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Hand painted and felted dice boxes for sale!! £11.35 for uk 🇬🇧 ((will be more for other countries))

Only a limited amount left - 2xGreen, 2xBlack, 2xGrey, 1xBrown and 1xPink !! The same goes for the felt!! Only one set left in the green and the blue!! Plenty in the red, black and grey though 👍🏻

Can easily fit a bunch of tabletop needs, as well as at least 6 sets of dice 🎲!

Message me for more information!! Get them quick as I’m going away this weekend!!

Profits are helping towards prescriptions and future hospital travel 👌🏻


So, many of you have probably seen my work around the web, but have noticed that the Redbubble link doesn’t work. Well, that’s because all my stuff is over at Society6!

So jump over to my site, and pick yourself up some Final Fantasy related garmentry before it’s too late!


Dragon Quest was one of my favorite video game series growing up. Yes, I’m a nerd.

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rowantheexplorer  asked:

I'd like to incorporate some Myst-like puzzles into the D&D game I'm running, but I'm not sure how to do that without visuals for the players. Do you have any ideas on how I can introduce brain-bending puzzles without it devolving into either a math word problem or a series of intelligence checks?

My friend, Mike Selinker, has published a book all about exactly this. He makes puzzles, and has designed them for RPGs, big nerd events, and all kinds of magazines. Look him up, and I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for.

On a DMing note: whenever my players are struggling, I’ll let them make skill checks (usually INT) to get hints from me.

Amulet of Memory +2

Originally posted by theworkingcup

I always misplaced my pendrive, so when I had to take it with me to school or work, I put it on a string and hung it on my neck like a necklace, so I always knew where it is. Since I’m a RPG nerd, I used to call it “Amulet of Memory +2″ because it was a 2gb one.

And today I got a new memory stick gifted to me and couldn’t figure out what to do with it, I don’t need so many. Then it dawned me - why not make it an actual amulet of memory?


  • digitalized sigils for memory (your own or found from people on the net)
  • dried rosemary
  • dried bay leaves
  • an energetic song that you like
  • a file about something you remember really well (song lyrics you know by heart, a photo of your precious pet, a text file containing your phone number - anything)
  • a pendrive that looks pretty and has a hole you can thread a string or cord through
  • a piece of string in a nifty color that you associate with memory, long enough to comfortably go around your neck (I’d go with green)

How to

Cleanse the pendrive however you please, cast a circle if you like. Chuck it in a bowl with dried rosemary and bay leaves, and play the energetic song next to it for however long you please.

Then, load it up with the same energetic song, the sigil and memories files, and put it on the string - either by attaching a small circle of thin thread to it, and then putting bigger and prettier cord through the thread circle, or just putting the cord through the hole if it’s big enough. 

There you go, you’ve made yourself an amulet to enhance your memory and allow you to remember more things, more clearly, and forget less.

Wear it as a necklace and maybe periodically recharge by plugging it into a computer. If you want to have some actual normal files on it, I suggest making a separate folder, calling it “Core” or “Magic” and putting the spell-files in there. Also perfect for carrying your digital grimoire with you.