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Looking for Voice Actors: Aurora Project; RPG Maker Game


Hey there! The Aurora Project (-link-) is looking for Voice Actors! They are an upcoming RPG Maker Adventure-Horror game. (If you just want to look at the VA bit, please scroll all the way down towards the bottom.)

Tidbit: “At the age of six, Aurora hit her head and fell asleep. Unfortunately, she never woke up. She never understood anything the people around her were saying other than the lovely fairy-tales her mother told her every morning. Though as the years passed, it seemed that the girl grew restless and her mind wandered… over the long horizon.

“Far… Far… Far… Away

“Too far away in fact…”

You play as Aurora, a girl who fell into a coma. You awake in a hospital to find yourself all alone! But wait… are you? And is everything as it seems?

Some art Showcases: (Note: They have a new artist now so the style may change.)

(More here: -Link-)

Voice Actors Wanted: (Original Post: -Link- | Voxhub Post: -Link-)


  • For Oliver: End of July, 2016.
  • For Ace: Till they find the “right” voice.

Type: Emoting + Lines.

They are looking for two VAs to voice their two male characters, Oliver and Ace! This is a volunteer position.

Note: Even though the characters are male, the VA can be any gender. So feel free to try out!


Deadline: End of July, 2016.

Type: Emoting.

Age: 19
Gender: Male

Personality: Though logical, Oliver is an overly worried and anxious boy who has a pessimistic view on life. He is fidgety and flighty but is also caring and a bit sensitive.

Voice: A soft voice that sounds ambiguous gender-wise. 
Characteristics: Stutters and wavers often.

Looking for: Emoting.

  • Gasps/Grunts. | Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Pained. | 5
  • Sighs. | Upset, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Exhausted. | 5
  • Chuckling. | 2 variations of a Light chuckle and one Paranoid one. | 2-3
  • Screaming. | Frightened, and Pained. | 2
  • Coughing. | Soft, and Hard. | 2
  • Crying. | Hard, and Soft (with sniffling). | 2
  • Panicked Breaths. | Hard, and Soft. | 2-3

Note: You can send in other Sound Clips that you think would fit in character for Oliver.


Deadline: Till they find the “right” voice.

Type: Emoting + Lines

Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: A playful yet aloof person. Because he appears seedy, he seems distrustful and as if he has some kind of ulterior motive in mind… But he doesn’t seem harmful in the slightest! 

Voice: A slightly higher, mezzo-in-between-tone-of-voice.
Characteristics: Has a playful, teasing tone of voice as if he’s constantly talking to a familiar friend.

Looking for: Emoting

  • Gasps/Grunts. | Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Pained. | 5
  • Sighs. | Upset, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Exhausted. | 5
  • Chuckling. | 2 Light but Condescending, 2 Condescending, Playful. | 5
  • Screaming. | Frightened, and Pained. | 2
  • Coughing. | Hard, and Soft. | 2
  • Crying. | Hard, and Soft (with sniffling). | 2
  • Panicked Breaths. | Hard, and Soft. | 2-3

Looking For: Lines

  • “Wow!” | Condescending, and Impressed. | 2-3
  • “Bye, Bye~!” | Cheerful, and Teasing. | 2

Note: You can send in other Sound Clips that you think would fit in character for Ace.

Submitting Auditions:


Subject: *Character’s Name* Audition by *Your Name*
Within E-Mail: Add your voice files.

And that’s it! Have fun!



Vídeo en honor a las más 10.000 descargas del juego Time Traveler.
(⊃ ´ω`)⊃♥⊂(´ω` ⊂)

Una pequeña vista previa de momentos al azar del juego rpg en desarrollo Polka.
Es el segundo juego de la saga Time Traveler.
Se recomienda de manera estricta haber jugado con anterioridad Time Traveler para comprender lo que va a suceder en la historia de Polka.

NOTA: Lo mio es la creación de juegos, no la edición de vídeos. Perdí la calidad del vídeo, mi computadora es un asco. Es un odio mutuo.

🎃    DOWNLOAD    🎃     DOWNLOAD      🎃    DOWNLOAD    🎃

                     🎃    TORRENT UPLOAD   🎃

                    🎃     GAME JOLT DOWNLOAD   🎃

        🎃  MEDIAFIRE MIRROR  🎃 (it might be slow, sorry for the trouble)

We are happy to announce the official full release of Pocket Mirror! We hope everyone enjoys playing the game and please keep reading and check our FAQ for more info!

