I was asked on how to do a ‘painted’ background, but I don’t really have anything to say there. Just practice, practice, practice! Instead, I’ll just do a sidescroller map so here’s essentially what goes in to doing them. Internet connection is weak here right now, so I can’t do much. Sorry!  

First, create a parallax tileset and upload it to Resource Manager<Graphics/Tilesets

The pink area is where the player character can walk.

And after!



my game work

Looking for Artist

Hello Everyone.

I’m looking for artist who drawing pixel art. 

game format is RPG Maker MV. and genre is fantasy&RPG(little bit SF)

Just imitate my art style.

Talk to me by messege or email(kakorolling@gmail.com). Then I tell plan, story and others.

I hope someone helps me;^;

(I can talk English, Japanese)

misstooni  asked:

I'm sorry for all the frustrating anons you've been getting. I have a game related question for you! What are your thoughts about chase scenes/chasers in rpg maker (especially horror) games? Just curious~

Thank you!

I’m somewhat on the fence about chase scenes. I’ve used them kind of, but I also don’t like them?

Rpg maker 2k3 is a very difficult engine to use for things like chase scenes. 4 directions doesn’t give enough control over a fleeing character. NPCs are a little wonky with the programming and can break immersion when/if they get stuck. Making chase cutscenes is good for narrative but horrible for gameplay.

The newer versions of rpg maker like Ao Oni make chase scenes more fluid which I can appreciate. But in the platform I work in, chase scenes are clunky, especially if you decide that the player should have a chance to escape. I like the chase scene in .flow with the wall of kaibutsu that you can evade if you have the ghost effect, but otherwise unless it’s open world random like toriningen, ultimately I don’t like chase scenes and I want to make horror games that can use other methods to scare the player or intensify the mood.


HEART ROCKET is a Love Live fangame where it’s Maki’s birthday and Nico needs to find her a perfect present during school hours.

  • be a good Nico or a bad Nico
  • you can battle every girl except Maki and every girl has unique moves/skills !! (including yourself)
  • contains Nicomaki, and implied Rinpana, Nozoeli, and Kotoumi

There are 2 routes that will take about 1-2 hours to get both endings.
It was made in 3 weeks and this is my first time trying RPGMaker so I hope it’s fine. Enjoy !!

download free on itchi.io (only available for windows right now sorry q-q)


Humble Bundle currently has all of the RPG Maker Series on sale for the next 3 days.  Now’s a time to pick one up if you’ve never tried RPG Maker before, or have pirated a copy due to the price.

RPG Maker is an easy to use engine that requires no programming knowledge to make a game with.  While the engine’s main focus is on traditional RPG Making (Think Final Fantasy and ) adventure games like Pocket Mirror, The Witch’s House, Pom Gets Wifi, Ib, & Yume Nikki.  Visual novels can also be made with the engine as well.

Pocket Mirror ver. 1.1!

🎃  DOWNLOAD - itch.io  🎃  (torrent file included)

🎃  DOWNLOAD - Game Jolt  🎃  

🎃 DOWNLOAD - Rpgmaker.net  🎃  (torrent file included)

🎃 DOWNLOAD - Mega  🎃

Various bugs have been fixed as well as a few issues that have been adressed such as the mirror maze chase scene.

The bug fix list is available after the cut.

Thank you for your patience and feedback which has helped us improve Pocket Mirror! Please don’t hesitate to report bugs or issues that may ocurr! ( ^ 0 ^ )

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I spent sooooo long working on this. And I’m super proud cause it turned out great and I pretty much NEVER draw landscapes ^_^

This is based off one of my fav areas from the RPG makers MC map. I recommend you log on to the ShaBooZey server and have a look in person because my drawing doesn’t do it justice.

I’ll be submitting this to the RPG markers for an artist position. I should really work on finishing the character art I started too.