-conscious about everything they do, feeling they are not good enough, wanting to avoid their RP account. This is not okay and for those who suffer these issues, you are not alone. Sometimes talking about it can help, whether with a fellow RP partner you trust, or seeking out a friend in real life. Don’t keep it to yourself, because it can make the feelings worse. And even if there are those abusive RP partners out there, there are also those that are very caring and will be willing to listen.

So keep the warning signs in mind and don’t let someone treat you like this. It’s about fun not about them. 

SO I reached 400 followers.. I wanted to do a follower forever. Please don’t feel left out if you’re not on here! Some of you aren’t on due to the fact we’ve either barely RPed or just started! Some of the people i started RPing with are put under people I admire from afar.

My best pals! (people who I consider really good friends/ I have been friends with for a while.)

@burntbeebs | @siiidon | @summermiko | @cynthias-heart-and-mind | @serpentine-rouge | @symxiotic | @ask-hydachi-turnip-and-friends | @hasikon | @plumeriaxskull | @blackstardiopside​ | @basileus-hircum​ | @sheep–songs

The palsies (people I have communicated in some way. Such as RPing or talking ooc. Some of you I consider friends! I would love to get to know you all better!)

@thedeathangel2112 | @the-purple-hero | @baristacoyote | @thebandicootbombshell | @masterofdimensions | @techitxs | @heartscrxpped | @wayward-innocent | @loyaldogfairy | @adventurouswind | @psybcam | @boris-wolf (in case you return.) | @belladrago | @golden-sun-warrior | @flatzones | @askthefwrp | @scarleteveniing | @vampire-pigs-and-pizza | @cursedsiren | @frogsukehanamura | @bearsuitzim | @afriendlypokealien | @friendlyheartless | @susanswierdblog | @evilspicer | @pooka-dragon | @bodaciousbox | @inkblxtrefxrmed | @biitch-bot | @undead-toon | @he-still-beelieves-in-you | @pinkpuffofpopstar | @i-junketsu | @cheerful-and-red | @cyltherobot | @wiseguypuppychild | @dcflamingc | @smallest-irken-invader | @dreamjournaal | @pinkiexxsmiles | @coinclink | @tea-and-hexes | @thecrocodilefather | @homicidaltendancies​ | @thesadistserpent​ | @yandere-dorodere​ | @forgotten-experiment​ | @bashful-story-fox​ | @nightmarexyes​ | @heresnegsy | @chase-eternally-young | @cartmanbrah | @alwaysfindaway | @peopleoftheshadows | @thesilverfrye | @bluescarfvivi | @followxme | @humanbendy | @ginger-psychic-in-denial

Pals I admire from afar (too scared to talk or RP with. But really want to.)

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I saw your tweet about people Rping real people and how it does seem to bother you if people post sexual content publicly (or anywhere you can see it), I was just wondering why you have let it bother you so much that you thought a public post of you basically telling people how they should role-play a person? I understand that reading that kind of content about yourself must be alarming, but sadly you don’t get to police other people’s behaviour.

For anyone wondering, this was my tweet:

“I don’t think there is a good way to say this so: Please, if you are going to rp real people, don’t post sexual content publicly, thanks.”

I’m very sorry if you were offended by my post, it was not intended to be as aggressive as you seemed to perceive it but I do feel like I have to stand my ground on this considering the person being used in these role-plays is me.
I was uncomfortable seeing it and I spoke out about it. That’s a completely valid thing for me to do. I am a real person, not a character in a show and I shouldn’t have to be treated as such. If it bothers me I’ll speak up about it and I expect people to respect my wishes.
I’m not saying that they still can’t do this with other people/characters who are okay with it, or if they must, they can do it privately. I just personally do not like seeing these things. I hope you understand. :)


What is it? #incrpg is meant for all RPGs that boast inclusivity of varying kinds, but strive for all forms of inclusivity. It’s a tag that excludes discriminatory activities in the form of whitewashing, racism, inaccessibility, homo- and transphobia, misogyny, and other things. The rules for posting in this tag are very simple, and if your RPG doesn’t follow these rules (see: standards), then don’t bother posting in it, because you’ll only be doing two things: exposing your RPG as subpar according to these standards, and this will not go well for you, as well as putting garbage in this tag.


