Guide on how to reply to do replies after the Tumblr ‘blockquote’ update  

Below this cut is a very easy tutorial on how to do replies after tumblr made it impossible to reply because messages don’t appear in blockquote anymore (you all know what i’m talking about the update everyone is screaming about on their dash). Ok here’s the cut! 

P.S: you don’t need to keep doing this you only need to do this once so don’t worry 

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This is a super simple resource pack for admins. The colours of all the graphics are changeable (so you can make them all the same colour or black and white if you want) and all the text is obviously editable, but I recommend leaving the background images as they are unless you’re willing to readjust the lighting and positioning of every one. A quick rundown of the PSDs included:

  • a promo graphic
  • an announcement graphic
  • two sides of a character graphic
  • an event graphic
  • a task graphic

Everything is sized for the dash, and the fonts used are Bebas Neue and Open Sans Extrabold. Please like or reblog this post if you plan on using these, and credit me somewhere if you end up making posts with them. Hit me up if you run into any problems!


176 bethany mota (serious) gifs

hi! this is a gif hunt of bethany mota with a serious facial expression, requested by ofwritings. none of these gifs belong to me, and if any of these are yours and you would like them removed please let me know. i also apologize for any potential duplicates.

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&. ✧* ; a masterlist of..underused negative & positive personality traits

i know i’ve personally had a problem with coming up some words on the spot to describe my character. that being said, i’ve noticed a lot of rps nowadays ask for negative and positive personality traits. i thought i’d help the cause and list some underused terms to describe a character.

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U.S. Said to Target Rescuers at Drone Strike Sites

A report by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that “at least 50 civilians had been killed in follow-up strikes after they rushed to help those hit by a drone-fired missile,” according to Scott Shane of the New York Times.  “The bureau counted more than 20 other civilians killed in strikes on funerals. The findings were published on the bureau’s Web site and in The Sunday Times of London.”

(via London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism)


Click the photo above for a larger preview! You'll’ll most likely need at least some kind of previous Photoshop experience to figure out the mechanics of this. It actually took a few hours to make so please like/reblog if you use and if anyone asks where you got this from, give them a lil nod towards me. Thank you! 

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We now, for instance, have a drone base in the Seychelles, an archipelago that evidently needs an infusion of money. Unless you had the dough for a high-end wedding in the middle of the Indian Ocean or a vacation in “paradise,” you’ve probably never heard of the place.

No matter. You’re still paying for the deployment of 82 people to those islands to fly and land crash-prone drones in our now endless “covert” robotic air wars in the Greater Middle East and Africa. With the so-called fiscal cliff now eternally on the media horizon, there’s been reporting recently on how your tax dollars are being spent, but do you have the faintest idea what it actually costs you to garrison the globe? No? Then you’re in good company, and the Pentagon certainly isn’t interested in telling you either.

—  Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch.com

here you’ll find ( 626 ) small/medium hq gifs of DOVE CAMERON, separated in three parts. i apologize for repeats but there shouldn’t be any. all credit goes to their owners. if you are a rph, please reblog and like if you found this helpful.



RIDDLE ME THIS: If I was born in Canada and I have lived in Canada my entire life, but I have filipino/spanish roots, what does that make me? Am I ¾ Filipino & ¼ Spanish?

FUN FACT! — I am Canadian. I am not Filipino & I not am Spanish. I am CANADIAN. I am a Canadian with Filipino-Spanish decent. Is that erasing my culture? No. I’m Canadian. I live by Canadian culture. I grew up in Canada. I didn’t grow up in Spain or the Philippines, I grew up in Canada, I have a Canadian citizenship. I. Am. Canadian.

Race ≠ Ethnicity.

Alright ladies & gentlemen, I am here to educate y'all on the debate between race vs. ethnicity. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of unnecessary judgement & slander to those of proverp especially targetted towards one member who’s made their Nina FC a Cuban. Now before you attack me telling me that this Cuban character has been whitewashed, let me say it one more time. Race ≠ Ethnicity. Alright, let’s sit down & talk about this.

So, this is the information given to me about this Nina FC straight from the roleplay. Her great-grandparents are from Bulgaria (which used to be a communist country), and sometime in the 1900s (I’m not sure how years work so give me some slack for trying to put a year on this timeline) her great grand parents immigrated to Spain, and started a family there. Sometime later, her grand parents then immigrated to Cuba during the Batista Regime (it was not a communist country yet) and started a family. Then the Castro Regime began and it was impossible for her family to leave Cuba. Her & her family now have a Cuban citizenship. They are Cubans of Bulgarian decent. I’m going to say it louder for the ignorants in the back:

This Nina Dobrev FC is a CUBAN with BULGARIAN DECENT.

