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i saw you made an rm2k3 game, and I was wondering if you could help me with something?? I'm trying to import my own tile/chipset and it won't show up so I can't use it. Sorry to bother you..!

Oh no it’s alright! it actually took me months to figure this out so i’ll write you a little tutorial! c:

Okay so you’re gonna need an art program that’s able to change color profiles. Photoshop, Irfanview, but what I used is Gimp and honestly I think it’s the best.

I’m gonna assume you have your chipset already finished, so for the people who don’t, here’s a handy dandy tutorial on doin’ that.

Okay so now you have your chipset. So what you want to do is open Gimp, and then open your chipset. (I’ll be using the indoor chipset from egg.)

So you’re gonna want to go to Image>Mode>Indexed and then make sure your settings are correct, and then click Covert.

Now go to File>Export as.. and Export your photo, replacing the original photo if you want.

After you export your photo you can close Gimp.

Now you’re going to need to open your rpgmaker2k3 folder. Go to Computer>C:>Program Files(x86)>rpg2003; then find the folder for the game you’re creating.

Open you game folder. The folder should be the name you named you game with. After you open you game folder, find the ChipSet Folder and place your exported chipset in there. Close the folder and open RPG Maker 2003.

Now that you opened rpgmaker, click the database icon (next to the 1/8 icon), and then click the TileSet tab.

Click the button under Tileset File, and the select your chipset.

Once you’re here you can change the passibility or the directional pass of each tile. Once you set that for BOTH the upper and lower layers, click Apply, then Ok.

Now you have your chipset you can edit your map! There’s different tools for you to choose so you can apply your tiles differently. Hope this tutorial helps! If you have any questions you can just ask me!