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February’s Featured Game: Aria’s Story

GENRE: Horror, Puzzle, Exploration
WARNINGS:  Blood, minor jumpscares
SUMMARY: Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Voice Acting Casting Call

As I’m restarting the portraits, characters, and redoing parts of the game, I realized that I am in need of voices for some of the other major characters. In order to avoid spoilers/etc, none of these characters will be named. They’ll be given nicknames to avoid confusion.

In order to audition, either send a demo reel or some samples of the voices/noises listed below to nedrasdeveloper@gmail.com. This project will not be using full lines but rather the sound effects like in Mad Father and Pocket Mirror. It is important to note, this is a volunteer project. Additional sounds may be needed. Voice actors will have the option to beta test as well.

= Odile =
“Odile” should have a lifeless sounding voice that is very soft spoken. When she is angry, her voice becomes stronger and coarser.

1. Sigh (Annoyed)
2. “Hmph!”
3. “Tsk.”
4. Distressed/Crazy Laughing (Need one that’s quiet and another one that’s loud.) [If you need examples look up Higurashi laugh collection!]
5. Quiet Sobbing
6. Distressed Screaming 
7. Distressed Sobbing

The “Odile” voice accounts for two different characters.

= Odette =
“Odette” should have a normal sounding voice. I’m not looking for anything too specfic for her voice, so it’s very open in terms of choosing the audition voice.

1. Huh? (Confused)
2. Sigh (Annoyed)
3. Distressed/Crazy Laughing (Need one that’s quiet and another one that’s loud.) [If you need examples look up Higurashi laugh collection!]
4. Quiet Sobbing
5. Happy Laugh
6. Quiet Sobbing
7. Angry Grunt (I’ll find an example if one is needed.)

The “Odette” voice accounts for two different characters.

= Anabel =
“Anabel” should have a high pitched cheerful voice. Think of the moe sounding characters you’d hear.

1. “Huh?” (Need one that’s confused and another one that’s sad.)
2. “Ah!” (Need one that’s surprised and another one that’s scared.)
3. Scared Shriek
4. “Hmph!” (Annoyed)
5. Smug Laugh (Can be quiet, loud, or crazy. Just make it memorable!)
6. Quiet Sobbing 

The “Anabel” voice accounts for one character.

…And that’s all! The total voices that needed to be cast are five roles. Any of the people who audition and get said role, will be listed in the team page as one of the said voices. They will also get credited in the read me file with whatever links they want. Once the game is released you will be credited with the proper name of your character. Thank you so much if you have any interest and thank you so much if you read to here as well! 

Blue Dreams (Re)Announcement

Blue Dreams is an adventure game being developed in RPGMaker VX Ace. You explore the daily life of a boy named Lac as he interacts with his family. Following the path of the previous game Dreaming Mary, Blue Dreams will have many secrets to discover for those who look to find them.

Blue Dreams will be a very pretty game with lots of heartwarming family interactions. When you’re done playing around, just go to bed and sleep. Easily you’ll have beaten the game! Hurray! For people who hate horror, as long as you follow my instructions you’re guaranteed a good ending with nothing scary! For people who crave the scares… why would you want Lac to experience such horrible things? Isn’t his happiness good enough for you? Don’t dare take away the memories of his dreams just to replace them with a nightmare, or the consequences will be on your hands.

Development is now moving into the programming and graphics-making stage. No new information will be provided until the final stages of the game, where our new ask blog will open and accept questions. As was done in Dreaming Mary’s final development phase, relevant questions asked during this period will be included in the game’s radio! Please look forward to it.

The release date is set this year.

The game format and concept have been changed over the past years, so previous information regarding the game is no longer applicable.

Thank you for your patience, listeners! I guarantee that we will give you something surprising♪


May’s Featured Game: TRÄUMEREI

GENRE: Horror, Exploration
WARNINGS:  Suicide
SUMMARY: One day, a young boy wanders into the woods with only the twisted, mangled remnants of dreary branches obscuring the bleak horizon. As the sun starts to set beneath ruby-red clouds, the boy, Noël, happens upon a desolate cross-bridge atop a river of blood. Upon crossing over it, he finds himself standing by a gate wrought from stone.
Confronted by the fantasies his beloved grandmother read to him as a child, the boy finds himself lost in a dark ‘Wonderland.’ However, all is not that it seems.
While exploring, Noël must gather the memories of those forsaken souls who roam lest their hearts shatter.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Scraping an update together is a bit tough right now, since I’m mainly dealing with plotty and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, but look! I made a a revamp to the “health” bar from the demo so that it looks a little more polished, hopefully, and also sits at least a little bit further out of the way. Also little balloon animation for when you lose (Or gain) points.

I also went and got a multiple parallax script running and man, I like it waaay better:

This script makes my dinner and does my taxes and tucks my children into bed at night. I love it. I love you, multiple parallax. Where have you been all my game-making life.

Sorry for the shitty gif quality but my computer’s not wanting to cooperate, so it’s a bit stuttery. Anyhow! I’m also finished with (most) of the revisions to the first part of chapter 2, so there’s some progress. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.

An Untitled Story-Character Introduction

(Sorry for the bad english u.u)

Name: Bruno
Likes: ???
Hates: ???
Age: 15

A calm boy who rarely shows emotions

Name: Muriel
Likes: Sweets
Hates: Evil People
Age: 11

A gentle and innocent girl

Name: ???
Likes: Eating dreams, The Doorman
Hates: ???
Age: ???

A Wolf(?) Who says he knows how to get out of the land of dreams

Name: Doorman
Likes: Wolf(?)
Hates: Everything
Age: ???

The doorman of the dream world. Always seems to be tired or unmotivated

Name: Do not have
Likes: Money / Staying together
Do not like: ???
Age: ???

Sellers of the dream world, not much is known about them

Name: Charlotte
Likes: …
Hates: …
Age: …


October’s Featured Game: Konstandin

DEVELOPER(S): Team Galanx
GENRE: Horror, Exploration, Romance, Mystery, Drama
SUMMARY: One year has passed since the 26 year old Rinor Avdiu and his wife Aulona moved to a village called Buroja. The couple tends to live a relatively happy marital life, though the village seems to have an old eerie legend in which Rinor is unconsciously taking part in. The legend of a cursed knight, called Konstandin. The story revolves around Rinor who tries to find the meaning behind it, while he faces deep mental and horrific challenges.

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Ahhh well I know this isn’t a lot, but here’s a shot of what I’ve been working on. I’ve been jumping around a lot and… getting a bit sidetracked on what I develop, but I’m liking how this area’s turning out (And it’s a pretty important one, too. Saying more would be spoilery.) 

I also made a ref of Traveller here:

Here’s the sad potato child. I’m not… real crazy about it, but here it is. I’d like to do one for DC as well as some point, but atm I gotta do that work :U

Anyways, thanks for hanging around!