Drag Race Meme

Idfk how to make gifs n shit so im just gonna post this

One winner: Jinkx Monsoon hands down
Two lip syncs: Raja and Carmen/Jinkx and Detox
Three colours: Black, Red, and Pink
Four seasons: 3, 4, 5, and 6
Five relationships: Pearlet, Trixya, Jivy, The Holy Trinity, The Heathers
Six quotes: “Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.”
“When you have people judging you for who you are, you just have to let it roll of like water off a ducks back.”
“Im Jujubee. I like long walks on the beach, big dicks, and fried chicken.”
“Im not going to Rupaulogize for anything I’m saying now.”
“I wasn’t just gay, I was gay and weird.”
“After a long night of hooking, trade didn’t like the session. So he had gutted me, but i didn’t die, i had crystallized, so now im a glamazon bitch ready for the runway."
Seven snatch game faves
Jinkx as Little Edie
Bianca as Judge Judy
Raja as Tyra Banks
Sharon as Michelle Visage
Dela as Maggie Smith
Violet as Alyssa Edwards
Pearl as Big Ang
Eight outfits
Violets fall look
Jinkx in the dia de los muertos look
Max’s Death Becomes Her look
Violet’s Half drag look
Pearls half drag look
Cocos snatch game look (lets be honest it was amazing)
Katya’s death becomes her look
Jinkx’s look at the season 7 finale
Nine challenges
Snatch game
Reading is fundamental
Everybody loves puppets
Death becomes her
Sugar ball
Nude illusion
Rapping challenge
Animal realness
Gay boat making
Ten queens
Jinkx monsoon
And finally

Michelle Visage

I tag president-official, hgates2112, and mothki