[Ask RPedia] How to French Kiss~.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips for french kissing in details? Q_Q

Oui oui. I can do this thing you ask for~. Let’s just protect the eyes of those less used to sensual details, and long posts with a read more slipped just so…

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[Ask RPedia] Smut while in a Closed Relationship?

Anonymous asked: Any advice on how to deal with smut roleplay while in a closed relationship with someone else? Asking for a friend.

This one is not gonna be a post I suggest debating over, because everyone will have their own opinion. This is solely my own opinion based on my past. My major point to all of this is I suggest they discuss it with their partner, because each person’s thoughts on this can be a deeply personal thing. 

Now, under the cut I’m going to discuss some reasons why it may be uncomfortable to certain folks, and I’m gonna mention relationships and contexts which imply abuse because of my previous experiences. That’s because this subject actually walks the fine line, and may be a place where this happens easier than others because it straddles real/online lives so very much. Please remember, all that follows is one man’s opinion/life, and you may discard it if you find it clashing with your own life. I just ask you read it critically and question both me and yourself while reading it to find your own opinion.

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Romance (and Lust) Roleplaying Help!

     Romance, and lust will probably crop up a lot too, is a tricky subject that can give people a headache or nausea. This post is to help you navigate the tricky world of good romance roleplay, how to deal with ratings and rated areas, realistic relationship advances, and even a little blurb about romance types. Be careful! This guide tries to keep things at least moderately clean, but if you’re sensitive to sexual material, it may be best to skip out on this one especially the rating guide section. It’s nothing graphic, but it may make you squirm if you’re worried about what your mom might think of it. (Hint; My mother laughed at me being embarrassed at bits.) Either way, have fun!

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[Ask RPedia] No “No” Response?

Anonymous asked:  I was wondering if you could discuss your opinions on The Silent Treatment? To me this is another Rping sin. To stubbornly refuse to respond to someone showing interest in rping with a no. Some say this is their choice. Then why not simply inform the person of that, and negate the constant messaging asking, reasonably, at least to be turned down? To me this speaks of an utter lack of decency.Even a bigot is entitled to be so if rping, but a silent treatmenter does nothing but infuriate others

Ahhh, yeah here I’m sorry I can’t side with you on this because honestly nobody has an obligation to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. And I’m gonna explain why! It may be a little tiny bit obnoxious on your end, but there’s plenty of reasons a person might have for not responding to your requests. I’ll go over a couple reasons why the option of never replying at all is so common, and why it actually seems to be the safer choice in some cases. They don’t have to be being stubborn to just not want to reply to someone. RP is for fun, and obligations to respond to people you don’t want to deal with make it less fun.

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[Ask RPedia] Sadistic Character Tips?

Anonymous asked: any tips on rping “sadistic” characters?

Oooh, well, I mean why would you ever ask me– Imagine I just flipped a chair around, sat on it loudly, and leaned in with an evil grin like you were going to get an earful. You came to the right person. I play as and with sadists all the time, and I’m gonna give you an idea of what works best for me, and therefore probably gives you a good starting point. Warning, violence, horrible humans, and other terrible things to follow. Don’t traumatize yourself.

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[Ask RPedia] How do I SOUND Smart if I'm not?

Anonymous asked: Um, I wouldn’t want to bother you if this has been asked before (I don’t think it has, I’ve checked?) but could you give some tips on portraying an intelligent character when the rper themselves aren’t completely as smart as they are? (I hope that makes sense!)

This is actually a pretty common complaint among the RPers I hang out with. “Oh no! I’m playing Tony Stark! HOW DO??!” Yeah, it’s a thing. Just about none of us are as smart as the amazing characters we play who are certified geniuses. I mean, you know, a few exceptions, but mostly we just fake it til we make it. Now how do we do that? Besides my favorite word, research, we also have a few tricks up our sleeves after the cut…

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[Ask RPedia] How to Play a Powerful Character without Godmodding?

Anonymous asked: hey!! i’m not sure if anyone has asked this before (or if it’s already been posted individually) but what’s the difference between god-modding and roleplaying a canonically powerful character? i’m pretty insecure about rping certain characters because of that so it’d be really appreciated if you responded!

