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Updated the storyboard!

No one is good enough for Coco…No one!


Don’t worry Coco and Hector will work things out eventually.

Miguel will be her accomplice when she tries to sneak out to see the love of her life…suspense…drama!

Also wanted to thank everyone for your all your lovely comments on our storyboard and other Coco fan art. Love ya’ll!


My OC’s for Villainous show. They are Black Hat’s couriers and they are NOT HUMANS. They are part of Black Hat’s body (kind of walking flesh). Normally Black Hat can’t separate himself. When he do, separated part of his body is rotting. 

That’s why Dr Flug gave them human brains. With that TWINS can move by themself without Black Hat and they can keeping being one piece. 

The little iron pieces on their heads are transmitters. They can share their perception with Black Hat with these.

Everyone’s hating Kuroshitsuji 135 I actually love it, Very dark–Its not like I love the events happen to it, It means that our world are not all fun and rainbows, Some people in the world experience these kind of things and we turn a blind eye to it since for most ignorance is a bliss but its NOT! Welp, Just want to state my opinion #NoHateJustLove

The Colourful Lights

June was seven when her sister was Taken.

It was the middle of the night when her twin shook her awake. Her sister whispered her True Name in an excited tone, claiming to see lights out the window. They decided to investigate, putting their coats on over pajamas and grabbing their flashlights, they ran into the forest outside their house.

At first, they found nothing. June said they should go back home, her sister begged to look for a few more minutes, she agreed. June made a mistake that night, in fact, she made several, but the biggest one was looking away from her sister.

It was only a few seconds, but when she looked back, her sister was gone, colourful lights quickly faded out where she had been standing. Her sister was never seen again. Everyone, including their parents, forgot her sister, June never did.

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