Character Meta-Disrespect: The Douchewaffle Effect

I’m sure it’s happened to you, you play a villain, or someone otherwise really well known for a thing. Maybe they’re extremely intelligent in canon and everyone recognizes it. Maybe they’re feared by literally everyone, because of their moods and talent. Perhaps they’re known for tortures beyond belief, or maybe they are the cutest person on the planet (literally, there was an actual competition in the canon.)

But when you roleplay them, suddenly no one adheres to this. Suddenly that smart character gets talked down to and patronized. Suddenly that villain is treated like tch, so what? That torturer’s threats are completely dismissed, and that cuteness? Whatever, they’ve seen better. You’re not that cute. They’ve seen cuter lichen.

… My response in short is don’t fucking do that to someone, what the hell, you rude ass piece of flamingo turd. In long, let’s explore it.

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anonymous asked:

do you guys know of any recent masterlists or anything of the sort with character ideas? because i've been dying to make a new oc for forever now, but i've been in a rut when it comes to developing their backstory / personality / etc. thank you in advance!





anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm thinking of role playing. Is there anything I should know about before starting? And If I were to start rping where would I start?

Since I haven’t roleplayed anywhere else, I’m only going to focus on roleplaying on tumblr.

Generally, there are three way to roleplay here: group roleplay, independent (indie) roleplay, and 1x1 roleplay. Each one of these have their own pros and cons, and it’s really up to you which one will suit you best.

1. Roleplay Groups


  • Other people in the group will follow you
  • You get to roleplay with everyone in the group 
  • Being part of a roleplay group gives off a sense of community


  • There are rules on how you should roleplay, which will cover aspects like the length of your writing, the content of your roleplay threads, and the time you commit to roleplaying
  • Sometimes you won’t get along with some of the group members

Misc and Links

2. Independent Roleplaying


  • You get to establish your own rules
  • You have the freedom to choose on how to roleplay and how often you go online


  • Due to the large amount of indie roleplayers, it can be hard to find a good roleplay partner for you
  • Also because of the number of indie roleplayers, it’s hard to get yourself out there and be noticed; dedication and patience is needed


3. 1x1 Roleplaying


  • You get to establish your own rules
  • Since it’s one-on-one, there’s a tendency to have a deeper discussion about plots and characters
  • The replies in 1x1 roleplays tend to be longer in length


  • With the large amount of 1x1 roleplayers, it can be hard to find a good roleplay partner for you
  • Also because of the number of 1x1 roleplayers, it’s hard to get yourself out there and be noticed; dedication and patience is needed
  • The replies in 1x1 roleplays tend to be longer in length


Other Things:

On an even more general level, there are several things to know before roleplaying. It’s best to know the terms frequently used in the roleplaying world (I added links below to help you out).

On tumblr, people roleplay either by script or para. Script-style consists mainly of dialogue with added action indicators (e.g. -laughs- Nah. I didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar); action indicators can be enclosed between dashes, brackets, slashes, or whatever your prefer as long as you’re consistent. Para-style is what you typically see in books (e.g. She laughed. “Nah. I didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar”). Unless you’re part of a roleplay group, the length is really up to you, but please make an effort to reply with more than a sentence when your partner writes a 500+ response. Gifs are another component you can add in roleplaying, though you will see that gifs are mostly seen in script-style threads.

Presentation and organization are important. If your font is too small or is difficult to read due to font color; your theme is hard to navigate; and links takes a while to find, it will discourage potential roleplay partners from contacting you. It’ll also be nice to have an about page for you and your character. For your about page, add information like activity level, your preferred roleplaying style and length, and topics you would like to avoid seeing. For your character’s about page, write a short biography or anything you feel that is important to know—this will help differentiate you from other roleplay blogs. Apart from that, tag your posts and have a page to keep these tags organized. Have a separate tag for threads, headcanons, interests, and ooc (out of character) things. Look here for an example—the top links are, in order, about the roleplayer, about the character, misc information, list of threads, link to answered asks, and link to open plot ideas. You want to attract someone’s attention, and a great way to do this is by presentation and organization.

