Trabalhando no meu atual projeto, Ren’s Life. Quem me acompanha há um tempo deve saber do que ele se trata, mas resumidamente é um remake de um jogo que fiz há muito tempo atrás. 

O jogo terá esse como principais atrativos o visual rústico, e seus sistemas complexos, todos programados por eventos. Mesmo assim, A história, OST, e gameplay não ficarão por trás também.

O primeiro capítulo da saga contará sobre uma prisão de magos, onde todos eles são tratados como escória pelas forças do planeta inimigo que derrotou as nações deles e os exilou no complexo de ilhas-prisões. 

Mais informações em breve!

All the sprites I made in the OFF fangame, HOME. It was a lot of fun to try out Mortis Ghost’s monochrome sprite style. The enemies that weren’t in that art style was the Pathogen Virus (the one with the Gatling gun for a tail).

The Dead head and the two Narwhals, if I remember right, are originally by The Judge and remade by me. (Sorry, I left out the spider. Here he is!)

hI HELLO I DONT mean to bother anyone but im having real trouble playing any games with rpmaker2003!! everything sets up perfectly fine, but whenever i actually open the game, i can’t move the character or select anything at all.

the only time any action occurs is when i switch a window and then click back on it, but even then, the character only moves one tile in a random direction.

ive searched far and wide for a solution, but while many other have had the same problems, the only thing they said worked for them was to uninstall, then reinstall the program, restarting their computer as well. i’ve done that at least 5 times already.

this had been bothering me for months, any help is greatly appreciated!! i hate to put this in the OFF game tag, but that’s one of the main ones i want to play, and rory says someone here might be able to help (plus the actual rpgmaker tag is pretty inactive…)