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under the cut you’ll find a number of musing blogs, which can be helpful when creating a character or even making an aesthetic for one!! this will be added onto as blogs are made or deleted, and if you know of one that isn’t on here, please let me know!!

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Posts You May Not Have Seen

Hey kids, this blog has officially been around since Dec 2011! So since ya’ll love being in the moment it occurred to me that you might not have had the time or patience to dig through my tags, posts, or lists. So here’s some posts that I am pretty fond of and think will help people out, all in one place.

list of three word latin phrases

i was going to keep this for my own references considering that i like to use latin phrases for my character blog titles, but i thought that i might as well share it anyway. under the cut are some three word latin phrases and their meaning, and more will be added as i find more!

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You guys thought my last guide was long? Get ready for this one, because I am about to impart the wisdom I received during my four years at boarding school.

Now, a quick disclaimer before I start: this is probably more information than you will need for your writing. Also, not all of it applies to every single boarding school, of course, and whatever you create can have your own rules. This is merely based on my own experience at my school, and from my interactions with students from similar schools in the area. Pick and choose what is helpful to you! Staying accurate here is a lot less important than it was with the deaf/HoH guide.

Since this thing turned out a lot more extensive than I expected, I’ve broken it up into three parts, which can be found here:

housing, faculty and the rules

classes, entertainment and social

the campus and outside the school

As before, please don’t hesitate to come and ask me anything! If there are areas here you’d like me to expand on or things I left out altogether, I’d be happy to write some supplemental posts. I hope this is helpful!


Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection

 ↳ Angel - The Calcium Kid [2/?]

20 Gossip Blog Personalities

Under the cut is a list of 20 potential gossip blog personalities to help create a more unique gossip blog in your RP group. For each one I’ve included their motivation to gossip, possible reasons for them to send out tasks, what sort of people they like and dislike, and what kind of RPs they are good for. When I made these, I had in mind RPs were the gossip blog plays an active role in instigating conflicts through tasks, but most of them can be adapted to more passive blogs. 

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anonymous asked:

Is there any blogs you follow that have lots of character aesthetic stuff? I'm writing a bunch of bios and I feel I'll have an easier time of it if I surround myself with character aesthetics since I always have ideas when seeing them...

My own dashboard doesn’t have much focus on muse/inspiration, but sniffing around tumblr I found for you:

So hopefully you’ll find these useful!


All right, so lately I’ve noticed a lot of confusion over the portrayal of Latinx and Hispanics in roleplays/bios. This includes questions such as who counts as Latinx, Hispanic and whether or not they qualify as POC. Well, as a Latina myself, I figured that maybe I could help some of you understand. Hopefully this “guide” (it’s not really a guide) will do just that and take away some confusion.

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