Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader attend the Academy Awards together as a couple. At the Oscars after party, Chris surprisingly wants to leave sooner because he wants to have some quality time alone with his girlfriend. - Worst summary ever written, sorry!
Words Count: 2.9k
Genre: NSFW/SMUT - 18+
Warnings: Smutty gifs, dirty talking, slight Dom!Chris, lots of hickeys or love bites, oral sex (both receiving - 69), fingering, hair pulling, slight spanking, multiple orgasms and rough unprotected sex. [It wouldn’t be a shock if you wrapped your cock!]
Author’s Note: It can be read as a continuation of Halftime Show*.  Also, the “baby girl” pet name is mentioned, but it’s not linked to a Daddy kink in this fic.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Originally posted by kamala-khan

The Oscars, the greatest, most prestigious and most glamorous ceremony of all, gathered actors, directors, producers, costume designers and every hidden worker in the cinematographic industry for a moment of celebration of their art. Like every year since the ceremony that had awarded Cate Blanchett or Daniel Day Lewis, you stood by Chris’ sides and attended the shows with him for a moment of joy, creating happy memories.

This year’s ceremony - which weren’t such a catastrophe - nothing changed between the dozens of photographers yelling out your boyfriend’s name, to the many laughs thanks to the host and the dinner held by the Academy, it was a blast and there you were enjoying the after party with Chris and some of his friends.

Even if you weren’t working in this environment quite tough, you were always enchanted to meet more people working behind the scenes of a movie that worked so well. The Vanity Fair Oscar parties represented moments of different encounters, sometimes either awkward or very interesting, but what you enjoyed most was having Chris next to you and telling you how much you looked gorgeous, wanting to introduce you to everyone he knew there.

Standing next to the bar with him in your sophisticated gown, your red lipstick outrageously showed off as you carried a flute of champagne close to your mouth and you noticed the way his beautiful blue eyes lingered on your lips and how his eyebrow raised so lustfully each time, your body would brush past him. The late evening consisted of quite sexy exchanged glances, stealing kisses and soft skin contacts that drove him crazy the whole time.

As you shared a conversation with him through the unbearably erotic and debauched jazz music playing in the background, the sexual tension and frustration between you could be seen as thick smoke from miles around. His body language told how much he only wanted to take you, pinning you down and make you forget your name until you would quiver and scream your bliss beneath him.

“Honey, are you even listening to me?” You chuckled; laying a hand on Chris’ arm and his eyes followed every detail of your skin, the way your white teeth brightened even more with your red lipstick as a smile graced your lips. “You know, it’s rude to stare at people… even when you love them.”

“Sorry, what did you say? I was too busy mentally undressing you,” your boyfriend winked slowly, a hand finding his pocket and you gulped, as you secured a lock of your hair behind your ear and he smirked, swallowing some more of his pale ale alcohol liquid.

“You might want to see what happens to be under this gown. Trust me.” Voice deep and sensual, you played along his seductive game and held the flute of champagne inches away from your lips. Chris arched an eyebrow, his palm reaching for the small of your back and his lips fanned to your ear, making you swoon already.

“Maybe I’ll find out sooner than you think,” he murmured a promise so huskily, offering his special smug smile he only used behind closed doors and your decision was made as his lips grazed behind your earlobe discreetly.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Five

Summary: You come back to set after your time with the Padaleckis, and things are strained when your working patterns clash with Jared. Things go downhill when you start to feel sick on set.
Words: 3.1k
Jared x Reader, (mentioned Jared x Reader x Gen), Misha, Jensen
Warnings: angst central, nausea 
Betas: my girls @ruined-by-destiel and @blacksiren
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The rest of your time in Austin was more of the same.

Most of the days were spent with the Ackles’ - Jared and Jensen weren’t lying when they said they spent most of their downtime together - pictures being snapped by Danneel and Genevieve at random intervals.

The nights were spent wrapped up in Jared and Gen, having the best sex of your life.

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Property of Dean Winchester

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

SUMMARY: You and Jensen are best friends, you accompany him to Nashville for the convention and drunken hijinks ensue!

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x (bestfriend!)reader

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: So i have been struggling with writing and what not, and the other day this idea hits me. I am basing it off the information that I saw about NashCon and it just grew to this fic. This would be my first attempt at writing a possible more than friends type fic based on the actual actor. I mean no disrespect to Danneel, we will just consider her happy with someone else for the purpose of this fic. Also a huge shout out to Daddy B aka @bigdaddymongoose, she is my rock and helps me out sooo much with writing!

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“C’mon you two, let’s hit another bar!” Jared laughed, drunk off his ass already.

