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I like Hawke and the Inquisitor. However, I AM THE GREY WARDEN. 

It doesn’t matter what Gender/Race/Sexuality/Morality I played in Origins, I AM THE HERO OF FERELDEN. 

I enjoy finding out about Hawke and following the Inquisitor’s story, but whenever I hear anything about the Warden Commander / Hero of Ferelden I sit there and think THAT’S ME.

“I think my main problem with creating a specific character in Skyrim, or any RPG for that matter, is that I never stick to the damn specifics. I always end up sneaking despite being a head on warrior, charging in with a sword despite being a mage and doing both as a thief. I fail miserably at sticking to one thing.“


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Confession:  RPGs for me are usually more about the story and dialogue than the animations and combat, tbh.( I guess, that’s why ME1 remains my favorite.) But I hate when people pull the “true Bioware fan” card because you care or dont care about one aspect of the game. Started on ME3/MEA? Not a true fan. Like / Dislike a certain character ? You don’t get it. Love/hates the animations? A true Bioware fan wouldn’t…

I’ve had bad experiences with Selena Gomez as a fc, and usually I just try and stray away from rps that accept these fcs but I am so glad I didn’t decide to turn away this one.  I’d like to thank Magenta, even though our characters haven’t interacted much Vee (@vixenvee) has won her way into my heart because she’s just adorable and ultimately I fell in love with the fc aswell so keep on being awesome!

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I'm looking for new JRPG's not horror, actual RPG's any suggestions ?

Well here’s an RPG Maker Confession for you: I don’t play a lot of RPGs.  OTL   This list is mostly me grabbing stuff from the top rated & Misao winners off of RPG Maker.net, as their users are those old school RPG nerds (bless them) who love discussing JRPG mechanics, so I believe they have excellent taste.  Here’s what I got for ya:

Feel free to add more on to this post if you have any suggestions as well :)

I honestly can’t believe queer erasure is still a thing in 2017 - and that it’s not even frowned upon by the majority. Its erasing important identity representation, and it has to stop. If anyone changes ethnicity of a poc character, all of Tumblr falls on their ass, and screams about identity erasure - as they should. But when it comes to erasing queer identities nobody even cares, and it’s hurtful.            

Thanks to Guest Graphic Maker Liz for making the confession.

Confession:  My favourite thing in all the DA games is how loading areas or picking your companions often tell you to ‘gather your party and venture forth’, a direct line from Bioware’s old Baldur’s Gate RPG series. The sole reason I ever picked up DAO was because it promised to be a spiritual successor to BG, and DAO especially did that well. I’m so glad they’ve kept nods to the old rpg series in these modern ones, while building such incredible lore, characters and stories on an older, solid foundation.

“Oblivion was the first RPG I played.  I thought the only way to regain health was potions and sleeping.  So when I entered oblivion for the first time outside of Kvatch, I would kill a scamp, leave oblivion, walk down the hill to the encampment, sleep to regain health and return to oblivion to fight the next foe. It took about 5-10 minutes each time.  I remember thinking “man this game is going to take forever!””

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