  • POC INCLUSIVE – this means no whitewashing (white characters with a POC face isn’t POC representation), the ratio of POC to white is equal (or even 2:1, it would be very nice), COC that actually interact with their culture in one way or another (even if the character is disconnected from their culture, the fact that there is a disconnect means they’re interacting with their culture).
  • ACCESSIBILITY – your RPG main isn’t a container theme, everything is legible (this means decent contrast between backgrounds and body fonts, as well as body fonts of 11px or higher), and you actively provide information subverting walls of text by promoting the use of images and bulletin points to convey information; as a rule, your members also don’t use container themes or tiny ass ant fonts. For RPing itself, this also means plain text, no small/fancy text make up, no excessive and pointless use of the bold, underline, and italic functions. You’re trying to convey information, in or out of RPG, not win typographic design awards.
  • NO HUMANISING OF GARBAGE – none of your characters, whether bio characters or accepted original characters, are active bigots, nor do they humanise these characters; we don’t care to see people RPing nazis, white supremacists, homophobes, transphobes, misogynists, ableists, etc (this doesn’t mean that the characters can’t experience these things, but that’s what NPCs, self-paras/one-shots, and backstories are for).
  • OOC SAFE SPACE – your members are respectful, and don’t subscribe to any of the above topics. Naturally we understand that as a mod, you can’t smell whether a member is racist or homophobic from the get-go, but if these things come up, if you want to post your RPG in this tag, you’re expected to deal with this one way or another; this also means that you as a mod don’t subscribe to these things, and if you or a member is called out, you’re expected to listen and consider this call out like an adult, and deal with it.
  • NO FEMALE BANS – if you want to post in this tag, you don’t ever go on female bans. As it is, female bans are misogynistic, lesbo- and biphobic, as well as transphobic; it just is what it is, don’t question me on it.
  • TRANS INCLUSIVE – on that note, have trans characters in your RPGs. Have nonbinary characters in your RPG. The more the merrier. If you’re an OC RPG, promote the apping of these characters some way. Let prospects know that they’re accepted, and for the love of stars, don’t subscribe to stereotypes either (do your research, and expect your members or prospects to do or have done research as well, if they’re cis).
  • FAT INCLUSIVE – are you a bio RPG? Great. Use fat FCs. Promote the use of fat FCs and the creation of fat characters. Just do it.
  • DISABILITY INCLUSIVE – make and promote the creation of characters with disabilities; characters in wheelchairs, characters with prosthetics, amputees without prosthetics, blind characters, deaf/HoH characters. Invisible disabilities are also a thing; have characters with chronic pain, have autistic characters, characters with ADHD, characters with learning disabilities, mentally ill characters. Avoid/don’t subscribe to stereotypes and do your research, and set the standard that your members do the research.
  • RELIGIOUS INCLUSIVITY – have characters whose religion is important to them, and don’t make all of them Christians; there’s plenty of religious diversity in the world, so show this in your RPGs. Have Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhi, etc. Have varying intensities of holding to their religion (one character might be more intense in the following of their religion than another character). Do your research and expect your members to, as well.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH! – we don’t expect you to know everything. If for some reason, you’re unsure about the inclusion of a character whose culture, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, or general quality of life you’re not sure about, or scared of portraying/writing about, do you research. Ask people about it, read posts about personal experiences, just do your research, and expect your members to, as well.

Do you find these rules absurd or stifling? Then #incrpg is probably not a place you want to post in. Do you think some of these rules are good, and others are “kinda pushing it”? Then again, this tag just isn’t for you. There’s loads of tags for you to promote your RPG in, I’m sure you’ll have success in those. However, if you feel you can keep to these standards and find the rules attached to this tag reasonable, and you’re able to translate these things into your RPG and the characters you make, then we encourage you to post your RPG in this tag.


  • PROMOS – this is for promotions only. That means, a picture and a prompt, and links to important information you want people to see immediately.
  • NO UPDATES AND APP COUNTS AND SUCH – very simple; this tag is not for your updates or little notes to prospects, because it doesn’t tell anyone about what your RPG’s about, and it’s just garbage people have to wade through.
  • CHARACTER BIOS – are you a bio or skeleton RPG? Then you can post bios in this tag, as long as you don’t spam or flood the tags.
  • PROMOTION SPEED – be aware of how active the tag is; if there’s several posts a day, then you could, in theory, show your promotion once a day to make sure people know the RPG is still active. Promote according to what the tag is offering in terms of speed; it’d be disappointing if the tag were to show your promotion several times in a row, and it’d be annoying to prospects too, undoubtedly.


Obviously this tag won’t work with some community effort. If you, as a prospect, find these rules absurd, then just don’t go into the tag, because it’s not for you. If you stand by these rules, then try to promote it through word of mouth; let others who stand by these standards know that there’s a tag dedicated to them, their needs, and all-round inclusivity. The only way this tag (and, eventually, the RPGs that post in it) will succeed is by promoting it and being active in it.

Aside from that, this should serve as a community tag, and it shouldn’t just be one person making sure the RPGs that post in this tag uphold the standards provided in the rules. This should be a community effort, and if an RPG posts that breaks these rules, don’t hesitate to contact them to make them aware of this post and the rules provided.