You giggled, watching your best friend trying to walk unaided. His bow legs making the staggering all the more comical. Finally, he made it to your side, he threw an arm around you, almost knocking the two of you to the ground.

“I think Jay here has had enough,” you snickered.

After the tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery and all the free shots, then the dart throwing game with Jason and the guys and more shots imbibed. Next, Creation Ent wanting to celebrate Jay’s birthday during the Saturday Night Special concert with you guessed it more alcohol involved. Let’s just say when Jay sang Tennessee Whiskey, he was almost three sheets to the wind then. If Jared got his way, this would be the third bar you all hit.

Jensen started shaking his head, “No, I-I think we need more bars,” he grinned. “Me likey, more acl-aco-alc-,” he furrowed his eyebrows like he was concentrating, “drinks.”

You laughed, “I think everybody is done for the night. You two have a panel in the morning, remember?” You smacked Jensen’s hand away from your face as he tried to “boop” your nose. “Stop that!”

Jared just gave you “Sam’s puppy eyes”, “Nope, Pada-gigantor, those will not work on me. I am impervious to “Mr. Awesome,” you jerked a thumb at Jensen, “you don’t stand a chance my tall friend.”

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Pairing: Jared x Gabi

Request: So I’m Gabi, I’m 19 I was thinking of a 22 year old Jared fluff/smut/fluff in that order, so my favorite color is blue, I ride horses, swim, and write some. I’m 5'10" I have longish brown hair, hazel brown eyes, I’m kinda skinny, my choice of clothing is skinny jeans, dark t-shirt, flannel, leather jacket, and brown leather boots. - @gabimiracle

Word Count: 1,590

Warnings: cursing, awkwardness, video call smut, dirty talk, masturbation (male and female), slight praise!kink

A/N: I know the gif isn’t young Jared, but let’s pretend. Hope this is what you wanted, sorry it took so long. I suck 

You answered the phone, knowing it was Jared and not caring that you had barely gotten dressed before answering. His eyebrows raised in surprised as he breathed out a laugh.

“Hi,” he smiled.

“Mornin’,” you grumbled, leaning your phone against your pillow and walking to the closet to find clothes.

“You… damn babe. You’re gorgeous.” He smirked and bit his lip as your slender hips swayed while you walked. “You know it’s like 10 o’clock, right?” He chuckled.

“I know, I wanted to be lazy today. But you’re up because you’re filming. First day of the new season, right?” You peeked back over your shoulder.

“Right. Um… I have some time before I have to be on set…” He chewed his lower lip nervously.

“Jared, are you seriously asking me to do this right now?” You felt a heat pooling in your lower belly at the thought.

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Love Triumphs Part 8: Unsure

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1350 Words

Chapter Summary: Still reeling from the hatred thrown your way, you try to figure out how to work your relationship with Jared.

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next few days at work were extremely awkward for you. Jared was being kind and understanding, even though you were shying away from him a little bit. The rest of the cast each came up, giving you words of encouragement, while the crew gave you kind smiles as they went about their duties. In between your scenes, you spent most of your time in your trailer, nervously chewing on your lip as you tried to decide what to do.

Jim had been right, the publicity, although negative, was still good for the show, and last night’s episode had the highest rating of the year. The negative comments had slowly died down, as fans became enthralled with something new. You still knew you were going to stick with Jared, to give the relationship a chance, but you were trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Did you thumb your nose at the fans, making your relationship public and outgoing? Jim would probably like that the best, it would produce the most publicity. Or you could ask Jared to keep your relationship quiet, keeping it off of the social media, and just in private on set.

Truthfully, you had really considered option two. It would be the least hurtful of the two, at least for a while, if you hid it from those who did nothing but scorn. But you didn’t want to hide your relationship. Sure, you were years younger than him, and he was coming off a divorce, but you were already feeling things for him you had never felt before. Why did age matter in a relationship if both people didn’t care about it?

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Gif Blurb/ Drabble #2

@sgarrett49 you requested Jared fluff. I hope you like.

You wake up suddenly realizing the house is way too quiet and that the sun has already made its way up the horizon. When you look up at the clock you startle, the twins should have woken you up for their feeding almost two hours ago. With your boyfriends show shooting in Vancouver the feeding of your four month old twin boys fell on you.

Worry quickly clouded your brain as you tried to struggle free of the blanket. Instead of loosening the blankets seemed to become tighter around your waist, “Babe, the boys are ok. Go back to sleep.”

Your body tensed as you realized someone was in bed with you. Looking over your shoulder you see Jared’s mop of thick brown hair stick out from under the covers. “When did you get home?” you ask confused. When you’d been up to feed the twins at 2 am it had been just the three of you in the house.

