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Considering making a rp account.. Any suggestions?

A few things actually~

1. Try to do a combination of both rp and asks. Sometimes if you get burned out on rps, its fun to do short asks to refuel your spark and help motivate and drive your muse. 

2. You’re not going to be able to talk with everyone you meet. It’s just not always possible and sometimes if you give in, then it winds up stressing you out. 

3. Try to write short little journals to maybe get those watching invested. Think about what your muse might do on the side and post those. 

4. If people in the fandom don’t always come to you, you can go to them. Just make sure to be respectful and if they don’t respond right away, don’t be discouraged. They may also have a lot of people that they’re responding.

5. Meme asks are your friend but be careful. The meme’s you post set the tone for your blog. Do you want it to be happy? Sad? Angsty? Goofy? The meme’s you post will affect that and again will drive your muse and invest your watchers.

6. If you have artistic ability and want to, use it. A lot of people are drawn to the aesthetic of a blog so if its clean and stylish, then they’re liable to interact more. 

7. Anytime other rpers host events in the fandom, don’t be afraid to go. Seriously, you never know who you’ll meet. Sometimes it takes people longer than others to establish mutuals but you have to be willing to build relationship with the people you meet or else your character won’t flourish.

8. Make sure your rules are clear and it doesn’t hurt to have an about page. Sometimes threads get buried and new people can’t always read them to know what’s happened with your muse. Posting a link to an about page and rule page in your description helps get everyone caught up and understand your blog.

9. You’re gonna get trolls. Its the internet. Hate happens. If that happens, block and move on. Don’t let it consume you. 

10. Have fun with it. RPing is about having fun and de-stressing. If you’re not having fun then its okay to take a step back and do something else. Don’t make it a job…Well, unless it IS a job but that’s something else entirely.

Anyway, I hope some of these tips come in handy. This has just been my own personal experience from running 3 different rp blogs. (I have considered making more but I’m not torturing myself with more than I can handle. XD)

If there’s any further questions you have, feel free to ask me anytime.~ I won’t bite. XP

free rper tip: i once was in a group rp where all characters were singers. one day they had a studio session, and we all had to send in a para of how it went. in my para i wrote in my character struggling with some of the notes, and him having to shift some things. when the admin got back to me they were all “no one ever actually made their character do bad in the studio”, and mind you: i didn’t make him do bad, i just didn’t make him do perfect.

so the tip is: your character is not flawless. your character is capable of error.

even in their field of work, something they have done their whole life, something they are an expert in, even a spencer reid kind of type is capable of making mistakes. don’t make your character perfect and flawless, because no actual person is. singers like patti lupone still take singing lessons, your favorite actor probably still takes acting lessons, your favorite artist still has to have an eraser nearby when drawing.

and for the admins: don’t tell a player that they made their character “do bad” unless it’s explictly bad. don’t tell a player that they made their character fuck up unless they explictly fucked up. don’t be a dick about your members’ characters.

Small PSA for all rpers

•Your roleplaying is amazing

•Your writing is amazing

•The way you portray the character is amazing

•It’s okay if you don’t respond on time all the time, people have stuff to do

•Your health is important, more important than running your blog

Roleplaying is supposed to be a fun hobby, dears, as long as YOU like it, it’s fine. You do you.

PSA: RPer Tips


I’m serious. I’ve seen this a lot in the past couple months, and it’s starting to annoy me a bit when people don’t follow this even though it’s been stated SEVERAL. TIMES. ALL. OVER. TUMBLR.

If you want to rp with someone, read their character bio.

ESPECIALLY, if you are suppose to “know” the character.

Ex. Jinx and KF know each other, but the Jinx rper could be Pre OR Post meeting Kid Flash/becoming a hero. You won’t know until you READ THEIR BIO.

It's acceptable when the character doesn’t know anything about the other character.

But the MUN should. It makes rping easier, and it saves you both from awkward moments when one of you gets information wrong because you just assumed something about the character and it’s not true.

Ex. I’ve seen Tim Drakes who aren’t Robins, and are instead CatLad or something. Know Which One You’re Talking To.

I can’t stress this enough!

This is why I don’t rp with certain people. I don’t feel comfortable rping with anyone if I don’t know anything about the character.