Have anything to add to this post? Reblog it with your comment. Do you feel the rules need to be revised in some way, or an important inclusion point was missed? Shoot me an ask! Want to complain to me about how this is reverse racism or cissexism or whatever else? Contact me and allow me to block you!

so i was rping with @ravenpember-dtd  with spell and her character ron


for those of you who dont know ron is dating octis older brother suffix so when spell found out they both just started gushing so much about their boyfriends it was so cute and adorable (and may have started talking about the sin that happends)

ron belongs to @ravenpember-dtd

spell belongs to me

and suffix and octi belongs to @foreverafterall

Consent and “Muh Immersion”

If you believe your immersion is more important than the comfort of your Roleplay Partner, and you do not ask them their limits regarding Dark, Mature, Graphic, or Psychologically Ghastly situations, you are a a dickbag.   

OOC Communication is not a bad thing.  Fucking do it. Especially if your story includes things that may make people uncomfortable.  Some people aren’t comfortable with rping sexual situations, some people aren’t comfortable with excessive blood and gore, some people aren’t comfortable with torture.


Someone is playing a law enforcement officer.  This does not mean they are automatically okay with dealing with rape, child molestation, murder, and otherwise.  They are PLAYING.  A CHARACTER.  They are NOT.  An ACTUAL.  LAW.  ENFORCEMENT.  OFFICER.

Someone is playing a villain.  This does not mean they are automatically okay with excessive torture scenes of their character by law enforcement.  This does not mean they are okay with execution.  This does not mean they are okay with certain methods of treatment.  However, because they do horrible things, it does NOT mean in ANY way they are OOCly okay with, or commit, acts of rape, murder, torture, terrorism, or otherwise.  THEY ARE PLAYING.  A CHARACTER.  THEY ARE NOT.  AN ACTUAL.  CRIMINAL.

Someone is playing a priest.  Their character is a healer.  This does not mean they are automatically comfortable with dealing with incidents of rape, excessive, graphic, gory violence, or otherwise.  THEY ARE PLAYING.  A CHARACTER.  THEY ARE NOT.  AN ACTUAL.  PRIEST.

There are always exceptions to this, always, but regardless if there are exceptions that does not mean it automatically makes it okay to throw people into situations simply because of the character they play.  Talk about your shit.  Talk to your RP partners.  Make sure they are comfortable.  It makes you a respectable human fucking being.  And even if they say they’re okay with certain things.  Check in with them.  Make sure they’re alright periodically.  If they say they’re uncomfortable, curb the way the situation is going and accommodate them.  They will remember it, and they will work towards accommodating you.


Communication goes both ways.  If you don’t tell people you’re uncomfortable, and you continue with the RP, you have no right to go around and say ‘Oh I was treated awful’ and begin a witch hunt over a person that had no idea that you in fact -were- uncomfortable.  If they have done everything above, and you were not honest with them, you have no leg to stand on in your claim.  Especially if they have screenshots proving the issue.

TL;DR: Fucking ask for consent you windy queefs.

see you in a few months, folks!

if everything works out for me, it’ll be less than you think. i’ll probably be back here on september, most likely towards the end of the month. if it DOESN’T work out ofr me, you won’t see me until the end of january. i know, a long fucking time. which is why i’m making this post. 

i simply love this blog & my other blogs. i love being here, i love RPing, interacting with amazing people and getting to know other amazing people. it’s been awesome. but there’s a certain point in your life that other things have to be prioritized. it sucks, I KNOW. but it’s gotta be done. this same post (with a few tweaks) will be posted on my other REALLY active blogs;

my blogs are: @nctbitten, @honnleathrose, @stillsinging, @toughsonofabitch, @ofcrawley, @ofhighever, @ofadventure, @ofkirkwall, @leecverett;

for more information on why i am leaving, if you’re interested, click the “read more”.

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How to be Hated by An RP Community: A Guide for Assholes by an Asshole

Do you RP?

Do you hate being ignored when facing the slightest bit of emotional distress?

Do you enjoy having people notice your characters but hate the pesky effort of treating your peers like actual people?

Congratulations, dear reader! You’ve taken the first step in becoming despised by every roleplayer you come into contact with! This truly is a thrilling and triumphant chapter you’re stepping into. Why there are many perks to being your grade A RPing asshole, which include crippling self esteem, isolation, depression, damaged eating/sleeping habits, decreased work quality, lower grades, loss of contact with loved ones, and even permanent emotional trauma! For some of us, this all comes naturally. However, some wide eyed newcomer walking into the RP community might not understand the basics of becoming a massive thorn on everyone’s side.

With just five easy steps, you too can become the grade A asshole your mother spent hours in labor forcing out of a narrow vulva while sobbing in sheer agony.

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anonymous asked:

Soooooo, do you roleplay? If so, would you say yes if a smaller blog came to ask if you want to roleplay with them?

oh gosh in the fandom I only been RPing to 3 people! One is improptu crazy afterdeath rp- one ended SUPER DUPER awkwardly without knowing what to add- and the other is for the sake of shipping our children.. X”D BECAUSE I ABSOLUTELY JUST DON’T DO IT :’3333333

I prefer art chain any day..

it’s a rare occassion tho :’33