“I came home about twenty min. before they were due for their feeding. When I came in you were fast asleep and I figured you could use the break. Not to mention I just really wanted to spend some time with them.”

“We missed you to Jar.” You tell him as you slide over and snuggle into his welcome embrace.

Jar rolled over and braced his arms on either side of your head, leaning down he kisses languidly on the lips. He has a layer of scruff on his face that tickles making you giggle as you kiss him. 

He pulls back slightly, “what’s so funny Y/N?”

Caressing his cheek with one hand, “nothing just your scruff is tickling me.”

Jared shakes his head briefly eyes lit up with amusement, “you’re damn lucky I love you.”

“I think we’re both lucky Jar. Cause I wouldn’t want trade the life we’ve made together for anything.”

“Good” he responds before kissing you again. “Then you’ll have no problems marrying me?” Jared asks.

“Wait…what?” you ask dazed.

“Will…you…marry…me?” Jared asks again pausing to place a kiss on the tip of your nose between each word.

“Yes, I’ll marry you!” you reply as you lace both arms around his neck pulling his weight down on top of and hug him tight. Your face buried in the crook of his neck.

Hit Like a Punch. - fearless_seas - American History RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nathan Hale saw Benjamin Tallmadge for the first time and forgot how to breathe.
By Organization for Transformative Works

My Ao3: fearless_seas

Relationship: Nathan Hale/Benjamin Tallmadge

Word Count: 3582

Characters: Nathan Hale, Benjamin Tallmadge.

American History RPF, 17th Century CE RPF

Part 1 of the Early American History | Stories They Won’t Tell


1769: Yale , the day Nathan Hale fell in love but did not fall.


I kept thinking about the first time you laid your hands on me.

        “Benjamin Tallmadge, pleasure to meet you.”

           The tips of his mouth fell from their height, lips parting.

            The ribs in his chest strengthened to iron, caging his lungs, constraining his heart.

           Time stopped.

           Breathe, Nathan, just; Breathe .

            Distracted by his beauty, intrigued by his demeanor, consumed by his presence, lost wandering in the depths in the forests of his eyes. Seeing without looking, looking without seeing, hands full of stories. There was a sickening ache in the pit of his stomach, and he felt himself crumple as if a sucker punch to the gut. Sour taste of copper blood melting across his lips, molding into the cracks of his teeth. It was packed like the kick of a bullet, and there he was just set up for target practice. Tipping his chin down barely few inches to meet their oval peruse, shorter than he was. The afternoon sun shifting in the sky at the peak of the afternoon. In the middle of the day, Nathan Hale found the darkest brown of secrecy in his eyes that hour. He stepped back to drink it in as their dark chestnut hair scraped, just parting away from their brows and their scalp to create their own atmosphere.

         A flash of electricity invisible to the eye, drifting as a pocket of air- Nathan blinked several times- was he dreaming? He felt as if he was floating. For stars to be reborn: a nebula must collapse. He collapsed, he crumpled like paper in the senseless fingers of destiny. Where the embers dropped, he did not know; only that they circled around his feet burning circles in the Earth. Perhaps he was asleep his entire life and now he was just waking up to the sun in his eyes. Blinding sense of reality tapping against the base of his skull. He nearly forgot what it was like before he bore witness to the several shades of Benjamin Tallmadge’s hair, he did not know how it was that he got there, maybe that was just what he needed. Someone who could allow him to forget where he came from, and a person who was capable of making him love without falling.

              Chaos written in the creases of his eyes, holding grit of the past weighed on top of his cheekbones. It kept him free, kept him wild, brokenness it’ll be; it was the only thing he did not regret seeing. Nathan had been lost before, every hue from leaves, the colors of crafty sunlight, flickers of flames and rich emeralds twinkling. Almond shaped optics, thick lower lashes matching his eyebrows, the long, stretching structure of his jaw. Fascinated by the shape of his lips and how the fit so perfectly with the folds of his eyes. The corner of his mouth held into a descent crooked smile; sugary sweet with a bitter aftertaste. Only seconds later from meeting him and he was already tripped from his height. Begging time to be kinder to him; wishing he could stare for an eternity.

How the light touch of your fingertips set off fireworks inside my bones and sent vibrations to my soul.

        Nathan did not remember holding out his hand or raising his arm. But, he did recall the stranger’s hand that wrapped around his palm, eagerly flinging the joint up and down with energy. The tips of his fingers tingled, sparks catching flames that ran up his shoulders and set his entire body to life. When Benjamin Tallmadge touched just one piece of him, he completely ignited. There was a hand on his mind long before there were hands on his hips reaching towards his neck. Even though the room was too crowded to dance, in the sunlight that seemed to shine a circle on the two and they shared a golden halo. He did not want an inch of himself untouched, not just his skin- little caves and coves of his heart left undiscovered by the brush of another’s fingertips.

