So I’m ready to talk a bit more about Project Moon. Or, as you can see from the nice title screen above, Crescent Eve.

Crescent Eve is going to be the long-term project that I’ve been subconsciously building up to for the last couple of years. Now that I have both Brave Hero Yuusha and Soma Spirits – two games that are a respectable 2-3 hours apiece – I’ve started work on something on a considerably larger scale. The best way I can describe it as equal parts Dragon Quest V and Mother 2/3, aiming to be a spiritual successor to those games’ storytelling and gameplay innovations.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon Quest V, it is something of a “Mother 3 before Mother 3” that never really got enough credit in the west for what it established. In many ways, DQV set the stage for many story-based RPGs, though it was far more a fantasy/medieval RPG than the latter.

Crescent Eve follows the story of Lunita, a young girl who lives with her mother Astrid in secluded Merryday Village, a semi-modern village gifted by the moon’s favor which brings prosperity to their lives. Every year, the denizens of Merryday  hold the Crescent Festival to celebrate their thanks to the moon.

What the denizens of Merryday do not know is that Lunita and Astrid hold a hidden secret to their way of life, and a disaster that befalls on the eve of the Crescent Festival will change their lives forever.


What I’m hoping for is a story structure similar to Dragon Quest V, in which there is a “child” chapter followed by the journey of the characters’ lives as adults. Characters that appear early in the game in Lunita’s childhood will have undergone significant changes later in the game.

My goal for Crescent Eve is at LEAST an 8-10 Hour RPG with the possibility of it being commercial. An intimidating prospect to say the least but I figure it might be time to finally cross that bridge.

Naturally, the game won’t be finished overnight. Or anytime soon. But at the rate that I am able to work on it, I hope to have a demo of the game out by Spring 2017 at the very least. I imagine the game’s development will take 1.5-2 years, considering I am only able to work on games part time in addition to my full-time job. Maybe if the demo has enough good reception, I might look into a kickstarter of some sort, but I’m undecided on that for the time being. I don’t want to make any big promises just yet.

Here’s a few screenshots for the time being. This is about two months’ worth of work, which is still very early indeed so everything you see here is subject to change and doesn’t reflect the final game. You can see some of the custom UI I’ve just finished arranging.

Anyways, I hope you’ll look forward to it. I won’t have much to show in the coming weeks, but keep an eye out for something every now and then!

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever play VN's or Horror VN's?

Not really.  I played the JOHN CENAAAAAA Visual Novel, the two LIAR LIAR games (beware: blood & gore), the RPG Maker Novella Camilia, one or two Charon games, and watched most of Saya no Uta (and then got lazy and read the end on TV Tropes), but aside from that, nope.  I wouldn’t mind trying out more of them though, I’m not sure where to start :0

If you got any suggestions, feel free to fling them at me. :)


GLITCHED is an existential RPG where the hero encounters a strange glitch in his world and becomes aware of you, the player. Alongside you, Gus, sets out on a journey to tackle the questions of existence, life meaning, self-awareness, and what it means to be alive.

Throughout the game you and Gus will have back and forth conversations about these topics. You’ll get to understand his inner turmoil as he slowly begins to realize his reality.

Interacting with the world and people is the main mechanic of GLITCHED and this is all done through the ESSENCE SYSTEM. This system allows you to earn points into six different ESSENCE alignments, each with their own morals, personality traits, and ways of doing things. 

You’ll meet characters with each of the six ESSENCES and you’ll slowly learn what kind of people fall under each- perhaps even finding your own. This system aims to look at reasoning and personality instead of strictly good and evil. The conflicts you’ll face with be grey areas where the ESSENCES clash. As you make choices and actions, the ESSENCE Gus aligns with will change and his dialogue, actions, and personality will change along with it causing the story to change and shift.

While GLITCHED does retain the core RPG elements, a lot has been stripped away and reworked. Leveling up & grinding have completely been removed. Instead of vertical progression where items and older skills become irrelevant, advancing in GLITCHED simply puts more tools in your tool box. Every battle has implications on the story and since your choices determine who and when you fight - no random encounters. Sometimes fighting can be avoided entirely. Your decisions will influence those moments where fighting is the only option.

There are many paths available and acting a certain way will change how NPCs and potential party members act towards you. Just by being who you are, you will attract and push away different people who drastically affect the story.

GLITCHED has had a very, very long development time. Almost seven years ago, I was sitting in a computer science course and created a small program where a tiny pixel character would talk and swear at you for pressing certain keys. This idea eventually morphed into the fourth-wall breaking character of Gus. After learning to program, developing ideas for the game, bringing together some friends to work on the game, a failed Kickstarter, learning how to make cohesive and workable pixel art, overhauling things, hitting the drafts boards again, a name change, and now finally bringing these concepts to social media- the game has ended up here.

Last time around I posted something like this I said, “There is a bright future for GLITCHED.” Well today we are launching a Kickstarter and releasing a two hour demo. If you have been following us through early development, thank you so much. Now, the best way you can support GLITCHED is to check us out on Kickstarter, re-blog this, and vote for us on Steam Greenlight. It’s a big step for us, but if we want to create the kind of game we have always imagined then this is our best path forward.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting GLITCHED. I have no idea what will happen in the next 30 days, but I am glad to have gotten the support from those who have helped me up until this point. 

See you next post, and stay creamy.
Nikko @enhousestudios


HEART ROCKET is a Love Live fangame where it’s Maki’s birthday and Nico needs to find her a perfect present during school hours.