The download links above redirect to, and, respectively.

🌟 If you need a mirror link to download please let us know!  🌟

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a tutorial or a sprite sheet that allows for bigger player sprites in vx ace

This response from Liberty on the forums explains it better than I can:

Ace (and VX) reads sprite sheets without an $ in front of their name as two lines of four animation sets. That is, instead of telling itself ‘this is 32 x 32’ is says 'this sprite sheet, when divided into four across and two down, becomes a 32 x 32 grid of animations’. It’s a subtle difference, but it makes things a hell of a lot easier. What this means is that it’s not about the width or height of the cells but that of the sheet. It takes the width and says 'break this into 12 equal parts’ then takes the height and says 'break this into 8 equal parts’ and that’s what gives the cell heights/widths. Thus, if you want to make a sheet of sprites that are a different size than the norm, just make sure to have four instances of animation across and two instances down. The engine will then change the sheet to fit the 4x2 layout. Just be sure to make it exactly the size or you’ll get animations not working properly.

And here’s a large template for VX Ace.


KAIMA is the story of a planet being eaten away by monsters, and a girl determined to survive. this game was made over the course of 2 months, so it’s pretty short to run through, probably no more than an hour to see everything. there are 5 endings (one is a secret!)

CONTENT WARNING: strong language, violence, cannibalism, and character death. occasional screen shakes and flashes during certain scenes.


and hey if you’re into my stuff and want to throw money at me, maybe support me on patreon!​

thanks, enjoy!! <333


After working on this on and off since, what, March? I’m happy to finally announce my fun, thrilling, and exciting RPG Maker side project that gives me something simpler to work on while learning Unity for Andromi. Its working title is

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

That’s right! Instead of letting SLHRPG’s status as a fangame that Hasbro doesn’t approve of force it into obscurity forever, I’m doing what I always said I would do: replacing all the copyrighted characters with original ones, giving me more creative freedom both on this game and with potential future projects involving these characters. And while I’m at it, I’m expanding and improving upon every aspect of the game. A refined story, improved graphics, a bit more player choice, new areas to explore, the works

And these are the game’s new main protagonists:

Melody is a kindhearted trans fox who lives out in the woods. She recently became a paladin so that she could keep her girlfriend healed while out on dangerous adventures, but she’s worried that her anxieties will keep her from being as helpful as she’d like. She’s just gotta try and stay positive. Melody’s doing her best, okay?

Allison is an adventurous and strong rabbit who’s dating Melody. She just wants to fight monsters and hang out with her girlfriend. She can be a little overbearing, and people say she loves the sound of her own voice, but she’s always reliable when it counts. She also depends on Melody a lot more than she’d like to admit

Claire is a trans cow and the leader of the bunch. She has extensive knowledge of witchcraft–possibly too much for her own good. In spite of her sometimes intimidating know-it-all persona, she’s trying to prove she’s a good friend. Unfortunately, building dangerous, monster-filled dungeons to test her friends’ skills doesn’t really help her case

The game will be releasing sometime in 2016, and until then I’ll post regular updates on my blog in the #SLARPG tag


GLITCHED is an existential RPG. The game’s protagonist is Gus, who after an encounter with a glitch in the game, is able to communicate with you. Going against the void that is the GLITCHED, the journey Gus embarks on is about finding meaning and life fulfillment. The game aims to tackle existential questions while playing with ideas like subjectivity, nihilism, and other similar thoughts. 

Throughout the game Gus will often turn to you for advice and you’ll form a bond working together. Through these conversations you will get to better understand his inner turmoil. 

Interacting with the world is a key aspect of GLITCHED. The Identity system attempts to expand upon the morality scale other games have. In most games, morality is boiled down to good, evil, and sometimes neutral. Instead, GLITCHED takes an approach where your personality is formed through each decision or action you and Gus make. Different personalities and morals will clash with others. Through the Identity system, every choice you make will have a significantly real implications in game. 

There are many paths available and acting a certain way will change how NPCs and potential party members act towards you. Just by being who you are, you will attract and push away different people who drastically affect the story.