         Nathan was let unaware that time steadily began to move once again and he was left shivering. Ben cocked his head, his hand never declined from where they had connected. Digits interlaced and falling to their sides. Concern etched in the pacing between his forehead, blinking those delicious cinnamon orbs. Butterflies fluttered in Nathan’s chest, swallowing them as they attempted to crawl out of his throat. Wings of vibrant shades. Ben mouthed something that Nathan didn’t hear, all of his senses muted and blurred. The edges of his sight pealing to gray and copper eyes growing closer as his mouth created new lyrics that Nathan still did not comprehend. The hand on his own fell and was replaced with a palm on his bicep- how he wished he could’ve shed ever bit of clothing he was wearing and feel those nails on his back.

         “Are you alright?”, the voice again. It was rough, gentle like tea before sugar, and Ben’s tongue slapped against the roof of his mouth like a box of tin that he circulated around his teeth when he talked. The name he was given was said like a mouthful of rocks. It swam in his ears, and drowned out the disturbing noises in the room.

         Nathan opened his mouth, “I- uh”, his tongue had turned to sand and he gulped. It was a new language he was already finding himself to be fluent in. He had never been tongue-tied before.

             Ben bit the side of his cheek in stance. His hand slid from his bicep and Nathan found himself susceptible to the cold of the vacancy. The fingers slid indolently down his lateral as if contemplating what exactly he was doing while he was already doing it. They culminated by scrubbing over his skin and curling together with his fingers. He pictured sitting beneath oak trees and shamrock leaves, breathing in his laugh every day, catching him beam when he does not think anyone sees. Intertwining their fingers in the center of a crowded room of students did not seem like the ideal place for such as exasperation. It said more than words could, and sang them all in tunes.

          A whisper from Tallmadge, “Here, come with me.”

         Nathan did not have much of an answer, Ben’s fingers burned a circle around his wrist and scarred the tissue of his veins. They did not bleed, from the heat he repaired the tearing flesh. Unable to control his feet, his stumbled, body weaving itself between the mass of people- he caught the unmistakable breath of Ben’s politeness, “Excuse me… sorry… pardon”. Where was he taking him? Towards the edges of the crowd where the voices were only hushed murmurs from the next room over, out the door, onto the balcony that overlooked the grassy field and the dew drops that once soaked into the soil.

         The hand on his wrist never wavered. The pads of his fingertips were heavy, shattered; the inside of Nathan’s arms fell for the sensation from his lungs that painted his chest in sorrow. The war that shadowed into the Earth from the rays of a setting sun departing the sky. There was a man named Benjamin Tallmadge nestled between chaos and having a dream. It was his gorgeous chaos that was a danger to his beautiful ordinary life. Beautifully extraordinary together. The balcony was two levels above ground, and though Nathan did not dare gaze over the edge for fearing the butterflies might escape out of his vocals.

         Even in the fading Autumn sun, there was a certain heat trapped in the rays as they flooded his skin, sinking into his bones. Silence, and tranquility; a trapping. Somehow Benjamin was a clock, one that stopped spinning the moment he stared at him. The universe halted. All things breathed each other’s stillness. Simple, lush, eternity. Time seemed to go faster now. That same hand on his forearm teaching him that it was okay to love things we did not quite understand yet.

I remembered that you laughed a lot but I forgot the reason why.

            “Hah, you alright?”, Ben exhaled and gave the same crooked grin that made Nathan’s knees weak, “You look as if you’re to be sick.”

            Maybe if Ben would stop talking then his stomach would stop churning.

           Nathan swigged, at his height he felt shorter, more petit than his form and figure. A shift of silence, Ben pivoted his foot and rubbed his cheek with the back of his sleeve, “One day at church I was sick all over the row before me.” he let out a snicker and set his focus to the flooring, letting it dip. “My father was not pleased in the least.” he shook his head. The smile never dissolved from his visage.

              As if on queue, the tips of Nathan’s ears turned pink and he pursed his lips, his ears turned hollow. Ben’s mouth continued to move- but it wasn’t the stories that intrigued Nathan the most, it was the sparkle Ben was enveloped in when he spoke of the things he loved, he spoke mostly of home. That smirk carried weight as if a loaded gun. Bullets ricocheted off of his chest, in a circle becoming absorbed in Ben’s chest once again as recycled sentences and spoken paragraphs.

            Nathan did not hear a single word that Benjamin was speaking.  

