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Intro comic thing?? for my voltron RPG au ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I honestly have no idea if I will draw more things for this au, but I drafted this a long time ago and I thought I should finish it :”D


Based on these designs I posted

Other people when they replay: Makes a new character, chooses a different background and class, romances someone else, chooses totally different dialogue options, takes different companions.

Me when I replay: Plays as the same character, romances the same person, chooses slightly different dialogue options, takes the love interest all the time.

Me playing an RPG

Me: Okay, i’m going full renegade this time. I’m going to be the most evil badass to ever walk the face of the earth.

Companion: *is slightly disappointed in my actions*


nattravn-stuff  asked:

Dream Daddy you sayyyy~ Would our "top trio" be ok? Robert A3, Mat C2 & Hugo B1?

teehee, done :D thanks buddy for asking them, it was real fun to draw them XD I have a hard time drawing expressions, that was a challenge XD

I’m really tired of hearing that bards get outclassed easily at high levels. It’s like people expect them to be able to cast spells as well as a 20th level wizard *and* fight as well as a fighter or barbarian. Like, of course they’re not going to outperform specialized classes, otherwise the game wouldn’t be balanced.

No one seems to understand that bards are meant to be a powerful jack-of-all-trades. In fact, there’s a class feature that bards get at level **2** that spells that out for the player. Bard’s aren’t supposed to be able to cast incredible spells like Wish or attack five times in one turn, they’re supposed to be able to fill every role in the party to some extent so that they can make up for any weaknesses that the party might have. That’s why they get both powerful healing and attack spells, like the literal one-shot instant kill Power Word: Kill. Bard’s are also one of only two classes that can bring characters back to life.

I honestly have no idea why anyone thinks that bards are useless or outclassed because they are EASILY the most versatile class in the game. The fact that they are both capable fighters and healers make them really good, and the bard colleges of valor and lore make them really good support characters too. The new College of Swords from the unearthed arcana also makes bards *incredible* melee fighters, and I would almost argue that a college of swords bard could replace your melee fighter or DPS while still being a good support class on top of that.

Bards get a lot of flack for being a “jack of all trades, master of none”, but everyone seems to forget that the saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none,

But often better than a master of one.”