While GLITCHED does retain the core RPG elements, a lot has been stripped away and reworked. Leveling up & grinding have completely been removed. Instead of vertical progression where items and older skills become irrelevant, advancing in GLITCHED simply puts more tools in your tool box. Every battle has implications on the story and since your choices determine who and when you fight - no random encounters. Sometimes fighting can be avoided entirely. Your decisions will influence those moments where fighting is the only option. 

The world of GLITCHED is filled with small moments that will define you. Different ideas and cultures will clash and with the looming threat of the glitch, you and Gus will have to make many difficult decisions. 

GLITCHED has been in development for a long time and has gone through a ton of changes. The concept of the game was actually thought up around six years ago. I was taking a high school course on computer programming and created a small program where a character would swear at the user for pressing different buttons on the keyboard. After learning to program, developing ideas for the game, bringing together some friends to work on the game, a failed Kickstarter, learning how to make cohesive and workable pixel art, overhauling art, hitting the drafts boards again, a name change, and now finally bringing these concepts to social media- the game has ended up here…and we are only just beginning

There is a bright future for GLITCHED. En House Studios currently consists of two people. Nikko (that’s me) who is doing all of the artwork and scripting for the game. Justin, my close friend, will be doing the soundtrack along with game design. 

We have a lot of plans for GLITCHED. In the following few months, our hope is to release a demo with the first hour of the game. A Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight may follow the release of the demo depending on what we decide to do. 

There is still a lot that will change and I intend to keep track of the progress through social media.

If you want to support us at this stage in the game the best thing you can do for us is to reblog, retweet, follow, and spread us around. Feel free to ask us questions through any social media. We are really grateful that we have already gotten some attention. I have had some amazing moments working on this game and really just want to be able to share it. It’s a long road ahead but for the first time it seems like there is a clear path. 

Anyways, expect more GLITCHED content from us soon. Thanks for your support and help so far ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Nikko @enhousestudios
Twitter     Facebook

(All non-pixel art was done by SlaveMachine. You are still awesome)

New RPG Horrors Update!

Finally! New RPG Horrors Update 1.0 is here! 

This update features many new games added to the list! Although, not much has changed with the previous ones other than a few minor updates here and there

When information is marked with a  “???” or “N/A”, then that info is either not yet decided or not wished to be revealed to the public

Give the new games a follow! I’m sure they’d appreciate it a TON!

Anyway, on to the new games that were added! (8 New ones and 41 Total!):

*I added the number in the masterlist for the sake of easier navigation if you just wanna read about the new games!

1.  Aurora (Number in masterlist: 33)


2. Melting Moon (Number in masterlist: 34)


3. Restless Dreams (Number in masterlist: 35)


4. In The Dark (Number in masterlist: 36)


5. XII (Number in masterlist: 37)


6. Luella Fell (Number in masterlist: 38)


7. The Fireball Outfit (Number in masterlist: 39)


8. Traumerei (Number in masterlist: 40)


9. Hello Charlotte (Number in masterlist: 41)


Thank you all for reading! I really appreciate the views, please have fun~


                      IT’S THE SMALL THINGS THAT MATTER.
————————- HOSPITAL SLEEPOVER  ————————–

ᴹᵃᵈᵉ ᵇʸ ᴳʳᵃʸ

“I would describe [this] game as a fun RPG with unique mechanics and a colourful and seemingly innocent story. However, it reveals itself to have a more mysterious and complex plot than what is assumed.” - @sei666

“The choice of colours makes everything harmonious, the dialogues are both very funny and very touching. Honestly, I’m all for it.” - @spyounet

“This game making me go through the 7 stages of grieF IN A BLINK.” - @vyragosa

“pastel good adorbs (omg my npcs) also rly nice GAYm” - @yamkun

╬  Discover life and its inner workings through a calming experience. Interact with people like you. Unlock doors to different options. Discover an interesting fighting system. Learn about life, death, grief, … and even nanomedicine! Have a sweet time! I just hope that you will go the right way. Take care.   ╬

Genre: RPG, sci-fi, relaxing, (sorta) educational, Fun, Comical, and …

Time length: About 20minutes (for now)



  • Original “fighting” system, puzzles, and an interactive story.

Hospital Sleepover - (Incomplete) DEMO v. 20042 - (120.6MB - 121MB)

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