One of the biggest pet peeves in the roleplaying world is godmodding. Don’t godmod. Godmodding can mean two things: when your character is ridiculously powerful and when you start controlling your partner’s character. I’m going to elaborate more on the latter. When roleplaying, you only get to decide your character’s actions, reactions, and thoughts. Thus, you cannot write anything about your partner’s character unless your character is assuming or hoping for something. An example is when Character A (yours) punches Character B (your partner’s). You cannot write “Character A punched Character B’s chin” because you’re taking away your partner’s decision on whether or not the attack will land. However, you can write “Character A aimed a blow for Character B’s chin” because nothing is certain, leaving your partner to decide on what Character B will do. Another thing: just because you, the writer, know something about your partner’s character doesn’t mean your character knows that information. 

Know that roleplaying is a hobby. If you’re really active, good. If you’re not very active, good. If something or someone makes you uncomfortable, politely excuse yourself by ending the thread or unfollowing someone. If you need a break, take one. 

I can go on, but there’s already a lot of guides on roleplaying that I’d just end up repeating what they said. 

Getting Started: 

Blogs With Roleplay Tips:

Searching for Partners (goes beyond tumblr roleplaying):


I hope that helps! Roleplaying is a fun hobby—it’ll help you with writing and characterization. And, hey, if you decide to make a roleplay blog, send me the link? I’ll be happy to roleplay with you~

Tumblr Roleplaying Basics

A compilation of guides to help a beginner get into the roleplaying on Tumblr.


Guide by RPedia

  • What Is Roleplaying?
  • Why Would I Roleplay?

Roleplay Terminology

Guide by Vector Sigma

  • OOC vs. IC
  • Roleplaying Styles
  • Don’t be shy

Guide by myself

  • Auditioning


Themes for your character’s blog

Guide by posthelpers

  • How do you reblog as text?
  • How do you cut posts?
  • How do I keep my character consistent?
  • What is plotting and how do I do it?
  • What do I do if I want a ship to happen?

Guide by fangirl-gifs

  • How to get your starters replied to

Other things to keep in mind

RP Sins - Guide by RPedia

  • Don’t assume relationships.
  • Don’t force Roleplay styles on others.
  • Don’t walk off/leave on a roleplay.
  • Keep the IRL Drama out of RP.
  • Show respect to fellow roleplayers.

Guide - Rationalizeroleplay

  • Always read the Character Bios’/about me pages/info
  • Do not hold a Player responsible for how their Character treats yours.

Guide by Evanhelps

  • How to reply on the mobile app 

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you know of any helpful guides for writing a blind character? Thank you in advance!

As for my unsolicited writing advice: please be sure to make your character more than just “the blind character.” Give them interests, goals, motivations, fears, and a personality just like you would any other character. They are a character who just happens to be blind. This part of them will impact their background and personality significantly, but don’t make it all they are about. Good luck!

[Ask RPedia] Using Commas?

Anonymous asked: This is an incredibly dumb question, but I’m tired of racking my brain until I’m afraid to post, could you possibly write a brief explanation on commas? High school had successfully ingrained in my mind that commas are a sin, along with the word ‘said’. To this very day I hesitate on whether a comma is needed, and it severely hinders my ability to enjoy rping. 

I am a genuine sinner when it comes to commas. I use commas everywhere. I use commas in my sleep. I’m pretty sure, if God were watching, he’d ask, “What the fuck is with that kid and his commas??? I didn’t make you like this?!?” He did not make me like this, I just came out that way. Originally the issue is a lot of kids do run-on sentences with them so killing commas saved lives. An entire 3 page paper with no periods and 300 commas? That was a thing. If you use commas right though, ain’t no harm to them.

