rping 101

Trim your posts, guys.

I know it’s a small thing, but it can actually lose you followers - believe it or not.

I mean seriously … who the hell can read this:

And it gets a bit infuriating when you have to scroll for five minutes on a laptop or computer - but it’s heartbreaking when you’re on your mobile or app.

You don’t know how to trim your posts?

That’s fine. It’s simple. When things are getting a bit long for me, I go to reply above my partners, highlight everything up as far as beneath their linked name and delete it:

Also, I know when you’re on mobile, you can’t really trim your posts. I don’t generally use an app. I use the internet function on my phone to log into tumblr, then select the ‘standard’ view on the bottom of the screen - it lets you change your post back to text when it’s automatically changed to link when you reblog.

It saves on some trimming.

And if you’re RPing with someone who’s on mobile and you’re on a computer - do the decent thing and trim the posts every so often :)

RPing 101

Because when I first started, I was too shitless to ask anyone for pointers or help :)

  • If someone follows you/follows you back, do a starter. Even if it’s only a gif and a single sentence - do something. That’s the only way you’re going to start interacting with people.
  • If someone has dashes (-) in the url, leave them out in the tag, otherwise they won’t know you’ve tagged them: wipe-my-ledger-clean = wipemyledgerclean.
  • Read the ‘about’ sections before you interact - their character might be AU, comic-verse or movie-verse, you won’t know unless you check first ;)
  • Always reblog as a text post. tumblr has an awful habit of changing things to link posts. If you get a little confused, just look to the top of the page, you should see a button that says 'reblog as…’ click that and select text post.
  • If your text posts get long, please skim them down, it clogs up the dash - and people may get tired of scrolling past. What I do is, when the posts start to get long and one letter a line, I select everything above my partner’s last post and delete it before adding my new reply.
  • There is a very fine line between reminding someone and tormenting them. Sometimes people get caught up with other RPs, sometimes they can’t find a way to respond to a reply. Reminding is okay, but seriously guys - don’t start sending messages every couple of minutes, I can guarantee you’ll end up making the person feel extremely guilty and they might not want to continue RPing with you.
  • Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, just jump into someone else’s thread. Not unless you’ve been asked to jump in, or you’ve plotted/asked for your character to be included. It’s kinda rude.
  • Do not steal other people’s headcanons. Please. People put an awful lot of effort into these, and the point of them is for you to develop your character and discover headcanons of your own. Each character is supposed to be unique - take the time to put the effort into your own, you’ll find you’ll have better grasp of the character.
  • Don’t criticise someone else’s interpretation of a character - to each their own. Respect that.
  • If you don’t want to put smut under a read more break, let people know on your account, just a quick word saying it might be nsfw (not safe for work) will do fine.
  • RPers - make sure you’re above the age of consent before RPing smut - it might sound completely ridiculous in an age where everything is sexualised, but seriously. You mighn’t think it’s a big deal, but it’s the older RPers who can get in to some serious shit because of it. It’s not fair.
  • Don’t sit there bemoaning the fact that no one interacts with you - do you reply to the open starters others post? If not, then you can’t really complain. That’s why people post them.
  • Anon hate? Smile, be polite and tell them to go fuck themselves. Then fuck themselves sideways - we’re here because we enjoy RPing, if they don’t like it, that’s fine. But who are they to tell us to stop doing something we enjoy?
  • Know the difference: passed/past, you’re/your, there/their/they’re, it’s/its. Small, but it makes a big difference.
  • If you’re going to be using different languages in your RPs, have some consideration for the people who might be following the thread, or your partner themselves - we’re not all multi-lingual. And it gets a bit tiresome switching tabs between tumblr and google translate. If you’re going to use it, then do hover text :) It’s simple enough: type in/paste in the words you want in the chosen language. Highlight the words and go to the 'insert link’ button. When the window opens up, write the English translation in the 'title’ area, then press insert. Now when a person holds their cursor over the words, the English translation will hover show up for them alongside the cursor.

And have fun :)

Hover Translation/Text.

Ever since tumblr changed its layout, it’s a little harder to do hover text. Whereas I used to just slip in a title for the link, with no link, it’s now compulsory to include a link :(

Start off as usual - I generally end up using Russian on my RP account, so I’ll stick with that for now. 

  • Go to your translator as usual, I use google translate.
  • Paste and copy your translation into your text post.
  • Highlight your translation and go to ‘insert link’.
  • Paste/type the English of your translation into the title area.
  • I generally type 'here’ into the link part - it’s easier to spot against the html later.

  • Press 'insert link.
  • You can leave it as it is now, the translation will show up when a cursor is hovered over the word. But I border on OCD at times - and I personally don’t like having a link there that doesn’t go anywhere.
  • Go back to the tool bar for the post and click on <html>.
  • Don’t freak out if you haven’t done it before - the text is supposed to change colours and appearance and the gifs don’t show up.
  • Find where you typed 'here’ and delete the link part from the html, leaving just the title part:

  • Now you can press post reply and the translation will show up without there being a link to nowhere on the word or phrase :)

anonymous asked:

hey i was thinking of making a RP blog and i was wondering if you could give me some pointers and stuff

ooc- No problem! :D I have answered this before, but I don’t know where to find it so I am just going to make this one and tag it properly so I can link it if I ever get this question again. OKAY :D Lets get started. ( I am no expert AT ALL. I am just telling you what I have gained and learned. )

1) Develop your character. 

DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT WITH IT. Really. You can RP your character how ever you want. Try to  still have the essence of your character ( If they are brash, dont make them shy unless its a special situation, if they are shy, don’t make them overly confident etc..) but you can make them any ‘version’ you want. If you want them to be silly, go for it. Serious, go for it. Its YOUR interpretation of the character. If you are having fun with it, then you are doing it right. 

2) Interacting. ALWAYS be nice to people ooc.( Asking for a role play, asking questions ect.) If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Never insult someones RPing and if you even think about sending hate, then you are not welcome. Other than that we are all accepting of every one and anyone. We will be your family instantly. We all have to stick together. 

3) Rping its self. Okay there are a few parts.

a) Different kinds of Rping. 

There are 

  • askbox RPs. - when someone leaves you an ask as their character and you respond in character and then the next ask they send will be in correspondence to your last reply
  • Short answer/ pic reply RP- This is when you start an RP thread as a text post and your reply will be short and sweet and or consist of 'reaction’ pictures of your character. So a lot of the context of the response will be taken from the emotion of the picture/gif of your character. 
  • Normal RPs ( Idk what to call these threads) - This is a RP that consists of an idea and plot and you go back and forth with your partner with good chunks of writing. This consist of more action description than dialogue like the short response threads. You dont usually use pictures here, so it is important to describe what is going on.

b) Normal RPing. 

1) If you want to RP with someone, JUST ASK :) Most people will be friendly and love to, or politely explain why they cant. DONT get offended if you are turned down. Sometimes people will have already too many RPs going on or have some already being planned and do not want to take on more than what they can handle. Dont let it put you off. Just move on and ask someone else :) 

2) Make sure to ask someone before making them a starter. You dont want to pressure someone into an RP. ASK. And make sure you have an idea in mind so the other person has an idea of what the plot should look like. While it isnt required, it is curtious to at least SOME inkling of an idea since it is YOUR propisition to them. 

3) RPing takes muse. DONT be offended if someone hasn’t responded. They either have other RPs to work on, are busy, or want to take the proper time to give you a worthy response. Sometimes if you are in sad mood, you wont have the drive to respond to a fluffy RP. So give them time. They are probably not ignoring you. Most people dont do that. You can send them a nice reminder that you responded or made the starter. If you feel like they may have forgotten about your RP ( only if it has been a few days, not a few hours) then again it is fine to send them a nice polite reminder. Most people will appreciate it. I know I tend to be forgetful. >_< So a reminder helps sometimes.

3) Actually RPing. 

When you make a text post, make sure to tag it accordingly so it is easy to find. Also tag your partners name so they can find it as well. It will be 10 times easier for you if you are organized. 

When you are replying. MAKE SURE TO REPLY AS TEXT POST. I cannot stress this enough. 

AT the top of the post when you hit reblog, you will see this. 

Sometimes it will already say 'Reblog text’ depending where you are rebloging from, but a lot of times it will say 'Reblog Link’ MAKE SURE TO HIT  "REBLOG AS “

then hit 'as text’

Then it should say "Reblog Text”

This is what it will look like if you make your own text post

THEN you can start with your response. ( That is also an example of a good way to title your RPs)


That is what I have for now, and if I think of more I will add it. X) If you have a specific question, don’t be afraid to ask your RP partner. Im always here for advice as well :)

Hope this helped!

Rping etiquette 101: Trim your posts!

Here’s a post that’s been replied to. If you keep adding to it, it’ll get messy as fuck. You don’t want that. No body wants to scroll through that.

So what do you do? Highlight your part of the reply, including your URL and delete that bitch. Takes five seconds tops.

BOOM! Look at that! Much neat. Very wow. Easy peasy pumpkin squeezey pumpkin pie motherfucker. Now reply to that thread like the boss ass bitch you are.

// Post originally from saeva-femina and shortened for the sweet stuff as I know many of you guys are just starting out. Trimming your posts is very important as it keeps people from having scroll for miles, keeps mobiles from crashing and makes replying that much easier.

No Jumpies, okay?

It seems rather obvious, no? 

Don’t jump in on someone else’s plot.

Not unless you’ve plotted with said person to include you in that plot, or if you’ve already organised for your characters to discuss that specific plot.

If you see an open started - work away, jump in, play :) That’s what open starters are for. Generally if someone posts an opener, they’re at a loose end and they want to RP anything.

However, if you see your RP partner having a discussion/argument/whatever with someone else - don’t just jump straight ahead and throw out a starter about their conversation. The thread is between two people - it’s a private conversation, and unless you’re a mind-reader (mutant or telepathic) then you don’t know they’re having that conversation.

It’s a small form of god-modding … and I hate using that term. But you’ll end up suffocating your partner guys :(