That time when Rupert Penry Jones was smitten with this Parisian porn star turned actress , Dany Verissimo Petit and tried to find away to meet up with her in Paris. He was SO enamored that he attempted to get her work in the UK. During this time, Dervla Kirwan his WIFE was coming out with interviews saying how hard it was for actresses her age to get work and here was her husband soliciting work for an unknown Parisian actress half his age….

Note: The reason rpenryj’s userpic differs is because I captured these tweets at different times. Even though the tweets were from 2011, if I located them in 2015/2016 then the userpic will follow the incumbent one and not the userpic from the time that tweet was made. Just to show I did NOT edit these in any way. 

RPJ appears to have gone on a nice little breakfast date with ex Kylie Minogue during his visit to Hollywood 1/28/2012. I don’t see Dirvla or the kids anywhere. I wonder where they spent the previous night…