Anonymous asked: I roleplay a character who has the potential to be extremely OP in canon, and I’m kind of at the point right now where I can’t tell if I’m stepping into godmodding territory or not. I’ve already read through your AMP post, but that didn’t really help since the examples given are all extreme cases. send help plz

This is basically my life, since I sit there playing really strong characters all the time. As in, I play deities and very strong characters every single time I pick up a character… That says something about me, and I’m going to very quickly look the other way and pretend it doesn’t. So how to play a god in god mode, without being a god mod. That’s not tricky at all. The short answer is one word long, carefully. Let’s g'on and play with the long answer now… 

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Narration and  Dictation: The Difference

Roleplayers! Lend me thy ears! For many years we have suffered to a man this easy mistake, but no more! Take heed of my word, within, as I describe something deeply important to many roleplayers. The difference between a character talking, and the player talking and why it’s important that these things are kept different. In short, a character is only talking out loud, when they are talking outloud… in long…

… You know me, it’s read more time because I’m about to give you a hella rant.

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[Ask RPedia] Character Burn-out?

Anonymous asked: Hey! So I’ve been roleplaying on MSPARP for nearly two years, and I used to have a lot of fun doing it. I’ve been trying to rp again lately, though, and it just hasn’t been coming and it’s been frustrating as all hell. I guess that my question here is if you’ve ever kind of burned out with a certain character or with a topic? And what’s your advice on dealing with that?

I’ve been through quite enough fandoms to know how this feels. It sucks, something you love doesn’t have the same ring to it anymore. It’s not fulfilling, and you start seeing mistakes, seeing problems that were easy to ignore but now frustrate you to no end. There’s no magic anymore, and it kills the man. You simply lose the will to write. This happens to people writing everything from original novels, to fanfics, to roleplaying with friends!

Well, I have a few things that have helped prolong characters for me. Time for the ritual read more so no one’s dash is flooded with crap. Come! Join me! We’re going to beat up burn out and writer’s block!

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[Ask RPedia] Am I Overpowered?

Anonymous asked: Okay, here’s a question for ya. Am I overpowered if I’m in a roleplay, and practically have a counter to most of the other Rpers abilities? That, and because my char is more of a self-insert with powers, we know about several things related to my power. I have something like tech summoning or technomancy. It also allows me to turn into anything 14ft or smaller without using extra materials. Basically, I can either spam cheapness, or stay invisible and snipe. There’s also Zero Shifting from Z.O.E

Depends on the other players. Are they all this level? Then you’re fine. If they aren’t? Hell yeah you are, that’s a terrible set up if no one is even close to beating you. Roleplay is about overcoming challenges. The only people who should be marginally stronger, and even then only a surmountable amount, are bad guys. Villains you typically have to be tricksy and go for the weakness or grow as a character to defeat. In the end you have to make sure your powers semi-match the level of everyone else in the RP. Give yourself limits, problems with your powers. Give people room to fight you so they can have fun too.

“Oh yeah I can block everything, and have back-up for winning,” reads to me as, “I’m uncomfortable with losing, probably because of pride for myself or my character, and I have to win or the RP will not be satisfactory.” That usually ends in a heated OOC fight about minute details, and no chance of winning, with the looming idea of an OOC fight if I do start winning, means I have no reason to even try to play. Except maybe to spite you. I’m no longer interested in your character for fight RP. It might not be fair, or correct, but that’s generally what the outcome is on this kind of a set up. It’s why characters from universes with wildly different power schemes (like Normal Modern People vs. Fantasy Gods) rarely play nice. You need a framework so everyone can have a chance to win. Even if it means rolling some dice.

So make sure you have weaknesses to exploit, maybe not obvious ones, but ones that certain people can figure out how to do it without needing to be an astrophysicist. Make sure your powers cannot defeat anyone and everyone. Give yourself AND them a chance to win any fight, with about 50/50 split for people on your level, 40/60 or lower for people under you, and 60/40 or higher for people better than you. 80/20 is good for villains who you have to defeat, but they should have more obvious super-weaknesses or ways for you to learn a power to be better than them. Like a crystal glowing heart that gosh does that contain their power? Well I guess I should shoot it. 

