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Cri-Kee Xun is twenty-four years old. She is currently enrolled at Walt University as a senior. Before coming to Los Angeles, you could typically find Cri-Kee in her home town of Chinatown, Manhattan. She’s occasionally stopped on the streets for looking just like Brenda Song’s doppelganger but she insists she resembles Cricket.

+,passionate, responsible, righteous.
-, superstitious, cowardly, selfish.

background information;

When a family has nothing to their name but a little luck and a small convenience store, the members improvise to get more than what they have. Cri-Kee’s family struggled to make a living for four members, but they learned how to bend their situation into something worth living. They taught each other to make the best out of what they had and how to push their luck just far enough to win something. They lived the facade of a noble life in their world of hunger, struggles, and patriarchy. Being the second child, the daughter particularly, Cri-Kee’s needs and happiness were constantly second to her older brother’s. With so little already, there wasn’t much for Cri-Kee once her older brother got his hands on it. He got the new clothing, the new shoes, the new computer, while Cri-Kee played with rag dolls that she made herself. But young Cri-Kee was alright with it, she was content with what she had.

It wasn’t until she grew older and was exposed to the finer things that she started to want more. It wasn’t fair, how come those kids had so much more than she did? How come everything they owned was shiny and new? But Cri-Kee snapped back to her senses, remembering her place. She continued to live the life that she was born into, and she was fine. But she constantly pushed her luck, only to retreat back when things started to go wrong. She did whatever she could for her friends, acting as their protector, but when they faced real trouble, Cri-Kee would always sink back behind one of them because she knew she couldn’t handle it. She grew braver over time with the right people beside her, but when they both left her alone, she reverted back to her old ways. She wished she could be as brave as she let on, but the girl who grew up with nothing was terrified of the sacrifices and the consequences that come with bravery. She wanted to be truly selfless.

But eventually, the selfishness that was born earlier managed to take over Cri-Kee. Living in her brothers’s shadow and surrounded by things that didn’t belong to her, something snapped inside her. Cri-Kee wanted more. She was just too scared to do things herself. Nobody was around to hold her back, to drag her head from the clouds. Cri-Kee began shirking her responsibilities to play with the rich kids, the kids who had cool devices and large houses with air conditioning. But these rich kids had nothing to lose, they had everything that they needed, so they were reckless. Cri-Kee blindly followed them, and one night, she went to a party where alcohol and drugs were being passed around. She knew better, she did, but when she turned from her friends to leave, she ran into her older brother. Disappointed in his little sister, he dragged her home despite her protests and her claims that she did nothing wrong. Nobody listened to her, tired of the girl that she had become, and they sent her away to Walt, a school that they could afford, so she could learn to be a better person, somebody responsible for her own actions and responsible enough to take care of her duties.

recently played songs;

  • best coast — feeling ok
  • bridgit mendler— diving
  • sza — broken clocks


f a m u l a n ➳ Both Mulan and Cri-Kee had their problems, but together, they overcame them with big smiles on their faces. Whenever either of the two are feeling down, they’re always there for each other. Mulan reminds Cri-Kee of the value in everything that surrounded Cri-Kee, keeping her grounded when her inner monsters starts demanding more. For Mulan, Cri-Kee would put in everything she had to keep her happy and safe.

c h r i s t o p h e r m i l e s m u s h l u n g ➳ Cri-Kee thought Mushu was a bit ridiculous when they first met, bickering with him more often than cats and dogs fight. But eventually, his loud personality settled quite nicely with Cri-Kee’s quiet one, and they made quite the pair. With Mushu, Cri-Kee felt stronger and braver, like she was at the top of the world and she didn’t need anything else. But when he suddenly deserted her, something inside Cri-Kee broke and she withdrew back into the cowardly girl that she used to be. Mushu was dead to her, as well as the girl that she had grown into with him around.


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Life, excitement and a little bit of magic can be felt in the air of Buena Vista, home of Walt Disney University, a bright and lively campus full of students from every walk of life.

Come experience your next chapter of life at our lively university! With a multitude of majors and classes to study, we have all of the tools to make your dreams come true. Expand your social life with plenty of fraternities and sororities to join along with the lively town of Buena Vista Heights full of adventure.

Experience, romance, and magic await you at Walt Disney University. Explore and learn the mysteries of Buena Vista Heights and discover the majesty of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful Lake Fantasia. Make new friends and even along the way find yourself.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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