So you want to make an RPG Maker game?

You might or might not be aware that there are several engines in the RPG Maker series. I have used several of said engines and find some more convenient in use than others, but what might work for me might not work for you, so please don’t take this for a set in stone judgement of every RPG Maker version out there.

Before I talk about specific engines, I want to inform you that not all of these engines are sold in the west and some are not even available in Japan any more. If you want to release your game commercially your only option will be to purchase RPG Maker engines that are for sale on RPG Maker Web or other certified sellers, though I am going to list other engines too for people who aren’t interested in making money off of their games. 

Even if not all engines have seen official releases in the west, there are still a lot of forums and other fan sites that have resources, tutorials and fan translations of said engines. It is not my intention to link you to downloads of these engines nor am I here to judge anyone for their engine of choice, so I’m just going to go over what I know about them.

Please take into account that I am only going to talk about the RPG Maker versions that are released for PC! There are console RPG Maker versions as well, but I know very little about them and since they are not convenient for sharing your game with others, I have not as much interest in them.

On to the list!

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Teitai Shoujo (Español)

Alice es una chica que vive en la Tierra de Relojes, en el cuidado de un chico llamado Tiska.
Un día cuando las manecillas del Gran Reloj son misteriosamente dispersas, la Tierra de Vida llega a un estancamiento.
Aunque es el Trabajo de Tiska como guardián el recuperar las manecillas, Alice no puede evitar ser curiosa…

Teitai Shoujo [Chica Estancada]* es un RPG hecho por Sky Scraper Project en RPG maker 2000.

Para la sorpresa de todos, este es un RPG por turnos donde realmente tenes que pensar en las peleas.

Descarga (MEGA) ||| Descarga (MF)

El juego es enorme por lo probablemente se me paso algo mientras lo probaba así que, si encuentran algo, no duden en avisarme.

Hay un bug cuando se consiguen habilidades nuevas en batalla que hace que el nombre de la habilidad aparezca corrido. Di lo mejor de mi para tratar de arreglarlo pero no me fue posible. Espero que no les resulte una molestia al jugar.

*La traductora al ingles, Vgperson, cambio el nombre a Standstill Girl [Chica Parada].

Acá les dejo una guía (Hecha por Vgperson) de como obtener todas las habilidades y los finales.


Clock of Atonement

You play this game as a guy who stalks a girl. 
You loved that girl very much and you killed her because of your crazy love. 
A stranger gives you “clock of atonement” and you get a chance to fix what you did. 

Game Play: 
You have to find a way to save the girl by controlling time. You can interact objects in the room and it helps to change the destiny of the girl. 

Boy Ichiro's Modesty (español)

Ichiro es un chico interesado en lo paranormal. Un día mientras jugaba kokkuri-san, hace enfadar a los siete misterios que se encuentran en su escuela. Estos espíritus evitan que Ichiro y su amiga puedan salir de la escuela, para lograr salir debe enfrentar a cada uno de los espíritus.


Boy Ichiro’s Modesty (La Modestia del Chico Ichiro) es un juego de terror/semi-RPG hecho por Nekofurosiki (sitio en japones) en RPG maker 2000.

Descarga (MEGA) ||| Descarga (MF)

No es necesario descargar ningun RTP o contenido extra, ni tampoco es necesario cambiar el locale de la computadora.

Play RPG Games on your mobile device!

(Unfortunately I don’t have any access to any Apple devices and am looking at these on Android devices. Apparently, these apps are only for Android devices, but Easy RPG Player offers downloads for other platforms.)

Easy RPG Player
Easy RPG Player is a cross-platform RPG player that enables you to play on your PC, Mac, Linux, Wii, PSP and more. Only RPG Maker 2000/2003 are supported.
Web Link: https://easy-rpg.org
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.easyrpg.player
App Store: N/A

NEKO RPGXP enables you to play RPG Maker XP games. VX games are also supported.
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.kernys.rgss
App Store: N/A

Choco RPG Player
Choco RPG Player is an emulator that lets you play 2000/2003 games. Many games have been tested, and one by one the creators are testing for full functionality. I believe this is only available for Android users.
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sweetier.mrpg2kplayer
App Store: N/A

Airi’s little sister has gone missing, and the only hint about her whereabouts is a letter from the Central Academy, a school for especially talented students. Feeling that something is wrong, Airi flees from the factory she works in with her friend Luke. Are they able to find her sister from a school they are not welcome in?

Judge’s Choice is an adventure RPG maker game in development. At the moment we are working on a demo, which should be released in this spring. This is our development blog we’ll update as we make progress, so stay tuned for new information!
Makoto Mobius [Rus]

Пришло время и Макото Мёбиуса. Очередной перевод игры от Charon’а на русский.

Название: Макото Мёбиус
Жанр: Mobius Horror Adventure
Версия: 1.01
Закончено: 2013/07/30
ПО: RPG Maker 2000
Способ распространения: свободный

Сделано: CHARON (Nekofuji Kaoru)
Сайт: http://nekocharon.web.fc2.com/
Email: charon.fuji@gmail.com


Главный герой - Ватаро. Макото - девушка, которая сидит рядом с ним. Они одноклассники, которые никогда не разговаривали друг с другом.
Однажды, Макото скоропостижно скончалась.
Ватаро использует Мёбиус, чтобы спасти её, но…


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