Finally though, remember plot rules. If it’s better for the plot that you lose, take a dive. If it’s better that you win, they can take a dive. make it look good, be close, but try to let it further the plot somehow for either the group, or each of you independently. 

[Ask RPedia] A Letter Explaining RP to Moms

Anonymous asked: ok so im 13 and i love roleplaying but my mom found out and i tried explaining it to her but she doesn’t understand and i don’t want to quit bc it is literally the only thing that keeps me happy

Dear Mom:

Basically your kid is writing round robin stories like when you were kids? Except they play just one character, and everyone takes turns. Your kid is basically learning how to become a better writer, interact socially, and all about the world in a safe and unique environment. I started roleplaying when I was 8 years old, and because of roleplaying I managed to pass college with honors and got a degree. I got top 4.0 grades in English, and Spelling because of roleplay. I made friends because we sat there writing stories together with each of us playing a role. Please don’t take this amazing creative outlet away from your child. They finally have somewhere safe where they can be themselves, instead of going out in the world and getting hurt, or doing something stupid that they could have been doing in writing instead. It’s an amazing thing that our kids have learned here. They’re basically giving themselves a crash course in reality, learning the dos and don’t and becoming successful leaders of the world by the simple expedient (I tell you it helps the vocabulary a lot too) of letting them let all their happiness and misery out to people who understand, without ever having to leave their room or be unsafe. Please rethink your position, your kid deserves this outlet. If you are worried about the content of their RP, because I know talking to strangers can be really creepy, try asking them to RP in safe public places where you can check in on them. Gaiaonline and Neopets are both great places for teenagers to start out RPing. And kiddo, if you’re doing anything untoward that you shouldn’t be at 13 you totally need to not, and wait until you’re older anyways. Stick to nice innocent wolf pack stuff.

-Love, Uragani  (Or if you want a real name so I don’t sound like a spooky stranger online Mom, you can call me Dean.)

[Ask RPedia] Tone Modifiers?

Anonymous asked: In role playing what would ‘Ah~’ be meaning more importantly the ~ mark. I never got that

It’s a way to make the sound of the word extended and slightly musical sounding in your head. See how it goes up then down then up? Yeah that’s about the sound it’s imitating. The more tildes the more enthusiastic or drawn out it is. Think of it as “ooh” as a flat tone of interest and “ooh~” as the teasing sound kids make when you’re in trouble, or someone who’s doing a flirting voice might do. Then apply it to everything~! I’m so~ excited! And dramatically flamboyant~~~! 

Sometimes it’s considered a little bleh or unwanted as a habit by super picky groups? But yeah, just a speech modifier to get tone across in text. Like having a – means a sudden interrupt in speech, usually followed by a topic change. (”He did wh– no!”) and an ellipsis is used to indicate trailing off or a long pause (”He did… I… I’m sorry.”) Honestly it’s kind of cool how RPers have adapted symbols to make sounds that aren’t exactly “proper” English, but are commonly accepted in our world. LIKE SHOUTING IN YOUR HEAD. Or whispering.

MRI Machine Experience


        I saw something that said that you wanted some first person accounts of various things, so I thought I’d throw in what I could!

        A year or two ago I agreed to participate in a study about ADHD. One part of the study was to get an MRI scan of my brain. They strapped me in and told me not to move at all because if you move too much the MRI becomes inconclusive. I’m not claustrophobic at all, but as they pushed me into the machine I started to panic a bit. It’s such a small space that it would be very hard to get out and I haven’t talked to anyone who hasn’t admitted to being a little uncomfortable with it.

       The noise was a sort of loud whirring and I remember hearing clicking noises as well. I was unable to ignore the noise, despite the fact that I had headphones on. Because it was a study they wanted to see my brain activity while I watched a movie and while I played a game. Even though I had things to focus on, I still found myself almost nodding off multiple times. When they pulled me out of the machine I was slightly disoriented and a little off balance, but I recovered quickly. I was then allowed to go home.

       I hope that helps a bit!

Thanks a ton for the submission! I did a little editing for formatting, but that’s it. This actually sounds really cool, and I hope it helps someone. If someone does find this helpful, go throw them some love alright? Thank you again.