Welp, tomorrow is our first meeting of my Pathfinder club for students.  I’ve already got 6 players and another kid has asked to join.  I’d probably be able to juggle it, but this kid is super good at getting on my nerves, so I’m kind of worried about it.  I told him I’ve got to talk to the current club members about it first before I decide (which has been the procedure for all the other members, so it’s not like I’m singling him out).  

The other challenge I’m facing is that we’ve been running the same campaign continuously since I started this club 2 years ago.  So now the characters are level 9, which isn’t ridiculous, but it is more difficult for new players to learn at that level.  I kinda want to start something new, but I know the players are super invested in this campaign.  I’ll stick with it for now, but eventually I’ll have to think of something.  

Since we really didn’t get to know The Warblers I would seriously love the chance to write them. I’m sure we all have our own head canons, I definitely have mine. We as writers and roleplayers are the only people who can dig deeper inside and explore all the council meetings, rehearsals, classes. All we really know is from the New Directions point of view. This could be like the spinoff we deserve yet we will never get. Who is with me?

DM:“Okay, so you knock the book out of her hands. The black hand begins to go back into the book and she regains her senses.”
Paladin:“I still have another attack, right?”
DM:“Um, I suppose so.”
Paladin:“I’m going to hit her.”
DM:“You’re going to hit the fourteen year old girl with your war hammer.”
Paladin:“She did just pick up an evil book and almost kill a party member with it.”
DM:“Uh-Huh. Roll to hit.”

Well, the PALADIN hit the ninja and hit hard. Did like half her health.

Ninja: “WHAT THE FUCK?! Oh god that hurt-”

And while people were glaring at the paladin and checking on her, she pulled out a poisoned knife and stabbed the paladin.

Rogue: “What- WHAT THE HELL?”
Ninja: “Hey, he hit me first!”

Luckily, neither of them died. They both got in trouble with their cleric (her caretaker). The most painful part was definitely the scolding and lecturing.

The idea of a gaming introvert probably sounds like an oxymoron. Gaming is social. Why would introverts ever play RPGs? Well, we do. A lot. Introverts are often very imaginative. We spend much of our lives inside our own heads. Most introverts really like escapism, and let’s face it, there’s no better means of escape than a great RPG session.
—  From Gaming Introverts by Monte Cook.
Players who want to play evil characters should try DM-ing

I’m not kidding. And I don’t mean it in a “oh, you don’t understand how hard it is, you need to step in my shoes” way. 

I say this because as a DM, you get to play all the evil characters. From the goblin minions to the Final Boss, you’re the one moving them forwards, pushing their goals and agendas. 

I’m planning a homebrew campaign and I’m having an absolute ball shaping my bad guys. (Lawful Evil is such a fun alignment, btw) When I DM’d already written at the game store, I loved revealing that the magic object had let the bad guy track the heroes or that displacer beasts exist. Or slowly, slowly revealing that all was not what it seemed. 

I don’t like to create impossible scenarios for players, and my number one goal is for everyone to have fun. But, DMing lets me talk a walk on the wild side so to speak. And fucking hell it can be fun.   

A lawful evil human of any class you like!
What’s your choice for this character?

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Super Mario RPG

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Not quite as good as the later Mario RPGs, but it did a very good job of introducing turn-based mechanics to the Mario universe and set the standard for what the RPG spinoffs could do.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the game introduced Geno, who is still the coolest character in the series.