This and “said”, is not a sin. “Said” was considered, for the brief period in which we all went to school, some kind of darkness because REPETITION IS HORRIBLE, but it turns out our brains completely zap it out of our consciousness. Jumps right over it. The bigger stumbling block is coming up with a ton of new ways to say “said”, which can sound fucking stupid, and totally makes conversations glitchy to read. Use “said”, it is a good word. It’s an honest word. It’s a word that works like background noises, sometimes the sound of the fan drives someone nuts, but usually we all just ignore it instead. Someone who doesn’t like fan noises ever existing and wanted to eradicate them eternally, however, yelled about “said” and fucked up an entire generation with a fear they don’t need.

So, let’s, go, bitch, about, commas, under, the, read, more, shall, we?

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[Ask RPedia] How to French Kiss~.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips for french kissing in details? Q_Q

Oui oui. I can do this thing you ask for~. Let’s just protect the eyes of those less used to sensual details, and long posts with a read more slipped just so…

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[Ask RPedia] Dealing With my Friend the Puppetmaster? (Godmodding)

Anonymous asked: I have an issue where my long time roleplay friend really likes to take full control of any scenario. It feels more like reading a book rather than letting scenes play out how characters interact. And then they have with their own characters be like this amazing thing that can save you from anything, and then my characters are ‘helpless’ and 'need saving’. Its made me really reluctant to rp, and I don’t even enjoy it anymore. 😞

Yeowch, well, that’s a form of godmodding actually! Someone who takes over your characters, and the surroundings, to the degradation of the quality of the RP? That’s called a puppetmaster if you want to label it more specifically. People don’t like that crap. You’ve experienced why. Hint to readers: Wow do not do this, please only RP your own character and your reactions to the other characters and setting. You should never try to take that character away from another person, or ‘Well if I don’t get to play my character, why don’t you just play everyone, and I’ll just watch?’ might be the salty comment on the tip of your partner’s tongue.

So honestly you should talk to your friend. Communication is the best medicine. You need to create boundaries when playing. Typically, in roleplay, you only move your own character except in extraneous circumstances (RE: Your character is passed out, and you’ve signed out, but they have to drag you). Explain to them that roleplay needs to have balance, and while you’re RPing your character they need to focus on their own. It can be hard, but if you’re good friends it shouldn’t be that much of a fight. Like they say, if you can’t communicate how things make you feel and how to fix them, how good of a friendship do you really have?

You might suggest that they write fanfic instead of RP if they need to control the entire situation and don’t feel comfortable letting go. It’s an need some people have, and it’s unhealthy to push onto a partner if they’re uncomfortable or unwilling, but fanfic is a great way to express that. They need to recognize these boundaries, at the very least to keep harmony between the two of you. Talking is best.

In a worst case scenario, you may have to break the ‘one rule of improv’ which is to never deny anything. It keeps the scene flowing, but it means you’re forced a certain way. If they describe your character doing one thing, take that and change it. Make bold decisive movements. Break their hold by doing things they did not prescribe for you. “Their eyelashes fluttered as they hesitated” might be their statement, you can reply “well, if they had hesitated, but instead they stood up, confronting the other directly.” This is, once again, a worst case scenario. Try talking first. Communication is important! But this might force them into conversation if they refuse to understand or change right out of the gate.

Good luck.

Things Not To Do to Canon Characters

I’m pretty sure these were initially just common sense, but through the actions of mankind, this ‘common sense’ was forgotten. I bring now, an ancient scroll detailing shit that just ain’t cool.

  • Canon Shaming
  • Meta Information
  • Canon Jokes
  • Acting as a Miss Cleo
  • Enforcing your OTP
  • Outdoing Them for No Reason
  • Being a “Fanboy” or “Fangirl” ICly

There’s a summary, now lemme explain each of them for ya’ll who need them for various reasons under the cut. Be sure to read the extended cut before you start howling about how unfair it is or I’m really just gonna look at you funny.

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Step-By-Step: How to Unpack Ideas.

