Japanese Yume Nikki fans are talking about an old DVD that (I think?) is being sold that has something to do with versions 0.04 and 0.06 of Yume Nikki. I’m not sure if it’s the full versions or just footage of said versions or what, but I’m doing some digging right now to try and figure out what this is. My Japanese is limited, so I’m only able to understand the gist of the above tweets. It’d be neat if someone with more knowledge of the language could help do some clarification on this stuff. In particular: this guy seems to be talking about the old version a lot. This in particular is getting linked to a lot.

I’ll keep updating this post with any new information that I find out. Whatever you do, try not to get your hopes up; this could all very well be nothing, just footage, or, if it’s something for sale, could be bought by some greedy bastard who decides to keep all the goods to themselves.

—–7/3/15 12:46AM——————————————-

After doing some more research, it appears all the hype is indeed regarding a specific magazine issue. The issue in question is called “FreeGameStation! Vol.1″, which supposedly has a DVD disc with something pertaining to version 0.04 (or 0.06) of Yume Nikki. However, there is no current confirmation as to whether or not the disc truly contains said version(s) or if it’s just a, in the words of our beloved Uboachan, “FRAUD”. Furthermore, costs for the issue already appear to be pretty high, with one issue that included the DVD disc asking for 29,800 yen, or about $250 (U.S.). That’s a lot of money to spend on something that may or may not be there, and as of now it seems that nobody can confirm nor deny the existence of the beta, which makes things all the more sketchy. Some are still remaining optimistic, others not so much. It’s pretty much coming down to who can get a copy of said disc to finally put this all to rest, but good look finding one for cheap now that they’re in high demand. I’ll continue to update this post and post updates on my Tumblr and Twitter if anything comes up, though I’m kind of wondering if we’ve already seen all this “saga” had to offer. Oh, and here’s some translations from the Twitter page I linked to ealier. It was basically someone else following the progress of all this, but from their own perspective.

psa ; vowsrpg

  • transphobic admins, refusal to care and/or really become educated about the fact that there are more than two genders (x) (x) (x) (x)
  • slut shaming ariana grande and claiming “i’m a bitch for fun” (x) (x) (x)
  • this part was a little confusing to me, but the way that the person reporting it all told me, she said they “hate anon’d a character because they couldn’t just post an unfollow!!” as a direct quote (while also being extremely ignorant with their usage of pronouns “let’s kick her/them whatever out”) (x) (x) (x)
  • and another direct quote “ANON’D THEIR OWN RP & REPLIED ON THE DASH!!” (x) (x)
  • but evidently the anon/troll wasn’t who they thought it was (x)

this was a little confusing to me, but i’m going to direct all viewers to slytherinwritcs if they need any other clarification !! i definitely see a lot of this as problematic, with slut shaming and transphobia, and with the observation that was brought to my attention that this is all happening in an ooc kik chat “for admins & members minus two or three the admins don’t like,” another direct quote from the person who brought this all to my attention !! feel free to do as you please with this information, but when all of this was brought to my attention, it was also said that these admins can be vicious. anyway, this roleplay’s going on my shitlist, for the slut shaming against ariana grande and the transphobia and the incorrect, lack of caring when it comes to pronoun usage !!



When attempting to purchase it before, I mis-read the price of the FreeGameStation! Vol.1 Magazing (the one that supposedly has the beta version(s) of Yume Nikki) as ¥ 2,900 (or about $20)…. but the reality was that it was ¥ 29,800, or about $250 U.S. dollars.

So, it’s clear that this issue is in VERY high demand right now. The thing is that we have yet to get any clear confirmation that the beta version of YN is on said disc, meaning that buying the issue is very much a gamble. However, if you do decided to buy it, be sure that the magazine is including the DVD. Also, if you are crazy enough to spend that much, please do us all a favor and confirm whether or not the beta’s on there (…and if it is, it’d be really nice if you could share it with the rest of us. Just sayin’.)

Also, picture is related as it’s a beta screenshot of the Neon World, back when it was more open like the other Nexus worlds.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Coming to North America 2016 on PS4 & Vita


At Anime Expo, Japanese video game publisher Bandai Namco Games have announced that a localisation of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will be releasing in North America next year for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It will be a Digital release only, on the PlayStation Network Store. Digimon …

So, this is what I keep hearing Japanese YN fans mention when they talk about the older versions, so I’m thinking the DVD in this issue may be the answer to all this. I created a Japanese Amazon account, but wasn’t able to purchase it for some reason, which is odd. There’s only two up for grabs right now, but you have to be careful if you look to buy it yourself. See that text that I underlined that reads “DVDなし”? That literally means “no DVD”, meaning that if you don’t read Japanese, you may have ordered that only to be completely let down when it arrived with no DVD. I still have no idea if it’s the full versions of the game or if it’s just footage. I’m not even actually sure if this is something anyone should buy; I just keep seeing フリーゲームstation! vol.1 when searching for info, and seeing how the above magazine is the only thing that comes up when searched… well, what else could it be? If anyone else has ANY info regarding all this, please message me and I’ll add all this to my previous post, which I guess will now be a “master post” of sorts for all this. Also, if you manage to buy it with the DVD, please please PLEASE share the contents of the DVD with others, it’s not cool to get prototypes and stuff like that and just hog them to yourself. Especially with how starved the Yume Nikki community is for anything Yume Nikki-related.