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I imagine Loverboy AU Yuri to have a style simular to Ariana Grande, so we have this pastel guy with long blond hair and a thin body walking around, looking lightly pissed off, but "hey, it's fine, he probably just has a resting bitch face" so everyone tries hitting on him and he just rpelies with like 5 rude words, 3 of them being insults. And Otabek and JJ who look super badass, but are actually sweethearts (who could still kill you) ~Kitten

DEFINITELY. Everyone thinks Yuri couldn’t be as mean as he looks but he’s got a razor tongue and no time for all the fuck boys who come his way. And he gets a lot of them. And JJ and Beka are intimidating, but far nicer to everyone compared to Yuri. And get their fair share of people hitting them up as well 🙈

Taking Care - Luke Hemmings [SMUT w/ fluff]

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Summary~ Luke has always been very caring, especially in bed

A/N: This will probably be very short

Word Count - 351 (this may as well be a blurb)

Luke always takes it slow, he’s never been one to be rough or aggressive, more caring and passionate. His hands travel down your back, rubbing your sides slightly as he kisses you, his tongue gliding along your bottom lip, begging for entrance. When it’s granted he lowers you onto your back, pressing you firm against the bed as he slowly moves his body against yours.

“I love you,” he smiles into the kiss.

“I love you too,” you reply, turning into a groan as he grinds against you ever so slightly.

His lips find your neck and he continues to mutter sweet nothings against your neck. His shirt slowly moves up his back and over his head eventually as does yours. Your spine tingles at the feeling of his calloused fingers against your sides and he senses this chuckling slightly.

“You okay?” he asks with concern.

“Of course,” you reply with equal sincerity.

“Okay, are you ready, princess?” he kisses your forehead.

You nod and with such delicacy he pulls off the remainder of your clothes and his own before gently easing himself into you. A flow of groans fall from his lips as he does, letting his head rock back. Your back arches, pressing your chest too his.

“God I love you,” he mutters as you fill with pleasure.

His pace begins to increase but some where along the line something between you doesn’t fit and you feel a discomfort but as you continue that turns into a slight pain.

“L-luke,” you stammer.

“Yeah?” he pauses slightly but ultimately continues.

“S-stop, ow,” you say and he quickly pulls out.

“W-what? Did I hurt you, oh god I’m so sorry,” he panics.

“It’s fine,” you turn to him. “I don’t know what happened, it just… ow,” you giggle a little.

He turns you over to face him and hugs you close. He pecks your nose, allowing his hands to check every inch of you, making sure you’re okay.

“I’m sorry,” he mutters.

“It’s okay, seriously, it’s not your fault,” you rpely.

“I just love you,” he smiles.

“I love you too”


a/n: told you it’d be short

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