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Imagine trying to make Theo breakfast on his birthday even though you’re a notoriously bad cook:

After five failed attempts to make pancakes, you decide that you’ll just go out for breakfast. Even so, you pile the burnt pancakes onto a plate and present Theo with his breakfast-in-bed. He smiles at you lovingly when he lays eyes on you, and then, his gaze moving to the blackened mess on your plate, his smile widens until he can’t help but laugh good-naturedly. He rolls onto his stomach, trying to stifle his mirth by burying his face in a pillow. Setting the plate down on the dresser, you sit on your bed with him, tugging him onto his back again to face you. You grin at Theo, his face glowing with amusement and affection. Then he pulls you onto his chest to kiss you warmly. “Thanks, sweetheart. They look great.” “Oh, I know they do. Do you want coffee? Not even I could mess up coffee.” Theo bites his lip- “Well…” 

“Challenge accepted.” ♡

“When are you and Kristen getting married?” Rob: “Someday.”