  • be a good Nico or a bad Nico
  • you can battle every girl except Maki and every girl has unique moves/skills !! (including yourself)
  • contains Nicomaki, and implied Rinpana, Nozoeli, and Kotoumi

There are 2 routes that will take about 1-2 hours to get both endings.
It was made in 3 weeks and this is my first time trying RPGMaker so I hope it’s fine. Enjoy !!

download free on itchi.io (only available for windows right now sorry q-q)


After working on this on and off since, what, March? I’m happy to finally announce my fun, thrilling, and exciting RPG Maker side project that gives me something simpler to work on while learning Unity for Andromi. Its working title is

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

That’s right! Instead of letting SLHRPG’s status as a fangame that Hasbro doesn’t approve of force it into obscurity forever, I’m doing what I always said I would do: replacing all the copyrighted characters with original ones, giving me more creative freedom both on this game and with potential future projects involving these characters. And while I’m at it, I’m expanding and improving upon every aspect of the game. A refined story, improved graphics, a bit more player choice, new areas to explore, the works

And these are the game’s new main protagonists:

Melody is a kindhearted trans fox who lives out in the woods. She recently became a paladin so that she could keep her girlfriend healed while out on dangerous adventures, but she’s worried that her anxieties will keep her from being as helpful as she’d like. She’s just gotta try and stay positive. Melody’s doing her best, okay?

Allison is an adventurous and strong rabbit who’s dating Melody. She just wants to fight monsters and hang out with her girlfriend. She can be a little overbearing, and people say she loves the sound of her own voice, but she’s always reliable when it counts. She also depends on Melody a lot more than she’d like to admit

Claire is a trans cow and the leader of the bunch. She has extensive knowledge of witchcraft–possibly too much for her own good. In spite of her sometimes intimidating know-it-all persona, she’s trying to prove she’s a good friend. Unfortunately, building dangerous, monster-filled dungeons to test her friends’ skills doesn’t really help her case

The game will be releasing sometime in 2016, and until then I’ll post regular updates on my blog in the #SLARPG tag

New RPG Horrors Update!

Finally! New RPG Horrors Update 1.0 is here! 

This update features many new games added to the list! Although, not much has changed with the previous ones other than a few minor updates here and there

When information is marked with a  “???” or “N/A”, then that info is either not yet decided or not wished to be revealed to the public

Give the new games a follow! I’m sure they’d appreciate it a TON!

Anyway, on to the new games that were added! (8 New ones and 41 Total!):

*I added the number in the masterlist for the sake of easier navigation if you just wanna read about the new games!

1.  Aurora (Number in masterlist: 33)


2. Melting Moon (Number in masterlist: 34)


3. Restless Dreams (Number in masterlist: 35)


4. In The Dark (Number in masterlist: 36)


5. XII (Number in masterlist: 37)


6. Luella Fell (Number in masterlist: 38)


7. The Fireball Outfit (Number in masterlist: 39)


8. Traumerei (Number in masterlist: 40)


9. Hello Charlotte (Number in masterlist: 41)


Thank you all for reading! I really appreciate the views, please have fun~


You live in a small town surrounded by forest. It’s quiet and laid back; exciting things rarely happen here. Except, lately… your neighbours’ rabbits have started going missing. People are getting hurt. The townsfolk are whispering that there’s something strange lurking in the woods.

Being the precocious child that you are, you know that it’s totally your job to investigate. Before that, however, just getting out of town might be a problem.

Red Trees is a short RPG Maker adventure game with mild horror elements. It features custom music and graphics, a colourful cast of characters, and a lot of bunnies. It’s best enjoyed in a bright room with a warm cup of tea.

>> Download it here! <<

(You will also need to install RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to play!)


KAIMA is the story of a planet being eaten away by monsters, and a girl determined to survive. this game was made over the course of 2 months, so it’s pretty short to run through, probably no more than an hour to see everything. there are 5 endings (one is a secret!)

CONTENT WARNING: strong language, violence, cannibalism, and character death. occasional screen shakes and flashes during certain scenes.


and hey if you’re into my stuff and want to throw money at me, maybe support me on patreon!​

thanks, enjoy!! <333

The Huntress of the Hollow v1.2 - Click here to Download!
You can download Patch 5 if you prefer not to download the entire game again. c:


The Huntress of the Hollow is a short, linear, pseudo-rpg game where the battles add more flavor to the narrative than to a true rpg. It’s a slight spin on Little Red Riding Hood: a coming of age story where the hunted becomes the hunter.


Lenora Calamint lives with her mother in a small village called Pokeweed Hollow on the outskirts of a forest. She often delivers food to her stubborn grandmother, who prefers to live alone in the woods. While the forest is a dangerous place full of wolves, the village and her grandmother’s house were peaceful.

However, once a travelling, charismatic hunter decided to settle near the village and offered to protect it, the local wolves became mysteriously violent and began to attack the village in erratic bursts of activity. Due to these events, some villagers praise the hunter for his help in keeping the wolves out of their homes. The others can’t help but think there’s something suspicious about the matter. Despite it all, Lenora still has a grandmother to take care of, and so she wakes up to begin her routine of visiting her grandmother anew.

Play This Game If You Like:

  • 100% original graphics
  • Dialogue-heavy narration and storylines
  • Quick games that complete in 1hr or under
  • Female protagonists
  • Unnecessary sprint and crawl toggle mechanics that are fun anyway so sure whatever
  • Pokemon Yellow-inspired color palettes
  • Western fairytale retellings that don’t have too much grimdark
  • The color pink


Please check out the rpgmaker.net blog page for a list of reported bugs! If you find something that isn’t listed, feel free to message me here or on rpgmaker.net!