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I don't think it's possible to not be amused by this aurin's misadventures. Please, continue.

Cia: Okay you just tell me what you need and I can craft it for you.
Alexis: So could you make me please some of those bedroom stuff. Cabinets and dressers.
Cia: Sure.
Alexis: If you need my wood I can give it to you.

Alexis: Wow, that sounded worse than I meant it.

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Dua Netjer! New Beloved! And a half!

Tonight I was divined an additional Beloved- Welcome Mut! Also, Wesir is now Wesir-Sokar!

Therefore, now I am a son of Heru-wer and Amun; Beloved of Set, Wesir-Sokar, and Mut.


I honestly didn’t mention anything before it, since I was worried that everyone would say no and I’d be embarrassed, or something. Everything turned out great. 

Its Official.

so.. I have just had my RPD. 

I have been divined a daughter of Sokar-Wesir and Ra, beloved of Set and Heruakhety.

I have also now become Shemsu.  My name is Pautyitui (Pauty for short 😋).

This is exactly what I expected and I am so overjoyed to have been blessed in this way. 

Dua Netjer! 


I have raised enough for my RPD. Thank you my four donors for your very generous contributions.

I’m going to go stare in shock before I copy my questionnaire and send it with the money in. I don’t expect it have it done until a little after Retreat. This will be a lesson in patience.

Dua Netjer!

KKK Drops Flyers In Raleigh Neighborhood As Part of Seemingly Coordinated National Campaign
Flyers with the same Rockingham County phone number have been found in San Francisco, Jacksonville, and Kentucky.
By Paul Blest

Warning: some of the links in this post redirect to stories with images of racist material.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of active hate groups in the United States, there are eight separate organizations operating under the Ku Klux Klan name in North Carolina.  One of them dropped flyers in the Raleigh neighborhood of Oakwood on Sunday, as part of a seemingly coordinated literature campaign throughout the United States.

Oakwood resident Jesse Jones, a lawyer in Harnett County who filed the police report, says that his recording system caught a car stopping in the middle of the rainstorm, a man in a raincoat getting out, and throwing bags filled with rocks and racist flyers onto his and his neighbors’ properties.  The next morning, Jones says he found about ten on his property.

“An RPD officer was on patrol about 10:15 yesterday morning when he was flagged down concerning KKK pamphlets that had been found in the 500 block of Oakwood Avenue,” Raleigh Police Department spokesman Jim Sughrue said in a statement.  “The pamphlets were collected as evidence and appropriate notifications were made within the department.”

The flyers are attributed to the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which calls itself “the most active and biggest Klan in America."  That group’s leader, Chris Barker, told the AP in a recent story that his group has around 3,800 members; the Jewish Anti-Defamation League puts that number closer to 200.

According to the group’s website, the phone number listed on the flier is its "national hotline,” and is registered in the Rockingham County town of Reidsville, about a half an hour north of Greensboro.  When we called the number, it went to a full voicemail.  On whitepages.com, user reviews for the number dating back to 2014 list it as a KKK number.  There have been five reviews of the number since Saturday.

Jones tells the INDY that he wasn’t sure if the drop was targeting him, because of his involvement in a News & Observer series on problems with policing in Harnett County, but ABC 11 reported that flyers were also dropped in the Massey Hill neighborhood of Fayetteville.

Raleigh and Fayetteville aren’t the only places where these flyers have been dropped over the past week, however.  The flyers also showed up in Jacksonville, Florida; First Coast News in Jacksonville reported today that flyers listing the same contact showed up over the weekend, with the same group and number listed.  And in both San Fransisco, California and Mayfield, Kentucky, similar flyers have been found over the past week.

Jones says he doesn’t remember anything like this happening in Raleigh since Jesse Helms, the late Senator and noted racist, was active in politics.  “When it happened, I just started crying,” Jones says.  “I couldn’t believe it.”

“This environment that we have, our leaders are just making it more divided,” Jones says.   “It’s a mess, man…at least in [Harnett] county, it’s going to end up bad.  Oakwood is such a progressive neighborhood, though.  I was shocked.”

UPDATE: The flyers were dropped in Greensboro last week, too.

KKK flyers going out the day before the RNC starts?  Hrrmmm…


Terrible quality selfie is terrible but ahhhh I finished my sister’s fairytale Sheva costume and I’m so happy with how it looks! I still need to style her wig though :3

I still have to fix my wig for Helena too, the flicky bits are a little too flicky XD

The rules are simple, post ten characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back then tag ten people to do the same ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people ).

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Would like to RP:
Merlaine of Arslan Senki! 
Yashamaru of Basilisk!
Kougyoku of Magi!

Have RPd as:
Saber of F/Z
Kurapika of HxH!
Killua Zoldyck of HxH!
Multiple Pokemon OC’s?????

Might bring back:

religion history

So, my religion history. I was kinda raised christian, my grandparents and father are very christian and so my grandparents would take me and my siblings to vacation bible school. I was brainwashed! I thought heavy metal music was of the devil haha and I knew a lot of the bible stories. 

Soon I became atheist as i hit later teen years. Then I found wicca, moved shortly to Hellenic and worshiped Hades. Soon Anubis called to me! What a surprise it was because I was never very religious. I looked around and found Kemetic Orthodox and joined the beginners class. I finished it and became Remetj.

After a couple of week I had my RPD done and found Anubis was my Divine Father and Amun-Ra my Beloved. I decided to become Shemsu and that’s up to date! I’m very happy with my religion and feel very connected to it.

The rules are simple, post ten characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back then tag ten people to do the same ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people ).

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Would like to RP:

No one at the moment.

Have RPd as:

Soren : Underworld

Renkotsu & Ginkotsu : Inuyasha

Trent Kort : NCIS

Tomo : Fushigi Yuugi

Princess Abi : Inuyasha

Jura & Gora: Inuyasha

Silas Wolfe: Team Fortress / OC

Might bring back:

Renkotsu: Inuyasha

Jura: Inuyasha