Iter Itineris v0.03.2 has been released!

This is a minor update. No worlds or progress to the story have been added yet.

This version includes:

  • Modified footsteps
  • Modified some NPCs
  • Fixed minor glitches
  • Fixed a glitch where you can access the menu on the load screen.
  • Fixed a game-breaking glitch that makes your game crash after popping the vein (in the Fleshy Cave) that blocks the way to a XenoVision.
  • Changed Matrix’s dialogue to properly match the storyline.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?mk8kpfu4a06g3a4

hI HELLO I DONT mean to bother anyone but im having real trouble playing any games with rpmaker2003!! everything sets up perfectly fine, but whenever i actually open the game, i can’t move the character or select anything at all.

the only time any action occurs is when i switch a window and then click back on it, but even then, the character only moves one tile in a random direction.

ive searched far and wide for a solution, but while many other have had the same problems, the only thing they said worked for them was to uninstall, then reinstall the program, restarting their computer as well. i’ve done that at least 5 times already.

this had been bothering me for months, any help is greatly appreciated!! i hate to put this in the OFF game tag, but that’s one of the main ones i want to play, and rory says someone here might be able to help (plus the actual rpgmaker tag is pretty inactive…)


This is an RPG game that I have been working on for the past 2 years. It’s called Dubstep Dragons! I made it with RPG Maker 2003! #DubstepDragons #RPGMaker2003 #Raze #Albert #Burns #Klaus


we return after some time to the Haunted Art Museum and the little girl locked away welcome back to Ib.

Today we continue our exploration of this strange scary Museum, and find a unlikely companion.