I find a lot of people on this blog have questions relating to post length, detail, and how to make your post better, even how to get your partner to ‘give’ you more to respond to. So here’s a post detailing, step-by-step, how anyone can unpack an idea into something way more detailed than you started with. This post will assume third-party limited present tense, since that’s the most commonly accepted RP tense, but you can adapt it for any style.

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Canon Characters: Oh no, Responsibilities?!

Alright, so not long ago I made a post saying Do as Ye Will, about RPing as long as you aren’t claiming to be 100% canon. So I figured I should follow that mess up with information pertaining to what you open yourself up to if you claim to be a straight out vanilla representation of a character, and why sometimes it’s better to claim to be a minor AU to save yourself the headache.

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[Ask RPedia] Sadistic Character Tips?

Anonymous asked: any tips on rping “sadistic” characters?

Oooh, well, I mean why would you ever ask me– Imagine I just flipped a chair around, sat on it loudly, and leaned in with an evil grin like you were going to get an earful. You came to the right person. I play as and with sadists all the time, and I’m gonna give you an idea of what works best for me, and therefore probably gives you a good starting point. Warning, violence, horrible humans, and other terrible things to follow. Don’t traumatize yourself.

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[Ask RPedia] How to Play a Powerful Character without Godmodding?

Anonymous asked: hey!! i’m not sure if anyone has asked this before (or if it’s already been posted individually) but what’s the difference between god-modding and roleplaying a canonically powerful character? i’m pretty insecure about rping certain characters because of that so it’d be really appreciated if you responded!

Anonymous asked: I roleplay a character who has the potential to be extremely OP in canon, and I’m kind of at the point right now where I can’t tell if I’m stepping into godmodding territory or not. I’ve already read through your AMP post, but that didn’t really help since the examples given are all extreme cases. send help plz

This is basically my life, since I sit there playing really strong characters all the time. As in, I play deities and very strong characters every single time I pick up a character… That says something about me, and I’m going to very quickly look the other way and pretend it doesn’t. So how to play a god in god mode, without being a god mod. That’s not tricky at all. The short answer is one word long, carefully. Let’s g'on and play with the long answer now… 

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[Ask RPedia] No “No” Response?

Anonymous asked:  I was wondering if you could discuss your opinions on The Silent Treatment? To me this is another Rping sin. To stubbornly refuse to respond to someone showing interest in rping with a no. Some say this is their choice. Then why not simply inform the person of that, and negate the constant messaging asking, reasonably, at least to be turned down? To me this speaks of an utter lack of decency.Even a bigot is entitled to be so if rping, but a silent treatmenter does nothing but infuriate others

Ahhh, yeah here I’m sorry I can’t side with you on this because honestly nobody has an obligation to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. And I’m gonna explain why! It may be a little tiny bit obnoxious on your end, but there’s plenty of reasons a person might have for not responding to your requests. I’ll go over a couple reasons why the option of never replying at all is so common, and why it actually seems to be the safer choice in some cases. They don’t have to be being stubborn to just not want to reply to someone. RP is for fun, and obligations to respond to people you don’t want to deal with make it less fun.

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[Ask RPedia] How to Make Passive Characters More Interesting?

exaltkind asked: uh, hey! i *really* love your blog,and find it to be super-duper helpful. however, i do have a rp question (or two) to ask, and don’t mind me if this has been asked already,but. i’ve been having a lot of trouble with getting threads going. see,the character i’m currently rping is a bit passive,and doesn’t really say much,so i have trouble with being initiative. and this causes a lot of threads to go boring. do you have any help with that? thank you.

Thank you so much. I saw you like something the other day and was like ‘I KNOW THEM!’ ♥ Sorry I take so long, I only put out so many a month and I have to find time to write them! But thank you all for your nice words and postlove. I horde your thank you posts. Don’t even judge. So, your character is a quiet boring thread killer? Then RP the environment and inside your character’s head. Do I sound like a complete nutjob? I can fix that, I swear. You just have to let me explain, and not in song either I don’t do that musical episode shtick. But, yes, you have to RP the world around them, your character is basically in need of foil, so use the natural foil. I’ll give an example and then we’ll cut to the additional details for those who need a little more to get up and go.

