Just my SAABs!

My blog has been changed to incorporate all my SAABs. Having just the old Classic here was nice, but I feel like all three of them deserve to be here. Here is a short introduction to my SAABs:

SAAB 900i 8v - this Classic 900 in Cirrus white is a 1987 model with the old style brakes and seats. The car has no turbo and hence is rather slow for a modern SAAB. Because of this the car is great for weekend cruising and just relaxing behind the wheel.

The car is originally from Belgium, was ordered under the SAAB Diplomatic and Military Sales Program. The first owner was a Belgian soldier. The second owner was German and the car was registered in Germany. The third owner, also a German, bought the car, registered it in France (he lived right across the border with Germany) and owned the car for ten years, it was his daily driver. He repaired all body rust, installed a new red velour interior and a four spoke Nardi steering wheel. Thanks to him the car is in excellent shape.

This SAAB has 255,000 kilometers (158000 miles), and starts everyday. The car has no catalytic converter so it’s probably the worst polluter.  I bought the car in May 2012 in Sarreguemines, France.

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900 SE Turbo - a 1995 model in Imola Red, this was my first SAAB. I bought the car in Fairbanks, Alaska in May 2010. When I bought it it had only 32,000 miles and was in truly mint condition, unbelievable! It was love at first drive!

This car proved to be all I needed in a car: fast, comfortable, economic, reliable, very cheap to run, and with a huge trunk. I could not ask more from a car.

In October 2011 I drove this car from Alaska to Alabama, then in December I shipped the car to Germany. It is now here with me, prowling the Autobahn and enjoying being an Alaskan SAAB in Germany. It currently has 75,000 miles.

Unfortunately this SAAB is now for sale because my wife and I are expecting our first child, and we needed a bigger car. Hence the next SAAB.

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9-5 Aero Sport Combi - my newest SAAB, has joined the stable only two days ago. A big four door wagon in black, the typical German Autobahn burner, this one a Swede. It’s big, super comfortable (like any SAAB), and with over 235 horsepower on tap it is fast. This Aero is fully loaded, with seat cooling system and premium sound.

This car has had an interesting story. It was originally sold in Switzerland, bought by a banker who worked for UBI. The car was apparently traded for another car years later at the Hirsch SAAB dealership in Switzerland, and then Hirsch sold the car to the German SAAB dealership Heuschmid. At Heuschmid the car was the owner’s wife’s daily driver. At almost 200,000 kilometers on the odometer Heuschmid replaced all the wear items on the engine, transmission and suspension. It was then sold to the last owner who kept the car for two years, driving only 20,000 km in two years.

It is now mine, and will be my family prime mover, with enough room in the back seat for mom and the baby. No more two doors only for me (at least not for a while…).

Despite the 220,000 kilometers (136,700 miles) the car feels like almost brand new. I test drove four other wagons when buying this one (a BMW 525i Touring, a Volvo 850 R Wagon, and a Volvo V50 Wagon, and a SAAB 9-5 SE SportCombi), and none of them came close to being as good as this one on that price range.

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So those are my SAABs, currently three of them, soon just two. When that red NG900 is gone I will miss it a lot!