Does this make sense? She didn’t erase Nina’s background or whitewash her character— By default, she is a Cuban with Bulgarian decent. She was born in Cuba, has a Cuban citzenship & has accustomed to Cuban culture, but she is a descendant of someone who is Bulgarian. White Cubans exist. Stop stigmatizing Cubans because there are White Cubans, Asian Cubans and Black Cubans, Mulatto Cubans & Mestizo Cubans as well. Do your research.

Let me rephrase this also associates to someone who is actually of color and has had this debate before. — I was born in Canada, I have accustomed to Canadian culture, I am a Canadian citizen and I have Filipino/Spanish parents. I am not Filipino/Spanish-Canadian. I am not Filipino/Spanish. I am a Canadian of Filipino/Spanish descent.

This roleplayer that is part of Prove is not in the wrong here. The Nina FC is rightfully a Cuban citizen of Bulgarian decent. She is Cuban.

Stop sending hate to the roleplay without considering the facts. Stop harrassing the admin about this & stop harrassing the roleplayer to change her faceclaim when she has justified her characters’ background. If you have any questions/comments about this I will gladly educate you guys on this time & time again. Let me say it one more time for the ignorants so, so, so, far back:


psa: on theft

Please don’t. Resources blogs exist to help the roleplay community, and theft in itself is disrespectful. Some people don’t have a problem with their resources being edited further - others really don’t like it! If someone has placed rules on the post where they posted resources - follow the damn things! They are there for a reason. Each creator has the RIGHT to have their own individual rules and if you don’t like them that is NOT up to you to ignore.

Sorry for sounding horrible but like, why steal when you can ask the original creators for permission - or ask the original creators to edit stuff FOR you! We are here for the community, not to steal resources off one another.

Theft in the community (in my opinion) is not following somebody’s rules, as well as claiming someone else’s resources as your own.

Repeat after me: follow people’s rules! If they don’t want you to edit their stuff, don’t do it. If something isn’t stated, ASK and they’ll let you know if you can or cannot! People in the community genuinely don’t mind getting asked politely, so just be reasonable guys! Don’t steal people’s stuff. Seeing the things I am seeing on my dash are horrendous and quite frankly disgusting. Don’t steal. Follow people’s rules.  

If you feel that I am wrong please (politely) let me know, I just wanted to put my two cents in because a person I admire very much in the roleplay community has just had her work stolen and she shouldn’t have to go through that!

&&. ninasdobrs presents u with “ella

hi cuties, ok so basically i know i haven’t made anything for you guys in a while and i’ve noticed how a lot of people are getting into the blended psd type of graphics, so here’s a character psd for ya!! this is dedicated to porcelcins aka my love ella <3333 she suggested i use tay tay as the muse for this graphic, so this is what i came up with haha. ok so most of the textures i used in this came from a psd blend from this user on deviantart!! so all credit for textures go to her!! as for the psd, that came from a header psd that i downloaded on deviantart, but i can’t remember what one!! ( this won’t be included in the download bc it’s not mine ) um,,, i can’t really think of anything else to say? other than you’ll need a png, and whatever you feel like u wanna add in. i also don’t claim any of these resources as mine. anyways ! like/reblog if you’re using! also, feel free to edit/rearrange for your own personal use but please do not edit/rearrange and redistribute and claim as your own. ,,,, i’ll drag u if u do ! anyways,, enjoy! :)

Got some great aerial shots to post soon! #heli #hex #drone #rpas #dronegear #dronesetc #droneflycontest #boombotix #surrey #guildford #ash #awesome #like4like #likeforlike #bestoftheday #photooftheday #instadaily #iphone #iphone5s #aldershot #pirbright #woods #walk #ranges #cool #cute #countryside

Police Department demonstrates new drone, to help allay concerns

External image

By Christine Clarridge

Seattle Times staff reporter

Seattle police officer Reuben Omelanchuk is at the controls of the department’s new, small radio-controlled Draganflyer X6 Helicopter Tech drone with a camera attached below it. He said operating the drone is fun but can be stressful.

The 3.5 pound Draganflyer X6 Helicopter Tech cost $41,000 and is operated with a handheld controller and two joysticks. It has cameras that take still pictures, videos and infrared shots that can be viewed live, but it has a battery life of less than 10 minutes. It can’t carry anything that weighs more than 35 ounces.

It also can’t be flown around people or over crowds.

External image

Seattle Police demonstrate new unmanned aerial vehicle

External image
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