A friend/classmate of mine just got featured in a top fifty photographs of the year on EyeEm!

Photographer: Richard Peter Thomas

Well deserved :D I always loved this shot, beautiful work.

And take a look here at the top fifty!

(Other links: http://rpeterthomasphotographic.tumblr.com/ and http://rpeterthomasphotographic.com/)


rpeterthomas replied to your photo: Hi.

ive been searching the net for months. how do you make gifs

Photoshop! :D
File> Import> video frames to layers. :D
Then when you wanna save, you have to save for web and devices.
For Tumblr use you have to make sure they stay under 500kb or they wont work :B ! 

Quite a nice start to the year :)

Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to a few people that are younger than me but are still involved in the same kind of scene as my friends. Basically, long story short a guy called brad who is like 15 or 16, a friend of my friends ypunger brother. Turns out that he remembers me from school as somone that he looked upto as I was in sixth form when he joined my high school. At least I seem to have had an effect on somone in a positive way :)