Again, just in case you didn’t read this because you don’t care or something,


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What do you do if no one in your rp will talk to you. I just started my first rp ever and I am still a little confused on how everything works, and idk if I am doing something wrong or not...

You are definitely not doing anything wrong. If you were, your admins would come up to you and tell you so. Since they haven’t, you are doing nothing wrong.

I’m not sure if you mean that no one is talking to you IC or OOC, so I’ll quickly cover both. (In character, or out of character.), 

If it’s an IC problem, respond to every open starter on the dash. Post paras. Be active. Keep being persistent. If you’ve done everything in your power, then I suggest going to the admins and telling that you feel people are ignoring your character. They’ll probably make a post on their dash telling people not to ignore others, and things should start to get better. If not, after a week or so, politely tell the admins again. There’s no reason you should be ignored IC.

As far as OOC goes, if you have an ooc blog, say hi to people! If they post questions there, answer them, even if you don’t know them! If they ask if anyone’s online, respond saying you are! Join chatzies, message members saying hello, and just be yourself, be positive, be nice, and be friendly. Be someone they can approach as well. 

I made a guide on fitting into a roleplay that’s been around for a while, but I wrote that forever ago and should probably rewrite it for so many reasons.

Since you mentioned that you were a little confused on the workings of rp, I’ll just drop a few links for you as a conclusion:

  • Gif Conversations - A Guide. (Great guide on writing gif conversations and all the good stuff that comes with it.)
  • Roleplaying Etiquette. (Don’t even need to explain this one; it’s great.)
  • TNG. (Just simple-as-they-get guides on basic dashboard things.) 

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I want to get into roleplaying, only I don't know how to on Tumblr. I've roleplayed on other websites before, but its formatting was much different from Tumblr's... Any advice or guides that you could give me?

If you’re brand new to tumblr, you can check Dia’s tag here for the tricks of the trade.

Sadly, I couldn’t find many, or really any, guides on group roleplaying, which is a MAJOR part of tumblr rp. In general, you can find group roleplays in the rpg, rp, and lsrpg tags. However, considering the state of the first two tags, I suggest you go through RPH roleplay recs! Dia and Z have individual lists, but I’m not sure how active those are. I made a quick list of a select few that I’ve considered joining, and I’m actually going to be applying to one of them soon, so feel free to check those out HERE

If you plan on applying to a group roleplay, this is the best advice I can give you: Search through the tags, through RPHs, through recs until you fall in love with a plot. Make sure you love the plot. Then either look through their bios and find the character that calls to you, or if permitted, create an original character. If you don’t find yourself getting excited at the prospect of being in that specific roleplay, it isn’t for you, so keep looking. Don’t join something that doesn’t pull you in. It’ll just be a waste of time that way.



Independent Roleplay:

The actual roleplaying aspects:



Filling Out Applications -

Most of us do apply for roleplays at one point, but it seems like people are sending in applications that just look way too sloppy. Here are some general tips that you may want to consider following when writing up an application.

  • It’s years old, not years young.
  • Don’t use smiley faces or gifs.
  • When given the option of handing in an ic or ooc sample, hand in an ic one. It shows the admin that you care enough to take the time to write an ic sample. Tips on writing ic samples can be found here.
  • Sometimes, if you feel strongly about a roleplay and they don’t have a “Why do you want to join?” section, write why you’re joining under “Anything Else?” Flattery can get you far in some cases.
  • Stay “professional”. This means that, even when the admin is your friend, write that application like a job resume. No, roleplaying is not a job, but an application is still an application.
  • Take your time. If the acceptance is soon, tell the admin that you’re worried you won’t hand in the app in time. If they don’t want to wait for your application, they’re not even worth it in the first place.
  • Put effort into it. Think about what you’re writing. Edit it, go through it. Dazzle the admin with how perfect your application is.
  • Don’t lie on applications. There really isn’t a point, and you’ll get caught later on. 
  • Don’t apply for anything that you aren’t sure about. Don’t do quick decisions, really think about it before you hand that application in.

Feel free to add on to this.

Random Tip:

If you have to second guess yourself about joining a roleplay, or if you don’t think about it at all and forget about it at times, chances are, it’s not the roleplay for you. If you really like a roleplay, you won’t stop thinking about it and you will really want to be there.

Moral of the story: Don’t join a roleplay that you aren’t sure about. You will probably end up leaving it.