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Love at First Video Part 4

Misha Collins x Reader

1150 Words

Chapter Summary: Having dinner with Misha.

Story Summary:  You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You sat down, your hands shaking as you took the napkin and placed it in your lap. Glancing up, you saw Misha’s azure eyes taking you in, and you swiveled in your seat, a little self conscious under his gaze.

“Well, I have to admit, Y/N, you aren’t quite what I was expecting.” He finally said, taking a sip of his water.

“What do you mean?” You asked, but by then the waiter came over, asking for your wine selection.

“Your preference?” He asked.

Biting your lip nervously, you shrugged. “Why don’t you pick?” You answered, and he did, saying something in french that you didn’t understand. After the waiter had left, he turned his attention back to you.

“So, where were we? Oh yes, I remember. I was saying you weren’t what I expected. It’s one thing seeing your videos, but another seeing you in person. You are absolutely stunning.” He told you, and you blushed at the compliment.

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we're miles from way back when - GalaxyGhosty - Video Blogging RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

AU. “Cry told me one day you’d get tired of me,” Jack murmurs. His demeanor shifts, and Dark watches him as he shuts down completely. “That one day you’d slit my throat with your cock still in me, and I’d be none the wiser.” 

Feelings is an actual tag on this fic now and I’m damn proud of it.

This universe is getting so crazy, I tell you. But I am having the most fun in the world writing it. It’s twisted and dark and grim, but still somehow enchanting for me–and I’m glad you all seem to like it as well!

Seriously, thanks so much for the continued positive response. It means so much!

I’ll ramble more in a bit. Onto the story–enjoy!

Title from “Shame” by Bastille.

purgatoan  asked:

Kim, you're writing J2 like a pro, damn! It was so light and fluffy, yet hot as hell and just ahhh. (Also, the image of Jared who just got out of the shower makes me melt). Can't wait for more of your RPF, darling!

Awww, thanks, friend! So glad you liked it!! XOXO

anonymous asked:

ykno at least it aint Real Actual Genuine mcelboy rpf, at least we dont have to deal w that,

we sure don’t!! thank christ. we have that at least. no sincerely written travis/reader a/b/o fics are in existence and the whole world seems brighter.

you might get an ovation

pairing: daveed diggs x reader, lin-manuel miranda x reader, daveed x reader x lin (i think that’s how this should be listed idk) 

request: @iamafangirlforeverthing​: “Can you write a reader imagine where daveed and Lin compete for her affections and just pure nsfw…” and @itsme-ashley-marie​: “Can I get some super kinky role play?!” AND @derpypenguin​: “Lin smut with maybe some nice daddy/papi kink with some bondage maybe??”

summary: lin and daveed are both super into reader. she goes with this for a little, before they realize there’s only one way to make them all happy.

warnings: NSFW, smut, flirting, wall sex, dom/sub, begging, dirty talk, clippng lyrics, oral sex, prof/student roleplay, bath sex, threesome (kinda…), spitroasting, mentions of other kinks,

word count: 4,936

a/n: i am going straight to hell. probably tomorrow, honestly. title from clippng’s “wriggle.” this was fun. enjoy!! lemme know whatchu think!! the sequel to this smut sin is here 

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Two

Summary: Your mind is spinning after Jared’s confession, and you confide in Jensen. When you finally tell Genevieve, it goes better than you could have imagined.

Words: 4.1k

Jared x Reader, Jared x Gen (minor Gen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel)

Warnings: angst, consensual infidelity, kinda poly relationship

A/N: finally the sequel to this, thanks to @smexyscribbles and @squeegeebees for looking it over for me! (also I know the Ackles twins are in this, but for this story, the padababy isn’t in the picture yet)

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really wanna come and get that

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: A Daveed x Reader, smut it up babe, reader really likes DAVEED but is afraid to tell him even though they flirt all the time she feels she isn’t hot enough for DAVEED? Like he hangs with so many hot girls, why would he like her? Then surprise take it from there. Make that reader feel good as FUCK.

summary: reader is crushing hardcore on daveed, but is quiet about it because she’s sure she has no chance, especially when compared to the other girls in the show/he hangs out with

warnings: NSFW!! alcohol, smut, self-doubt, dirty talk, bondage, D/S (whos surprised no one is), mentions of breath-play and face fucking, just so much dirty talk i don’t know what else u want from me

word count: 5,859 (wow im extra)

a/n: I AM BAAAAAACK. renee fic is next, just needed some daveed to get back into the swing of things. hope i’m not too rusty ;) lemme know what you think and all that shiiiiiit. title from clipping’s ‘hot fuck no love’ (HAPPY HOLIDAY)

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