“Heeey, Dipper, check out my sweet-ass ride!”
“Mabel…is that…is that Waddles?? Did Bill drag him into this game too?”
“Nah, brobro, I just did this quest for a steed whistle, and since my subclass is Beast Master, I get to customize. Pretty sweet huh? And his name is Waddles Jr.”

For my RPG AU. Needed to draw Mabel and her freakin boar steed. heehee, had fun with this. :D

Wendy from my RPG AU. and guys, i’m pretty sure Wendy is the “cool” symbol on the Bill’s wheel SO BATTLE AXE ICE POWERS. or snow. ICE.

i thought about pairing her up with Robbie, possibly being a zombie bard, but i think he deserves his own (and also DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN HER PRESENCE!!). ughhhh, i’m so slow at these. more to come eventually, but i might just do some sketches. compositions are hard. 


Mei in RPG!AU… a paladin from the Inashiro guild :’)))) 

The media loves Narumiya Mei (the Prince of Paladins) for his charms, looks, and outstanding strength on the battlefield. He’s also revered for his stamina during tournament battles, winning round after round without break. 

He has a very loyal fanclub that attends all of his matches. Mei’s fanclub and Miyuki’s fanclub often bicker with one another. 

See RPG!Sawamura, RPG!Miyuki, and RPG!Kuraryou


ok, i don’t really follow what goes on in the fandom, but I had fun playing with this idea of Bill Cipher trapping everybody in Gravity Falls in an RPG. Here we have Mabel as a badass sorceress and Dipper being a wimpy page. He isn’t very good at the game. Possibly because Bill gave him shitty stats…who knoooows~ Anyway, Mabel is the one keeping them alive, and she LOVES IT. Anyway, Grunkle Stan is in there too, he’s a merchant (with shady business deaaals). Or a smith. I’m debating on whether I want to make him younger and shirtless. Soos is a monk or something. maybe a barbarian? Wendy is gonna be a badass with two battle axes, Robby will be a bard that everyone dreads to hear (but he uses that to his advantage). Aaaaaand Mabel can totally call a giant pig to her. it’s Waddles. 


A lot of you asked for more RPG AU earring diagrams so here’s everyone’s right ears!! :^) eijun and mei both have high charisma stat and their ears reflect that… haha….

(i’ll do their left ears another day.. it’s not as exciting (???) since majority of these babies will have only guild earrings but miyuki and ryou definitely have some decently decorated left ears in comparison to the others)


For my RPG AU

Basically Robbie, along with everybody else, gets pulled into playing an RPG that Bill’s controlling. Of course, I obviously should make Giffany the bad guy, but I started this AU before the 2nd season started. Maybe it’s a teamup? 

Anyway, Robbie is a Bard with a subclass of necromancy. Bill’s trying to get Robbie to work for him while being kinda threatening.