Renard sat quietly, eyes lowered to the tabletop. His fingers reached out, gently tracing the ancient wood, pads feeling out the details of every rough gouge in the surface with a kind of silent intensity. The room was full of hub-bub, and he let his eyes flicker up to watch the noise, even as his server girl brought him his drink. He barely looked at her, a faint nod of thanks, and then pulled the drink closer. That hoodlum over there, causing a fight, was giving him a headache. While he didn’t care to get involved, yet, he fantasized about teaching him a lesson. Putting face to pavement, and walking away. He sipped his drink. Sometimes, simplicity was nice.

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[Ask RPedia] How to Play a Jerk Without Being a Jerk?

Anonymous asked: Hi! I’m sorry if this might sound a bit desperate, but can you help me how to rp an astute, ruthless, and controlling character? A good example would be Tywin Lannister, because my character’s personality is very similar to him. Though i’m always conflicted whenever i rp because I don’t know if I would offend the other roleplayers, nor do I know how to approach people with a character like this. Help? T_T

Hey! Don’t worry I'm definitely here to help. Even if I am literally like a year late on this one, it’s actually something a lot of people have issues with. Don’t worry, we’re actually gonna do it now! So under the cut is how to RP what amounts to an asshole without pissing people off. First part will be HOW TO, and second part will cover HOW TO WELL.

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[Ask RPedia] Are there good Self Inserts?

Anonymous asked: Yo! First off,I love this blog. It’s been really helpful to me for about a year or so. Anyway,I’ve got a question about self inserts. I belong to a pretty new fandom and I know someone who’s in the middle of writing a self insert story. Since there aren’t too many people in this fandom yet,I’m afraid they might not be able to get any advice. Their character hasn’t really done anything “bad” yet and they’re open to any suggestions. So, I guess I’m asking if it’s possible to write a good SI story.

A year? Wow, hey! Thank you man! The answer to your question, in short, is yes. There are good self insert stories, and they exist. See, the thing is, the character you write? Only if people know you, do they realize it’s a self insert. Even then, all the characters you write are going to be a reflection of what you know, and how you feel anyways. You literally can’t write anything you aren’t aware of. It’s only when a character does annoying crap that it becomes a problem. So under the cut? All the stuff you should probably avoid when writing a self insert. Just in case.

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[Ask RPedia] Characterization of Emotional Manipulators

numbertwooflorien asked: Advice to rp as a emotional manipulative character?

Well okay! This post is how to RP an emotionally manipulative character, and in general a manipulative character. Useful for villains, and grimdark settings, it may include some crap people don’t want to think about. In detail. Major detail. So fair warning, I’m gonna get into psychological shit, and describe what amounts to abuse tactics with lots of explanation so if this isn’t your cup of tea, keep running. You might be able to use this as a way to spot toxic relationships as much as you can use it to play fictional ones, and I hope it helps people one way or another. But remember, keep it fucking fictional! 

This is presented as a way to understand those mindsets as a writer, which is important, and not in any way shape or form something you should do in real life. I acknowledge if you wanna do shit like this you’ll find the details on how to be an asshole somewhere anyways though, so I’m not gonna let you ruin it for everyone who just needs some writing help to make their character’s manipulation/emotional crisis more realistic. Onto the cut.

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An important reminder: People can play characters any way they want. 

So long as they aren’t claiming to be 100% canon and ignoring canon while doing so, they are not completely bound by canon. They can play any AU they want, so long as it makes them comfortable and happy, and you cannot tell them they have to stop it. The only thing you can do is choose not to RP with them, ask them nicely to respect that, and ignore them if they rudely try to force it on you. You can complain, but if they ask you not to or to stop, you should back down, and let them do their thing. With enough explanation, backstory, and logic anything is possible. That’s why we RP.

It’s my life motto: So long as it’s hurting no one without consent, and you can choose to avoid it and not be affected, you have no right to complain.