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It’s been a while and nobody started to record our sessions until a few months after this so this is all from memory.

Context: Our DM has introduced his brother to our group, whom is playing the Lionman from my old Oz quest. Apparently he was just trying to be nice by returning my feet. (Which is awesome because I’m a huge suit of armor wearing small high heels) This is what happens next.

Lionman: *After taking off my feet* Would you kindly let me have your foot?

*Proceeds to take my slipper off and replaces it with my foot*

Lionman: So it is you!

Me: Sorry?

Lionman: The Suit of Armor that left this slipper (My foot) at the castle!

Me: Um…yes?

Me OOC: What’s going on?

DM OOC: I think he’s trying to pull off prince charming from cinderella.

Paladin OOC: Wait, does that mean my character has a romantic rival?

*Said at the same time*

DM: Probably  

Lionman: Yes

*Soon after a fight ensued over me, with the Paladin punching the Lionman, taking my other foot and giving it to me. This was the start of a shipping war between the DM and the Lionman shipping the “Armored Lion” and the Elf and Paladin shipping the “White Night”. I was on the fence with this because the Paladin is my character’s first crush, and the DM’s brother playing the Lionman is currently my secret real life crush!*

Rescue Yukina!, 2015 (started in 2014 …)
brush pen, watercolour, white pigment ink pen
14" x 11" Work-in-progress photos: 1 and 2 Kuwabara as a knight/paladin? WELL OBVIOUSLY
Yusuke as a monk? Hell yeah~
Botan as a mage? Works for me! My submission for the Yu Yu collaborative fanbook! (If you wanna contribute, you still have till Feb 5 LEARN MORE AHHH) Thank you orangisque and my sis for helping me with my screaming and crying over colour retouching. I realized afterwards I should have drawn a pile of demons in the background DANGIT And I guess this means in Kuwabara’s imagination Yusuke doesn’t have a shirt on is this a problem no I didn’t think so COMPLETE DIGRESSION, because it’s standard when I post … Yusuke makes fun of Kuwabara for a lot of things, but I totally love that not once does he ever make fun of him for his love at first sight for Yukina.
  1. He spends the majority of the Yukina rescue having a ton of fun following the other guy around beating things up, and his only comment about the two of them is “eh wonder what Kuwabara’s reaction would be if he knew she’s Hiei’s sister”.
  2. When Kuwabara’s like “I’m gonna psychically communicate with her OMG I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER NAME” all Yusuke says is “It’s Yukina”. It’s only when Kuwabara is all “HOW COME *YOU* KNOW THAT” that he goes on to retort that he actually watched the entire video.
  3. After the confrontation with the Toguro brothers, when Yukina runs up to him asking if he’s okay, he directs her to Kuwabara and runs off so they can have a private conversation (then again he really wanted to kick Tarukane’s ass)
  4. At the end of the series in the manga, when Genkai’s is flooded with demons seeking shelter, he’s the one who arranges for Yukina to find a place to live at the Kuwabara household. And later goes (to Kurama), “Oh crap, his grades are gonna tank!” lmao
Kuwabara and Yukina is Yusuke’s otp what a matchmaker /BROTP

anonymous asked:

Que tipo de videojuegos les gusta a los empleados del sister location?

Benedict es retro a morir, le gustan los juegos con graficos en sprites mas que modelos 3d, con esto me refiero a que es de juegos Arcades y Super Nintendo… quizaaas hasta una Sega Genesis. Es de portar una GBA.

Clemmy es de juegos de simulacion y estrategia, juegos como Los Sims, Animal Crossing, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, etc. Es de portar una 3ds.

Adrien es de juegos de carreras y pelea, los clasicos; Gran turismo, Mortal Kombat saga, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi, Mario Kart para no estar tan tirado solo, etc. Le gusta competir por turnos, es mas de consola que portatil.

Sidney es de RPG lijero, Pokemon, Paper Mario Saga, Mario RPG… quizaaaas un Final Fantasy pero lo termino estresando. Tambien le gustan los juegos “otome” o simuladores de citas pero eso es mas para callado. Es mas de PC.

Como bonus, Alfred gusta de los juegos de ritmo como rhythm heaven, stepmania, OSU, etc. Tambien tira al ocio con juegos de simulacion. Es mas de juegos de telefono y PC.


But alas, I was too anxious to try making custom shoes again that I just went with the first size of canvas ones I could find, and because they’re 1-2 sizes too big the fronts end up bending way too much when I walk in them. So I dare not put them on simply because I don’t want to crack any of the paint OTL;;

They were ridiculously fun to make all the same. I would absolutely love giving it another go after I look into some better techniques for working on shoes in general ;v;

Deceiver Saga II


Ranger: I’m going to roll insight check to see if I know who the Deceiver is. *rolls*
DM: What? No- *dice lands*



DM: Oh Crap.


DM: Draven (the ranger) could you come into the kitchen with me. Everyone else, stay put.

Barbarian: Whelp, nice knowing you dude.

*in the kitchen*

Draven: so who’s the Deceiver?

DM: It’s you.

Draven: it’s Me?!

DM: haha! NO. It’s that one orc warlock you guys fought when the Fellwind was revived, the Lion’s champion showed up, and the Slaver of Souls turned you into a vampire freakshow.

Draven: oh… Right. Didn’t I try to eat the Barbarian?

DM: Yup *grins* good times.

A Saga of Incompetence Part 3

Eventually they spotted the barracks and headed for them. York cast Force Storm, killing a bunch of Guardsmen and leaving open a path to some conveniently parked tanks. Leman Russ Demolishers, to be precise. Tymaret immediately jumped inside one and tried to hack it. He… rolls a crit fail. The tank hacks him instead, and gives him machine-herpes. Undeterred, he tried again on another tank and this time succeeded.


He then proceeded to make it rotate on the spot firing wildly every which way, destroying homes, parts of the scenery, and a few of the other tanks. York - who did know how to drive but was too big to fit into any of these human vehicles, eventually worked out he could Thought-Send instructions to Tymaret. This worked, but at the same time caused Tymaret to become Frenzied, driving at full throttle at the barracks and blowing the shit out of them. The resulting crater revealed a bunker at the bottom of it, and a quick Psyniscience test proved that their original targets were still alive in there. The only question was how to get them out.


York attempted to use Mind Control multiple times to just get them to open the door, but instead only succeeded in making himself faint. Tymaret attempted to bluff them out, but wasn’t exactly convincing. Once York had woken up he tried Mind Control yet again, but this time managed to make himself afraid of the building itself and ended up backing away in terror and unable to summon the willpower to approach again. It was all down to Tymaret. Tymaret looks at the bunker, then looks at the remaining tanks.


One lascannon shot later, there’s a nice convenient hole right through the bunker wall. With York still too frightened to instruct otherwise, Tymaret merrily goes about pouring promethium fuel through said hole and tossing a match in after it. Flaming screaming death ensues.


But of course, the rituals hadn’t been followed, and the Gods took their revenge on York, agonisingly transforming his body to give him a crablike walk.


It was not a good day for the Sorcerer.