Polymita picta, common name the “Cuban land snail” or the “painted snail”. This species is the type species of the genus Polymita. This snail is endemic to Cuba. This species is Hermaphroditic and uses special love darts to stick each other as part of its mating behavior.

They have evolved to using special love darts! Polymita Picta are the Eros/Cupid of the snail set and as such are Valentine Snails.

also sister sisters, if i can’t recover the screen recording of jv playing the freshman would u guys still be interested in seeing just the footage of him playing it uh..h…… his reactions and our commentary is still rpetty funny. i’m hoping for the best but i wanted to know just in case!

also since i have a tablet over the break i thought i’d try a style that i’ve been rly wanting to try for a while: american cartoons!!!!

devin seemed like the perfect candidate and honestly this is my first attempt at a freehand drawing in this style nd im rpetty pleased w/ how it came out save the dumbass pose lmaooo